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OK, I'm on my little soap box tonight! I don't know who this stager is, but this is the second time I have came across competing on a vacant staging with her. To stage a vacant she suggests using the sellers furnishings from their personal home AND she will give them a list of accessories to purc...
I can't believe it!  My company is one year old this month. It doesn't seem that long ago that I started. So much has happened in the first year that it is unbelievable. I want to thank everyone on Activerain for your support, you ALL have helped me so much. I may not comment on all posts, but I ...
I visit with Realtors on a regular basis. Attend the monthly Board meetings of two local Boards and several networking groups. This is the good news I'm hearing from area Realtors. The market is starting to move again. Several Realtors have told me that they are showing homes and having buyers ma...
I'm old but I don't mean the weather! What I feel is how I KNOW the staging industry is growing and will continue to grow. I'm so excited about the new year and what it WILL bring. This is one of the hardest times economically for our country, but the more I network and work my market the more co...
2008 Statistics on vacant homes staged by Ready, Set, Stage! 90% of staged homes received offers 80% of staged homes sold or leased Staging is working for Northwest Arkansas! Ready, Set, Stage! offers FREE estimates for vacant homes. Call today to learn about our February Special! 479-236-6784
    Today being Super Bowl Sunday I was thinking about what it takes to WIN a football game: It takes a team of professionals working together to reach a WIN! It takes great leadership, planning & WIN! It takes WIN! It takes a WIN!      How doe...

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