realbird property search: The RealBird Property Search has now fully responsive user interface - 01/16/14 08:02 PM

Over the last year,  visits from mobile devices to the private-labeled RealBird Property Search engine increased to over 30%. We had been providing a smartphone optimized property search as part of your mobile real estate website service for years, but some modules of the RealBird Property Search service - like the client's account area - were not optimized for smartphones.
With this new release, your RealBird Property Search engine is now fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
There are no additional steps required from you to take advantage of this new update. Your RealBird service is automatically updated and all your previous deployments … (6 comments)

realbird property search: Updated Property Search Sidebar Widget with Flexible Width - 07/22/13 01:28 AM
We updated the RealBird Property Search sidebar widget last week and it can now accomodate different website and blog designs. As opposed to the 160 pixels width that was previously fixed for this widget, it can now be set to your blog's sidebar width by simply changing the embed code's width parameter.
This has been a requested feature by some of you for a while and we finally had some time to launch an update  All existing widgets will work without any changes required, but you'll be able to override the default 160 pixels width in newly generated embed codes.
Below … (2 comments)

realbird property search: Require registration from your visitors to access property details - 10/08/12 01:28 PM
This has been a feature request from many users and we launched it over the weekend.
You can now configure your RealBird Property Search to request registration from your visitors after a certain number of property detail views (aka "Forced" registration) 
The options are: 
Disable the feature - unlimited number of property views without "forced" registration No property detail views without registration - just set the number of allowed views to 0 A set number of property views allowed after which registration is required This feature is available right now for RealBird PRO members in the "Member Area" under the "Configure" … (7 comments)

realbird property search: Spice up your WordPress blog with the updated RealBird plugin - 04/24/12 05:23 AM

We just launched an updated version of the RealBird Nearby Homes Wordpress Plugin. 
This update greatly simplifies the installation process because the RealBird plugin is no longer dependent on any 3rd party ones. Just install the single RealBird plugin, activate it, set a few configuration options and you are ready to geotag your posts and automatically add your RealBird Map-based Search to your blog posts. 
How does it work?
Every time you write a new blog post (or update existing ones), you have an option provided by the RealBird plugin to add a location to it. It can be a city, … (3 comments)

realbird property search: "Sticky" Featured Properties on Your RealBird Map-based Search Widget - 08/23/11 10:46 PM
We added a simple but powerful new feature to the RealBird Map-based Property Search tool yesterday.
Your own featured listings - published through the RealBird Listing Publisher service - are now shown as "sticky" icons on your RealBird map search. By "sticky" we mean that it is search criteria independent, so no matter what your client is searching for, your own listings within the specific map boundary are always presented to them using a special icon.

Click here or the image above to see a live example of this feature, courtesy of Katerina Gasset 
By default, we use a distinct … (15 comments)

realbird property search: You asked for it and now it is available: The RealBird Property Search is now smartphone friendly - 05/17/11 12:08 PM
We are pleased to let you know that your private labeled RealBird mobile real estate website is now extended with the RealBird Property Search, which is now optimized for smartphones and tablets.

To see it in action, just load your own RealBird mobile website with your smartphone or on your desktop. 
Kindly note, this is a RealBird PRO feature. If you are considering to upgrade your RealBird account to the PRO service level, this is a good time to do so. We are going to raise the PRO subscription fee in June 2011, but you can still upgrade at our current discounted price. 

realbird property search: About the recent Google announcement concerning real estate - 01/31/11 03:50 AM
Many have already asked about this so here is our official blog post about the sudden developments at Google that were first announced a month or so ago and again a few days ago. We had a meeting with Google last week and while we are under an NDA and can not disclose the details of our conversation with them, we can clarify the dates and the nature of Google’s announcement that was made public and that caused a little bit of confusion due to their vague explanations:Google Base will be discontinued on June 1, 2011Google Base is the database product … (13 comments)

realbird property search: RealBird real estate toolbar, private labeled for you - powered by Conduit - 04/30/10 05:17 AM
We are pleased to introduce our new RealBird service: the RealBird real estate browser toolbar. It is a browser toolbar - powered by Conduit's core technology - that is private labeled for you and allows your visitors and clients to search for homes, see your featured listings, your hand picked community feeds and more, right from their browser, even after they leave your website.

To get started with setting up your toolbar, do the following:
Create a free Conduit account Read our detailed tutorial Get your RealBird toolbar modules from the RealBird member area
Please note, that these new features are only available for RealBird PRO members.
Cross-browser Property … (6 comments)

realbird property search: RealBird is now available in Canada and the UK - 04/06/10 04:51 PM
We actually finished this project by April 1, but decided to wait with the announcement until a few days later, so our news would not be considered a April Fools joke. Which it is not :) So here we go.
RealBird is now available for real estate professionals in Canada and the UK, besides USA of course. The available features differ for Canada and the UK compared to the US services as outlined below: 
RealBird Property Search
Map-based Search Full screen and embed search with client management features Blog, website sidebar search widget All the private label and customization features RealBird Listing … (9 comments)

realbird property search: Map-based Search is Now Available Nationwide - 02/06/10 06:33 AM
We have just released the RealBird Map-based Property Search covering the whole United States. This service uses data from Google Base and is completely private labeled for you. It is a new user interface view for our almost one year old RealBird Property Search service and adds a new option for providing a lightning fast property search experience for your website and blog visitors.
Just like with the previous versions of the RealBird Property Search (full screen tabular and sidebar widget option) you can create unlimited, preset search engines that target not only your market but other niche audience as well. (E.g. … (69 comments)

realbird property search: Video tutorial - Embedding the RealBird Property Search into your ActiveRain post and sidebar - 02/03/10 08:55 AM
The following video tutorial by Jeff Link demonstrates how to set up the RealBird Property Search for your market and how to embed it into your website, ActiveRain or any other blog for that matter. The video shows the usage of the regular RealBird Property Search widget and also the blog sidebar widget.

Thanks Jeff for the great tutorial. If you are not yet a RealBird member, please make sure that you register via Jeff's affiliate link
-- Zoltan

realbird property search: Your own featured listings are now marketed on your RealBird Property Search user interface - 07/23/09 05:26 PM
We have added a new feature to the RealBird Property Search service. Your own featured listings - that are syndicated through RealBird - are now also presented on your Property Search service, highlighted, under its own tab.
With this new release, we brought our two services (the Listing Publisher and the Property Search) one step closer. Your syndicated listings and classified ads that are posted through RealBird have been already linking to your Property Search (see our post about the concept of "traffic channeling" here), but from now on, this new feature channels traffic from the home search tool to your own … (11 comments)

realbird property search: Did Google just disrupt the real estate data status quo? - 07/09/09 11:44 PM
Google just announced that they revamped the search capabilities on their Google Maps service and now when consumers search for homes for sale, Google maps matching real estate listings using data from their Google Base database.
This is a big one. Bigger than it might look at the first glance as I will explain it below (The disruption). It is also one of the most stunning timing that I have seen since the founding of RealBird. Just a few month ago - in April 2009 - we released our first version of the private labeled RealBird Property Search service for real … (47 comments)

realbird property search: Map-based view for the RealBird Property Search as a default option is now available - 06/21/09 03:26 PM
We released a new, advanced configuration option for the RealBird Property Search service. RealBird members with PRO subscription level ($99/year) can now configure the service so that it opens the map of matching listings by default for pre-set searches and also upon your user submitting a new search criteria.
See an example using our RealBird Demo Account. 

Please note that the above screen links to our demo account. To configure your own private labeled service, register with or log into RealBird and change your settings on the Property Search configuration page.

We are going to roll out even … (7 comments)

realbird property search: Traffic channeling from Craigslist to your RealBird Property Search - 05/19/09 01:22 AM
Katerina Gasset had a great write-up recently about her usage of the RealBird Property Search. She explains a unique way of utilizing the RealBird service to "channel" visitors through effective SEO techniques into home searchers and eventually into pre-qualified leads.
In this tutorial, I will explain a similar, powerful concept using two RealBird products, the RealBird Listing Publisher and the RealBird Property Search Using Craigslist as the source of traffic, the RealBird Listing Publisher property websites as the delivery media and the RealBird Property Search as the destination. We call this technique "traffic channeling". While it may sound like a complicated … (9 comments)

realbird property search: Eichler homes for sale - RealBird Property Search example - 05/08/09 10:14 PM
Another day, another example. This time, it is from Mark Mena, a SF Bay Area REALTOR®. The embedded widget below shows another great example of the power of preset search engines using the new RealBird Property Search tool.
The search engine is pre-configured for showing Eichler homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joseph Eichler was a California-based, post-war residential real estate developer with very a distinct Modernist style. His firm built some 11,000 homes mostly in the San Francisco bay area and also in Southern California.
Login or register at RealBird to get your own RealBird Property Search, a private … (6 comments)

realbird property search: REALTORS® - Important 100K Announcement! - 05/08/09 04:46 PM
Brad's announcement about some great stats on home buyer activities on ActiveRain through the Hit Router service. Read it and jump in. Also, read our tutorial about how to set up the Hit Router with the new RealBird Property Search
Click here to sign up with RealBird for free -- Zoltan
If you're a REALTOR®, Broker, or an Agent and member of ActiveRain, this is a MUST READ!  Last month, over 100,000 consumers searched ActiveRain for Real Estate in specific cities using the "Search For Homes" feature.  I was just in a meeting with Bob Stewart and Doug Ching going … (2 comments)

realbird property search: Coconut Grove April Real Estate Market Report (Apr 2009) - RealBird Property Search Example - 05/04/09 09:26 AM
Another great example of using the RealBird Property Search for providing instant, embedded, searchable homes for sale within your Market Report post. Thanks Janie for the reblog opportunity.
SEO and client engagement: Janie writes about Coconut Grove real estate market statistics, which is great SEO and customer engagement practice In-context home search: The RealBird Property Search is embedded below the report, preset to the specific zip code to provide instant access to over 400 local real estate listings. Visitors can sort listings and refine search criteria all withing the blog post. They can also share and save searches and listings and … (1 comments)

realbird property search: Using ActiveRain Hit Router with the RealBird Property Search: How-to guide - 04/24/09 11:49 AM
As promised, we are adding new tutorials ongoing about the variety of ways to use the private labeled RealBird Property Search service. For those of you who join this thread now, we suggest to take a look at the introduction post about the RealBird Property Search release and also the Earth Day search module confguration tutorial.
The ActiveRain Hit Router is a special advertising and visitor channeling utility on ActiveRain, which allows you to route visitors ( visitors and home buyers who are not logged in to AR) to your property search service. Every post and profile pages on AR have a … (24 comments)

realbird property search: Earth Day tomorrow - Share eco-friendly properties for sale with the RealBird Property Search - 04/21/09 10:49 AM
Tomorrow (April 22) is Earth Day, which is a great occasion for our next example about different, creative ways to utilize the new RealBird Property Search service.
How about creating a preset search for your market with listings filtered by the keyword eco-friendly? Once you have it configured (in less than a minute) you can share it on Twitter, Facebook and other networks including ActiveRain. It's cool, it's fun, it's useful and it's for a great cause. On the right, I embeded CJ Braisel's Earth Day search widget for the San Jose area. 
This is what you need to accomplis this … (1 comments)

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