credit tips: Charged off account with different statuses on different bureaus - 04/08/15 04:07 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week ‪we‬ answer the question "Can a charged off account be marked as 'closed derogatory' on Transunion AND 'open' on Equifax?" See the answer here!   

credit tips: Will paying off an installment loan help my credit? - 04/01/15 02:49 AM
Wednesday Q & A Will paying off my installment loans increase my credit score?



credit tips: Dealing with a mixed credit profile - 03/24/15 08:06 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we address what is known as a "Mixed Credit Profile" or what happens when your credit profile contains the information of someone else!   

credit tips: Dealing with Multiple Inquiries - 03/23/15 03:19 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we discuss the impact of multiple inquiries!   

credit tips: Rage Against the Machine - Credit reporting nightmare - 03/23/15 03:10 AM
Who would have imagined that damaged credit could start with something as simple as returning an item to the store?  When Nicole Berstecher returned a non-compatible speaker to a national electronics store, it was promised that the credit would be returned to her store rewards card.   Instead, a year later, she received a collection notice for nonpayment of the high-end stereo. 
Although there are measures in place to ensure consumers are alerted to claims, and laws have been passed to ensure reasonable investigation by the Credit Reporting Agency (CRP), many of these cases slip through the cracks.  By the time … (0 comments)

credit tips: Credit Tips - Quick ways to improve your scores - 09/03/09 05:51 AM
Credit Tips - Quick ways to improve your scores
Hey everyone, here's a short list of Credit Tips that will go a LONG way in helping you improve your scores.  Over time, we will discuss each point in depth for a fuller understanding of why it's relavent.  You can use this list as a quick reference guide until we get new content up. 

Credit Tip #1:  Want to improve your credit scores by 5-15 points right quick? Call 1-888-5OPTOUT or Click Here and remove yourself from the pre-approved credit card offers. You'll be viewed as a lower credit risk and consequently … (0 comments)

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