seo: Google's new freshness algorithm and the RealBird video search results - 11/08/11 03:42 AM
Those of you who are following SEO closely might have heard about Google's new freshness algorithm and that they are now showing additional information along the search results like author photos, video thumbnails, social recommendations etc.
We were pleasantly surprised in the last few months by some of the treatments RealBird received from Google. First we noticed that most of the RealBird property websites are now enhanced with a video thumbnail in Google's SERP (search engine result page) and also that since the launch of the new RealBird platform, the number of indexed pages jumped from 300K to well over 1 million
Here are … (8 comments)

seo: SEO Surprise !!! And we have no idea how it happened but we LOVE it anyways - 06/22/11 11:18 AM
Without further ado, check this out:
The RealBird listings are indexed in Google's video search 
We don't know how and why it happened, but we certanly love it and so should you :) I'll explain below the screenshot

Google somehow considers the photo slideshows of the RealBird single property websites to be videos.
And it gets better. Most users search on the main Google search and not on the video search interface - I assume - but Google now shows a thumbnail of the RealBird videos on the regular search results as well. As you may be very well aware, you … (29 comments)

seo: Social SEO - Whitepaper by Facebook and BrightEdge - 06/08/11 05:49 AM
We ran into this short whitepaper this morning on by no other than Facebook and BrightEdge.
The whitepaper is titled "Facebook For Social SEO: Best Practices To Drive Organic Search Performance With Facebook." It's a quick and easy read and embedded below.
One of the tips is linking to your Facebook Business Page from your website and blog by carefully selecting your link's anchor test.
Here is an example: rather than linking "RealBird Facebook Page" on this post, I will select RealBird Real Estate Technology on Facebook for the anchor text in order to place some relevant keywords in the link's … (22 comments)

seo: How to Add Your Pending and Sold Properties to Your RealBird Mobile Website - 03/21/11 07:08 AM
Many of you have been already using this RealBird feature, and then, many of you have not, so we thought it's time for a little overview of the benefits and how-tos of managing sold and pending listing information on RealBird.
Most users first add a listings to RealBird when it first hits the market. The benefits of doing this is pretty straightforward: you get immediate listing syndication, search engine marketing with powerful SEO and also other ways to increase your listing's reach via Craigslist and ActiveRain embed code, listing widgets, social media marketing tools etc. When a property originally listed on RealBird becomes pending sale … (7 comments)

seo: How to Create a Massive Online Footprint for your Listings - 11/21/10 11:16 AM
Excellent post by Eric Kodner on how to dominate Google's SERP for your listings. See the re-blogged post below.
Note that the #1 match (!) below the map on the screenshot - for 2984 North Shore Road, LaPointe, WI 54850 - is his single property website on RealBird . We wrote about the importance of address SEO before, but Eric's post is absolutely right on target.
Eric - Thanks for the re-blog option !
Most real estate professionals tend to concentrate on building their own individual online identity (or if you're an independent broker/owner … (14 comments)

seo: Multi-photo syndication with RealBird is now live. Some cool SEO too - 09/16/10 03:24 PM
We have been testing it since last week and we are pleased to let you know that the RealBird listing syndication service now sends multiple photos to Google Base, Trulia and Zillow. This is a long due feature, especially with the existing, unlimited photo capabilities of the RealBird Listing Publisher, but finally, your RealBird listing syndication service also includes multiple photos now (10 photos for Google Base and up to 30 photos to Trulia and Zillow)
There is no special action required on your side, just use RealBird as before and upload as many large photos for your single property websites as … (22 comments)

seo: Part 2: The Anatomy of a Perfect Real Estate WordPress Blog - Functionality and Usability - 08/04/10 11:07 AM
In this multi-part series, we examine The Coral Gables Story, a real estate blog by Papillon Real Estate in Coral Gables, FL
We talked about the Janie's and Shelly's development process from Concept through Context to Vision, Graphics design and Branding, earlier.
If you missed Part 1, you can read it here 
Functional design, Features and Usability

The Coral Gables Story is a very functional blog. When I say functional, I mean it provides a lot of things besides just articles of regular posts. While the core of the blog is the actual content that it delivers, Janie and Shelly implemented … (20 comments)

seo: The Anatomy of a Perfect Real Estate Wordpress Blog - Part 1 - 08/02/10 05:17 AM
Before we get started, let me disclose that I am biased: I worked with Janie and Shelly on The Coral Gables Story - in a personal role, not in my role at RealBird - but nevertheless, I truly believe that their recently released site is one of the best real estate blogs out there. After my analyses in Part 2 of this two parts series - with Janie's and Shelly's permission - I am going to share some powerful WordPress customization tips. Stay tuned via our RSS feed Part 2 will follow in a few days. 
Concept, context and the vision

The Coral … (28 comments)

seo: The global reach of RealBird - 09/30/09 10:29 AM
I reviewed some of our Clicky web analytics reports this morning and I thought that I share some info with our readers through the heat map below.
The map shows the referring countries where visitors came from, in the last 356 days. It is an aggregated analytics report: collecting information on all of the RealBird single property websites and widgets.

Darker colors mean higher traffic count. I was pleasantly surprised that there are only a handful number of countries and territories (yellow color) with no referral traffic. It clearly shows the global reach of RealBird through syndication, SEO and property … (9 comments)

seo: Coconut Grove April Real Estate Market Report (Apr 2009) - RealBird Property Search Example - 05/04/09 09:26 AM
Another great example of using the RealBird Property Search for providing instant, embedded, searchable homes for sale within your Market Report post. Thanks Janie for the reblog opportunity.
SEO and client engagement: Janie writes about Coconut Grove real estate market statistics, which is great SEO and customer engagement practice In-context home search: The RealBird Property Search is embedded below the report, preset to the specific zip code to provide instant access to over 400 local real estate listings. Visitors can sort listings and refine search criteria all withing the blog post. They can also share and save searches and listings and … (1 comments)

seo: How to grow your blog traffic - 05/02/09 12:30 PM
Here is one of the quick posts we usually do during the weekends. This is just in via TechCrunch.
TechCrunch guest author Neil Patel explains the importance of understanding your visitors. This is of course important not only in terms of your blogs, but in sales in general.
Neil Patel explains his strategy in customer development around 3 major topics:
Stop assuming: survey your visitors and clients Track, Analyze, and Execute - measure through web analytics. BTW: We at RealBird are promoting web analytics with the support of Google Analytics, Clicky and MyBlogLog as part of our online listing marketing services. The importance of … (12 comments)

seo: Late night SEO links for your Monday reading pleasure - 04/19/09 06:02 PM
I just saw this thread on Twitter, which made me want to share a few quick links about learning more about SEO. 
Robert Scoble's question answered by some heavy hitters (read Google employees): - including their new LinkScape tool Google Webmaster Central Blog Enjoy. Not directly related to SEO directly, but make sure you check out our post about the new RealBird Property Search --

seo: Search The Real Estate Web - Take Two - 03/01/09 10:28 AM
Medway Homes for SaleEncouraged by the positive feedback from the real estate community about the initial release of the "Search The Real Estate Web" custom search engine, we are pleased to let you know that we released a co-branded version as a free service. We also offer a unique revenue sharing advertising model for those agents who deploy this co-branded version. But first thing first.
Vertical real estate search engine
The RealBird vertical real estate search engine allows consumers to search for any real estate terms across thousands of real estate sites and networks. It utilizes the familiar Google user … (51 comments)

seo: If image love is all we get, then image love is what we take - 10/27/08 10:01 PM
I found some very interesting web analytics data, something I never saw before: One of our web properties - , a niche, luxury blog for the curious - had a jump in search engine referral traffic recently. Surprisingly enough, the referral search engine is not the regular Google Search (or Yahoo/Microsoft etc.), but the Google Image Search engine. Never before did I see such a high percentage of traffic coming from an Image Search engine compared to traffic from other referral sources.
Visit  to see the content. 

What's different between people using image search engines vs. regular search engines? … (18 comments)

seo: What's your Microsoft/Yahoo strategy? - 05/31/08 11:00 AM
Following the Microsoft, Yahoo negotiation in the last few months and the eventual Microsoft widthrawal and then the re-started talks a few days ago, it made me think if there is search engine marketing strategy specific to Yahoo and Microsoft, one which could be used to reach Microsoft's and Yahoo's 30.7% share of the Internet searchers.
According to the Comscore March 2008 report the following is the distribution among the 5 major search engines:
Google: 59.8% Yahoo: 21.3% Microsoft: 9.4% AOL: 4.8% Ask: 4.7% While Google is clearly the leader with a large and growing margin, Yahoo's and Microsoft's combined share … (11 comments)

seo: The Lucky Blog Post - 03/22/08 04:46 PM
Back in late January, I had a blog post about how to embed Google Street View into websites, blogs and the RealBird single property websites. Ever since, we've been receiving a constant stream of incoming traffic to that blog post from all over the world. It quickly became the most visited post ever on our RealBird blog and I could not help but think about why do we get all that attention and such a great organic search results.The post is about an accidental finding of a hidden Google Street View feature. I was brainstorming with myself about what would be … (14 comments)

seo: SEO tip disclosed by Google - 02/22/08 10:59 AM
While doing our regular SEO reviews of the property websites created with RealBird Listing Publisher, I found an interesting information disclosed by Google in their Google Webmaster Tools. I thought I share it over here as it can be very valuable for your ActiveRain posts. Unlike other SEO techniques, this is very easy to do, once you know the fact that Google pays attention to this particular detail.
Many of Google's algorithm is obviously not publicized, but their Webmaster Tools gives a lot of insights into what Google knows about your site and what they pay attention to. Whether you actually use … (25 comments)

seo: Secret link love - 10/12/07 04:01 PM
There are a few recent developments, which can turn out to be new ways of getting fresh exposures for your listings
YouTube videos are now included in organic Google search results
Google now includes links to matching YouTube videos not only in their video search but also on their main search result pages. They even include playback capability inline without the need of clicking through to YouTube itself.
See for example a search for "Inman News" "Words That Sell"
It will bring up Brad Inman's Fox News interview as the number one result. I am not sure how they rank YouTube videos compared to other … (3 comments)

seo: Show off your expertise - 06/22/07 09:21 AM

I recently found a very interesting service called Lijit. It is a search widget for your site and blog and a search engine website for consumers. The concept behind their service is that people, in real-life, seek out advice and answers to their questions using their social network: their friend, family and the people those connections know. Regular search engines search the vast amount of information available on the web, based on the relevance of those pages related to the inquiry. Lijit adds a very valuable angle to this experiment: one can search for information via the eye of a person, … (4 comments)

seo: Google indexing it's own AdWords ads - 06/12/07 05:40 PM
This is interesting:
I  was checking Google to see whether our newly released service at was already available in Google's index. I found two search result pages of indexed websites already and the last one on the first result page had a title: Compare South America Review at Review Centre
This did not seem to be related so I clicked to see what it is all about and suprisingly enough, I found our Google AdSense advertising being the only link related on that site.
In other words, Google Search shows a web page, which is only related to the search term by Google's own, … (3 comments)

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