qr code: SMS text code marketing is now a free add-on for RealBird PRO - 12/07/19 01:49 PM
The RealBird SMS text code marketing service is now a free add-on included with RealBird PRO! And with our ongoing $1 for the first month special, new members can start using it for partically free this month. For existing PRO members, this is also a free add-on, just log into RealBird and request the setup.
SMS text code marketing is a must have tool in our opinion in order to lead capture enable offline marketing surfaces like flyer boxes, flyers, open house lead capture tools, sign riders and pretty much every surfaces that has sufficient foot traffic and is convenient to access with mobile phones. If … (0 comments)

qr code: Use QR code stickers on offline marketing surfaces - 11/26/19 05:58 PM
We wrote about our favorite way to solve the "empty flyer box problem" using SMS text code stickers that are available for your listings on RealBird. 
Another great way to online enable your offline advertising surfaces (letters, flyers, boxes, sign riders etc.) is using QR codes. We have been providing QR codes for your listings sites for many years, but now that both Android and iPhones are supporting scanning these codes and consumers know what they are, it's a good time to revisit. While SMS text code stickers capture leads right away, QR codes can be also used to make sure that 24x7 propety information is provided for … (1 comments)

qr code: Even more SMS marketing features are coming soon - 12/22/11 08:07 AM
Since we launched the first version of the SMS keyword marketing tool for your RealBird listings a few days ago, we have received many positiv replies fromRealBird members and also some feature requests. We thought it's easier to summarize the upcoming SMS features in a blog post and then share this article. Below are the upcoming SMS features that we are planning to add very soon:
SMS notifications for important eventsOften, timely response to an online prospect is what turns them into actual clients. Currently we notify you only via email on important events such as request for more information on your listing or from your RealBird … (3 comments)

qr code: SMS keyword marketing is now available for your RealBird listings - 12/17/11 11:00 AM
We've been supporting QR code mobile marketing for your listings on RealBird for a while. There have been back and forth debates in the real estate blogosphere about the actual value of QR codes and while we believe that QR codes are a very important and must-have piece in your mobile marketing toolkit we also agree that there are a large number of home buyers out there who can not or will not scan QR codes. They either don't have the appropriate smartphones or they just can't be bothered with it.
Hence our new addition to the RealBird PRO power tools: SMS keyword … (11 comments)

qr code: 805 mobile real estate websites created on RealBird in only 3 days !!! - 03/03/11 03:52 PM
Wow ! 805 mobile real estate websites have been registered since Tuesday on RealBird, in only 3 days ! Amazing feedback on this new RealBird service. Thanks everybody.
Here is an overview of some of the best practices:
Try to keep the domain name as short as possible Download the QR code that is automatically generated for your mobile domain name and "tag" your print materials with it. Make it part of your flyer designs Make sure that you also print the domain name itself. Don't assume that everybody can or want to use a QR scanner app on their mobile phone just yet, … (12 comments)

qr code: QR Code Custom Apparel at ScanMyBack.com - a RealBird Chick Just Out of the Nest - 11/08/10 02:59 PM
Based on the good feedback about the RealBird QR features for real estate marketing, we launched a new website over the weekend at ScanMyBack.com for creating, sharing and buying custom apparels. The customized apparels show your own messages encoded as QR codes. 
This is RealBird pet project and the application is not real estate specific, but thought you may enjoy it as well. Any messages, websites and even links to YouTube videos can be turned into a QR code and printed on t-shirts and other apparel. 

How to use the site:
Visit ScanMyBack.com Enter whatever message your heart desires to … (17 comments)

qr code: Android, Blackberry, iPhone mobile property websites and weather proof QR stickers - 11/03/10 06:10 PM
Stop us if you heard this one from us before, but we have just released a few additional QR code and mobile listing marketing features for RealBird 
I will use this post to summarize all the mobile marketing and QR code features of RealBird including the recently launched new options, in a FAQ format for a change:
Q: What are the QR codes?
A: QR (Quick Response) codes are barcodes that can be printed on flyers and other offline media and they can encode a wide variety of information. The information can be a link to a website or your contact … (29 comments)

qr code: QR stickers for your property websites are now available through RealBird - 10/22/10 07:45 PM
Following up on our previous post regarding the new QR code feature for RealBird listings, we are pleased to let you know that we have also added a utility that allows you to buy custom QR stickers directly from the RealBird listing management page.
You can buy 6 pcs of 3" stickers with your RealBird listing's QR code and the property address on it for only $4.95 (plus tax and S & H). The stickers are automatically created for your listing and fulfillment is via Zazzle.com

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of Zazzle.com and upon your purchase we are paid an … (18 comments)

qr code: QR code for your RealBird listings - 10/18/10 06:23 PM
We added QR code support to the RealBird single property websites over the weekend. QR codes are compact barcodes that can encode all different kinds of information. They can be read by scanners, mobile phones with camera and smartphones. In our implementation, the automatically generated QR codes encode your RealBird single property websites' Urls and after scanning them with an iPhone for example, consumers can get access to your listing information instantly.
So why is this useful? You may want to use the QR codes of your listing information at places where you have limited space for sharing text and links and/or entering long Urls … (17 comments)

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