robert owen deane: Did you postpone having a baby, because of the economy? - 12/13/13 03:43 AM

Did high unemployment derailed many young people's plans to move out and start families? 
Employment trends are positive, jobs are on the increase and the unemployment rate is dropping. Are more jobs and or higher incomes a predicting economic indicator of future birth rates? After all births reflect decisions made at least nine months earlier. 
About 22% of 18-to-34-year-olds surveyed by the Pew Research Center in December 2011 said they had postponed having a baby because of economic conditions.
The total births in Orange County have declined since 1988 and the rate of decline seemed to increase during the Great … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: HOA And Mello Roos Fees in Newport Beach. The Real Cost - $170,000! - 08/02/12 04:16 AM
The Real Cost of HOA and Mello Roos Fees in Newport Beach Two sides on the Bay. From one of Newport's oldest neighborhoods, to its newest. Why should you should consider an older neighborhood? A very considerable savings in HOA and Mello-Roos fees - plus larger lots and a more architecturally diverse neighborhood.  I live in the Bay Crest area of Newport Beach, a neighborhood I value for many reasons. It is on of our oldest neighborhoods and is located on the West side of Newport's Back Bay, about as far as you can get from Newport Beach's newest neighborhood, the … (2 comments)

robert owen deane: Superior Estate Services made available with new REALTOR technology. - 07/30/12 06:50 AM
Superior Real Estate Services can be made available with new technology provided to REALTORS.

I use a number of REALTOR sites that provide me with a depth of information that you will not find in a conventional search.
If you are interested in these information souces go to my website page to download examples. 
REALTOR'S PROPERTY RESOURCES provides me access to 117 million properties nationwide and 1.6 million active listings. This is data from the source; it is current and the most accurate available - your best source of in depth, real time market information. Ask, and I will provide you … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: Planning a relocation to Southern California and considering Orange County? This website is designed for you – and I am here to be of assistance. - 07/30/12 05:32 AM
Planning a relocation to Southern California and considering Orange County? This website is designed for you – and I am here to be of assistance. I hope to become your Relocation Consultant.
I specialize in providing in depth information on Newport Beach and the surrounding areas in the Cities of Costa Mesa and Irvine but can help you in other areas as well. Much of the information you find on this site applies to the culture, economy and lifestyle of Orange County.
Visting My Website

Q:Why Use a Relocation Consultant? Selecting a community and finding the right neighborhood and … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: People are Moving to California, Orange County is a Major Destination - 07/30/12 05:11 AM
Orange County welcomes new residents from across the Nation. As you can see in the blue lines in the map below, people from the Great Lake states and North East are a strong source of migrants to the County. While Orange County’s out migration has exceeded in-migration in 2007 and 2008, it began to reverse in 2009 and that trend is now being see in California as a whole.

Antidotal evidence from the moving industry indicates that in 2012 the companies are seeing an equal number of moves into the State than out and in some cases more … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: To Relocate or Not to Relocate: That is the Question? - 07/30/12 05:05 AM

Relocating is a difficult decision. Obviously you have to weigh the Pros and Cons.
This is especially true if you are considering moving for lifestyle reasons. This decision relates to the question - what do you want to do with your life for the next 20 to 30-years, or more.
Take a survey: On the edge in your decision? Complete the following questionnaire to find out if you could be a candidate for relocating. If you have a significant other, he or she should also complete this quiz. The source of the quiz is "The New Retirement - the Ultimate Guide … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: What Can You Expect from and Exclusive Buyer's Agent? - 07/30/12 04:44 AM
Buyer Representation  Agreement
Real Estate transactions in today's real estate market are, if anything, more complicated than ever before. While many factors favor homebuyers such as low interest rates and lower prices, others do not. Among the new challenges are working out mortgages with banks, dealing with appraisers, and negotiating the purchase of short sale homes. In addition, in an ever changing market, an agent must provide buyers with a solid knowledge of market trends. Knowledge critical to making an informed decision.
What you can expect from an Exclusive Buyer's Agent
Search out properties on the market, including "For Sale By … (0 comments)

robert owen deane: Does an Exclusive Buyer's Broker work to a set of standards? - 07/30/12 04:36 AM
Does an Exclusive Buyer's Broker work to a set of standards?
Yes, I follow the standards of service established by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents The lists provide information about what you can expect from and exclusive buyer's agent during each phase of the discovery and purchase process.
I hope to become your trusted advisor and help you find a home and assist you in your relocation.
A. SERVICES PROVIDED IN THE INITIAL COUNSELING INTERVIEW PHASEStandard A(1): A Buyer Agent will disclose that he/she is a Buyer Agent and define his/her agency relationship to a prospective Buyer-Client. A Buyer Agent will … (1 comments)

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