cleveland tennessee home staging: What do do with a small vanilla box..... - 05/19/10 01:12 AM
When there is little budget or time to do a thorough staging--READY 2 STAGE HOME STAGING & REDESIGN has a solution.  Vignette staging can be your magic trick when you have a "small vanilla box."
Recently our Realtor Partner--Kathy Rohsenberger of Coldwell Banker Hamilton & Associates, Cleveland, Tennessee--had a new listing that was vacant with only an oak table and chairs in the dining area left by the sellers.  READY 2 STAGE  to the rescue!!  We were there in a flash with our blow-up mattress in tow and a load of beautiful accessories ready to work our magic to lure in those … (3 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Update on Beautiful Luxury Home in Ooltewah!! - 05/03/10 06:39 AM
Exciting news!!  Our last staging:  Beautiful Luxury Home in Ooltewah is under contract!!  We staged on Monday--Open House on the following Sunday--Received an offer at the Open House--Another offer the following Monday--Under Contract on Tuesday!!
Realtor extraordinaire Kathy Rohsenberger with Coldwell Banker Hamilton Associates knows the value of staging.  This is the 3rd house that we have staged for her and her clients and she has this to say about the most recent experience:

 " We had three showings yesterday and one second showing today. Your work was the best yet and I can't say how much I enjoy working … (4 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: The Beast becomes a Beauty! - 04/20/10 07:45 AM
Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign recently staged this bachelor pad.  A young urban professional is moving on to a bigger and better job in a larger city.  Kathy Rohsenberger and Ready 2 Stage to the rescue!!  The house is quite a beauty but is hidden under some "Beastly" clutter.  After a brief consultation, the home seller had his homework, and after a long 3 day weekend of de-cluttering and furniture removal we were ready to bring out the "Beauty."

                          AFTER     … (24 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Realtor Showcase 2010 - 04/12/10 03:48 AM
Last week was the River Counties Association of Realtors Annual Showcase in Cleveland Tennessee.  This venue allows us exposure to 100+ Realtors and we get to share our information with them.  We thoroughly enjoyed our two hours of networking and we are hoping for some new calls and jobs in the near future.  
This year our booth was decorated to "shine."  Our movie theme was glittering with stars and candlelight, and of course a spotlight on our banner hanging above the table.  A friend let me borrow her "vintage-looking" popcorn machine and we filled bags labeled:  "Your listing "pops" with … (10 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Frugal or Tight-Wad--You be the Judge!! - 02/17/10 03:04 AM
I have always been taught to be frugal and not wasteful--my kids call me "tight-wad!"  For a while now, I have been stashing away the small bits of old candles that didn't completely burn--thinking that I would use them to make more candles.  I finally got to do ti!
I gathered all my supplies--most found at Hobby Lobby.  Wicking, metal wick holders and vanilla scent (one of my favorites) along with a metal coffee percolator--minus the inside--for melting the waxes.
Not quite sure exactly how to do it, but I was determined to give it a try.
Step 1   I … (24 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Ready 2 Stage is the Big "1" - 01/05/10 12:08 AM

Happy New Year to you and happy One Year Anniversary for Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign! Can you believe it is 2010? What a whirlwind year. We are very appreciative for all of you that have supported us this year and we look forward to serving you in the future. We have sculpted our business to fit the needs of you - our customers. When we first began, it was difficult knowing how the public would respond to home staging and redesign. We feel that with a year under our belts, we are now better equipped to serve you … (5 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Virtual Tour of Ready 2 Stage Photo Staging - 12/08/09 11:56 AM
Recently we did photo staging for a home listed by Kathy Rohsenberger of Coldwell Banker Hamilton Associates, Cleveland, Tennessee.
The before & After pics were posted in a previous blog:
UPDATE on We're photo staging again!
Just thought that I would share the visual tour and you can really see how great it turned out.  Just a few minor things that I would change, (that always seems to happen when I look back at photos), but overall a good finish.
Visual Tour of Highland Avenue, Cleveland, Tennessee

If you are a Realtor in Cleveland, Tennessee and surrounding cities, … (2 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: UPDATE on We're photo staging again! - 12/07/09 03:12 PM
Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign recently staged this house in Cleveland, Tennessee listed by Kathy Rohsenberger of Coldwell Banker Hamilton Associates.
Whew!  Today was quite a ride....first of all, it is extremely cold in Tennessee right now!  I began the morning having to get a boost from the hubby for the "Ready 2 Stage Mobile."  My battery was dead as a hammer! Being a little nervous about the battery going dead again during our staging time, I left my vehicle running for a while....just to make sure.  We arrived at 10:30 a.m. and began our work.  With assistance from … (4 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: We're Photo-Staging Again!! - 12/04/09 03:42 AM

In a previous post  Cookie Cutter House--Staged for a quick sale! we were unsure of the success of doing a "Photo-Staging"--adding some of our accessories for good photos and then removing them.  So I wanted to update everyone of the status of the "Cookie Cutter House."  It is sold!!  Within 3 days, the Realtor showed the house 6 times (all calls from seeing the pics), received an offer, and closed within 26 days of staging. Well, here we go again!  The same Realtor has called for another small house that just needs a bit of help.  Next week we are … (7 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Cookie Cutter House--Staged for a quick sale! - 11/06/09 10:27 AM
Our most recent staging job was a bit of an experiment.  
A Realtor had a new listing that needed a bit of help, but they couldn't afford a full-blown staging.  The Realtor asked if we could do "Photo Staging"--bring in some accessories and stage JUST for the photos.  She (The Realtor) also wanted to pay at closing.  Having worked with her before and knowing that I could trust her, I thought that I would give it a try.  
The week prior, I popped in to this little house for a quick 15 minute consultation to see what kind of … (20 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Bathrooms are a pain in the rear! - 10/30/09 12:08 PM

Well, it happens every time!  I try my best to take a photo of a beautifully staged bathroom, but I keep showing up in the picture myself.
 This bathroom was especially challenging!  Almost every wall was sporting a mirror.  As it ends up, I found myself lying on the floor shooting upward--probably a good idea--you can get the beautiful light fixtures that way!!
 I am finding bathroom photography to be the most challenging.  Most of the bathrooms are so small that a decent picture of it is nearly impossible.  You don't really want a picture of a toilet--all … (10 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Here's another creative artwork solution! - 08/25/09 12:09 PM
Again......I found myself in need of the perfect artwork for a Master Bedroom Staging.  What to do.....what to do......I kind of liked making my own artwork for the last staging job, so why not try it again.  Ok.....let's get creative.  I walk down to my basement, which has become "Staging Accessories Central" and look around.
 For many years, I collected antiques and any kind of great thrift store finds came home with me.  I love to refurbish and repurpose things.  Several years ago at our Museum Guild's trash & treasure sale I found these three framed watercolor prints.  Not particularly pretty, … (29 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Vacant Transformation for Ready 2 Stage - 08/17/09 06:09 AM
Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign recently staged this home in Niota, Tennessee.  The transformation from VACANT & COLD to COLORFUL & WARM was such a joy and really makes the beautiful rooms in this house come to life.  A partnership with Athens Woodcrafters in Athens, Tennessee and the fine work of Realtor Demetra Toomey of ReMax in Cleveland, Tennessee should get this beautifully staged house the prospective buyer that it needs.  
Home Staging is an easy and cost-effective way to bring your home to the top of the prospective buyer's list.  We take care of all the details! … (8 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: "Come Sit a Spell...." - 07/08/09 02:08 AM

READY 2 STAGE HOME STAGING & REDESIGN  specializes in creating an inviting atmosphere for your potential buyers.  Most buyers make up their minds in the first 15 seconds of their visit.  Don't give them a negative impression before they even step in the door.  Create a vignette at your front entrance that makes them want to "Sit A Spell" and then go inside and see what great things are waiting in there!  If you don't have the time or the proper accessories to make your place "POP", call HSR Certified Home Staging Professional Lori Donegan for all your needs … (5 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Fireworks in the Making... - 07/01/09 03:46 PM

Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign offers beautiful rooms to those selling a house.  We can put the "fireworks" into each space, that will make the buyer's go OOOOoooo and AAAAHHhhhhh.  Call us for a consultation and get your house prepared for a quick and painless sale.  Don't reduce that price--Stage it first!!  Home staging costs much less than your first price reduction.  Lori Donegan (423)506-3718

cleveland tennessee home staging: Wordless Wednesday--Home Is For The Birds - 05/27/09 03:09 PM

Call Ready 2 Stage Home Staging & Redesign at (423)506-3718

cleveland tennessee home staging: Antique to Updated - 04/20/09 04:12 AM
We staged a house with an antique sofa--and nothing else--in the living room.  
"What are we going to do with that?!"
We chose a neutral slipcover to give it an instant update.  We used an outdoor chaise lounge cushion to make the back smooth and straight and some extra pillows to wrap and fill the arm cover.  Turned out great!  We added some throw pillows, wall art, accessories and some creative lighting to make a cozy living space.
The bay window in the room was also very outdated with lacy ruffled swags and window-covering vertical blinds; along with an antique … (24 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Constant Advertising--on the Go! - 04/15/09 06:20 AM

When starting a new business, you just aren't sure which advertising methods will be the most successful.  I have found the most costly is perhaps newspaper advertising and it doesn't always reach those for whom it is intended.  Post cards and mailings are great, but not many will respond to them.  E-mails are super easy, cost efficient and great to reach those computer savvy individuals------if you don't get thrown into the spam file.  
Personally, I love to go----go shopping, go sight seeing, go out to dinner, just go driving.  So, why not advertise while I'm at it!  For … (19 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Exciting News!! - 04/13/09 01:37 PM
I am so very excited.  Today when making comments on others' blog posts, I realized that my face is showing up on the comment spot, and I have a little rain drop in the corner!!  Woo hoo!!  Now when I look on my home page, there is a cute little circular logo that brands me as a rain maker!!  Yipee!!  I don't know how it happened (must have something to do with the endless hours of comments and posts!  ya think?),  but I am so proud.  I guess the fact that I'm spending lots of time and energy blogging and commenting … (14 comments)

cleveland tennessee home staging: Wordless Wednesday--Heaven's Gateway - 03/24/09 01:28 PM


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