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The goal of my blog is to give you real world mortgage solutions to actual mortgage scenarios I see everyday.
Maybe you have heard the many USDA loan benefits such as no down payment, no loan limit, liberal income limits, low PMI, flexible credit requirements, and available for first time or repeat buyers. But to take advantage of a USDA guaranteed home loan, using the USDA eligibility map is a great fir...
  There are several ways to provide housing for a disabled adult child. In addition to living with parents or assisted living, some parents desire to purchase a home for their child to live in. Thus, we explain how to buy a home for an adult handicapped or disabled child. In many cases, the child...
Yes, you can get a construction loan with a VA loan. On top of that, our construction loan will match a no money down VA loan. Furthermore since VA loan limits go away on January 1, 2020, it is possible for no money down construction loans that are over the conforming loan limits! Most VA eligibl...
The purpose of a VA loan is to provide affordable financing for current military, Veterans, and qualified surviving spouses to purchase, refinance, or build a primary residence. But sometimes there is a roadblock called the VA loan occupancy requirement. Although these solutions are not spelled o...
For a long time, VA loans have probably been the best tool for buying, building, or refinancing a home. Fortunately, current military, Veterans, and qualifying surviving spouses have this benefit. But, there is a major change beginning January 1, 2020! VA eligible borrowers may now finance a no m...
Generally, the first reaction to the term "crawl space encapsulation" is that it is expensive and to put it off. Although, high moisture content can cause serious damage to a home and it constantly creeps into a home’s crawl space. High humidity is especially prevalent in coastal areas including ...
The season of giving brings cheer for many, but before the holidays arrive, we need to discuss how holiday shopping can severely damage a credit score. More importantly, buyers, especially a first time home buyer with limited credit could receive a credit denial for a home purchase. Talk about “B...
Homeowners may have a solid home and insurance to protect themselves and their property, but when a natural disaster occurs, there are so many facets that are out of homeowner’s control. The damage not only affects properties, but it also affects food, gas, employment, income, internet, phone, tr...
We are pleased to announce that OVM Financial’s VA renovation loans now allow up to $75,000 in renovation costs. This is breaking news to an already fantastic product to help military Veterans buy a fixer-upper home and potentially finance all improvements!Did You Say VA Renovation Loans?If you h...
A home is often a person’s most significant asset, so it makes sense to keep it insured. Right? Hazard insurance, otherwise known as homeowners insurance, is most popular. If in a flood hazard area, then lenders will require flood insurance. Even if the property is on the coast, then wind & hail ...

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The goal of my blog is to give you real world mortgage solutions to actual mortgage scenarios I see everyday.