Time to change some of those subconscious thought patterns Sometimes one of the first statistics we look at when narrowing the list of homes we want to see is the square footage.  This habit is troublesome for us for at least 2 reasons:  many times this figure is inaccurate; and even more importa...
Make your Home your Art Gallery This is a view of the dining room into the living room at 7925 Glenside Place in University City.  There are a set of skylights above the one wall.  The fun part of this room though is the amount of space available for some favorite paintings, prints and/or sculptu...
August statistics for real estate market and more On September 13, the Federal Reserve announced qe3.  No that is not a new luxury ocean liner, it is 'quantitative easing' which is a moniker from our government for the latest stimulus program.    A definition of quantitative easing is:  a governm...
Baby Boomers and Echo Boomers are vying for mid century ranches   How many of you remember the baby boomer generation buying up homes on the historic registers and bringing them back to life.  Well now the baby boomers and the echo boomers are buying mid century ranches and doing the same thing. ...
911 Memorial in St. Louis, MO Metro Area Eleven years later it is still fresh in our minds how we learned the news in horror of  what was taking place in our country  We heard the words from Todd Beamer as one the last groups of victims decided to fight to the finish, "Let's roll". Today in Belle...

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