home staging northwest arkansas: 25 Days VS 155 Days...Which would you Choose? - 07/28/11 05:49 PM
So does Home Staging  REALLY work? Our stats for 2011 proves that home staging works in Northwest Arkansas!  We have had an average of 25 days...that's right 25 DAYS!!!  From the time of staging until going under an accecpted contract this year!!!! The average for our area is about 155 days...so which pays? Home Staging...or your carrying costs?  
Home Staging works!!!!...call your local home stager for a staging quote!!!

home staging northwest arkansas: Northwest Arkansas Media Takes Notice of Home Staging! - 07/09/11 05:06 PM
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette committed a page and half story about home staging in it's newspaper today. Ready, Set, Stage!   was featured as the go-to-stager for this article! 
I wish I could furnish a link to the article but the paper has an online subscription only.
But I would like to share a couple of quotes from the article from the reporter and a couple of Realtors....
Title: All the home's a stage, And setting it well can help a house sell faster.
Home Stager Search:
"Selecting a home stager isn't as easy as just doing a Google search or picking … (11 comments)

home staging northwest arkansas: Why Should You Stage Your Home To Sell? - 02/19/11 04:15 PM
Why Stage?
A house that is on the market is a lot like a product on the shelf in a store. No matter how good the quality of a product is, if it does not catch the buyers' eye, it will not sell. It will end up on the clearance aisle months later.
In the Real Estate business, it is a similar situation. A house that is not shown at it's very best will end up sitting on the market for months or the price will reduced, or in many cases both.
Staging is the answer to this problem. For empty … (6 comments)

home staging northwest arkansas: Bringing Life To A Vacant Home...Before & Afters! - 10/06/10 02:59 PM
Ready, Set, Stage! was called to stage this vacant home located at 1876 Glenbrook Place, Fayetteville, AR. Before the rooms were lifeless. Staging brings life to each space showing potential buyers how they could live in this home.
Listed By: Kelly Knipe, Keller Williams, Fayetteville, AR
Photos By: Brick Road Visuals, Bentonville, AR



home staging northwest arkansas: Dear Realtor….Help Me Understand! - 08/13/10 04:11 PM
I hope Realtors will help me and other Professional Home Stagers understand!
A few weeks ago I was called by a homeowner that had already signed a listing agreement with you to have our company Ready, Set, Stage! help with their home.  You did not recommend us... the homeowners took it upon themselves to find us!
We went in and did a Staging Consultation, did some shopping for them and went back to "tweak" our recommendations and add what we had purchased.  ...All for under $500.00!  BTW your online photos are awesome!
The homeowner was thrilled with the results … (31 comments)

home staging northwest arkansas: Stagers…earn an extra $500.00 per week! - 08/02/10 05:02 PM
How? Cleaning your listings...And earn more business with Realtors in this market!
I know some may be saying...Stagers don't' clean!  I know several Home Staging Training companies suggest that Home Stagers are NOT cleaners!  But I disagree!   I'm a Real Estate Merchandiser...which means I prepare a property to sell! I earn about $500.00 per week cleaning homes that are going/and or on the market...rentals, construction clean up, move-in's, move-out's, and vacant homes!
This gives me the opportunity to give estimate's for home staging...not to mention building a relationship with the Realtor!
In this market, I don't think you need to dismay … (32 comments)

home staging northwest arkansas: Losing Staging Bids! - 10/29/09 04:02 PM
I know I shouldn't worry about bids that I lose, but it kills me when I view online photos or stop by to take a sneak peek of a listing that I lost a bid to.
This happen last week.  I did a bid for a vacant new construction home. I would have LOVED to added this home to my portfolio.  Not your cookie cutter home....I had so many great ideas!
But the builder said my bid was out of his budget as he was already over budget.  To be honest I bid the job a little low because I really wanted it.