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I did a consult today on a small condo located on the lake. This would be your weekend lake get a way condo. Not to be living in on a daily basis. I'm in the process of giving the homeowners a written "homework" list and want to make sure I have everything removed from the property before staging...
These homeowners have already been transferred and the Realtor called in Ready, Set, Stage! to stage this home using what the homeowners left behind. Except for the dining room, Ready, Set, Stage! leased a five piece dining set back to the homeowners to update this area.  We also recommended that...
I can't help myself...but I LOVE networking. I love meeting new people and learning about their business. I was attending an event tonight and met a person that owns a "Doggie Day Care Center" the light bulb went off for me. (And I liked her business card that was shaped like a dog bone) I have a...
I'm having so much fun working with owner occupied homes. This homeowner said her husband didn't think they needed to hire a Home Stager. But she had done her research...and knew they needed help. I spent 9 hours working with this homeowner and I think we achieved a "show" ready home. The husband...
Listed by: Tara Cummings, ReMax Real Estate Results, Bentonville, AR Staging by: Donna Schoby, Ready, Set, Stage!, Fayetteville, AR Photos by: Brick Road Visuals, Bentonville, AR MLS# 564445 Listing Price $369,900.00      
I am receiving more calls to work on owner occupied homes. One of the FUN things for me is to go on a treasure hunt through the owners home looking for goodies I can use. Although I have to admit I felt a little strange doing this at first, but I soon got over that. Now I can't wait to start my h...
One of my partner Realtors Arlene Urquizu of Coldwell Banker Facuette Real Estate hired Ready, Set, Stage! for 6 hours of hands on staging on one of her listings prior to listing! I didn't feel that I accomplished as much as I could have with this seller. She told me that I was not allowed to mov...
A little over a year ago I was here on AR asking questions and advice on how to get my name out and grow my business. I was so busy in the month of June that I didn't even have time to think about how many homes I was working on. I stopped last night to make a count. Ready, Set, Stage! worked on ...
The thought accrued to me to suggest to Realtors that I've been working with to keep their own portfolios of staged listings. If they keep before and afters photos and their own statistics then they have an educational and visual tool to show at listing presentations or to current clients. Seller...
Another great example of what can happen with a simple consultation and the homeowners taking my recommendations. The homeowners only did about 70% of what I recommended. But still at only 70%...I think they did a great job. After photos by Brick Road Visuals , Bentonville, Arkansas. Living Room ...

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