smartphone: Full-screen slideshow of your listing inventory on your smartphone - 04/23/13 08:22 AM

Did you know? Both the new RealBird Inventory Map and the new RealBird Gallery widgets are now fully mobile friendly. You can use both as an embedded widget on your website or real estate blog, but you can also use them on your smartphone and tablet for listing presentations.
Here are the simple steps to bookmark your own RealBird Gallery widget on your smartphone
Log into your RealBird member area Assuming you have published listings already, click "Listing Marketing" on the top navigation Then click the "Widgets" subnavigation link Then select "Listing Gallery" from the available inventory widget options Select the … (2 comments)

smartphone: You asked for it and now it is available: The RealBird Property Search is now smartphone friendly - 05/17/11 12:08 PM
We are pleased to let you know that your private labeled RealBird mobile real estate website is now extended with the RealBird Property Search, which is now optimized for smartphones and tablets.

To see it in action, just load your own RealBird mobile website with your smartphone or on your desktop. 
Kindly note, this is a RealBird PRO feature. If you are considering to upgrade your RealBird account to the PRO service level, this is a good time to do so. We are going to raise the PRO subscription fee in June 2011, but you can still upgrade at our current discounted price. 

smartphone: How to add your RealBird mobile website to your ActiveRain post - 05/03/11 11:02 AM
Well, that may sound like a confusing objective, that is, adding your mobile real estate website as an embedded widget in your ActiveRain post, but as of today and as a "by-product" of our weekend compatibility update, you can now do exactly that. In fact, it is a pretty cool "by-product" if you ask us.
The compatibility update that we launched for the RealBird mobile real estate websites now renders the pages correctly on all major desktop browsers including Internet Explorer 7 and higher (besides all the major smartphones of course). It means that you can now freely embed your mobile website into web pages that … (14 comments)

smartphone: 805 mobile real estate websites created on RealBird in only 3 days !!! - 03/03/11 03:52 PM
Wow ! 805 mobile real estate websites have been registered since Tuesday on RealBird, in only 3 days ! Amazing feedback on this new RealBird service. Thanks everybody.
Here is an overview of some of the best practices:
Try to keep the domain name as short as possible Download the QR code that is automatically generated for your mobile domain name and "tag" your print materials with it. Make it part of your flyer designs Make sure that you also print the domain name itself. Don't assume that everybody can or want to use a QR scanner app on their mobile phone just yet, … (12 comments)

smartphone: Just launched: RealBird Mobile Real Estate Websites With Vanity Domain Name and QR Code - 02/28/11 03:19 AM
We've been somewhat quiet in the last few weeks, because we were working on the RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website service. Well, the first version is now out. So here we go:

How does it work?
The private labeled RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website is available for RealBird PRO members. Existing PRO members can log in and reserve the city domain name by following the onscreen instruction. It takes less then a minute to have your private labeled mobile site up and running. The QR code is automatically generated for that Url and is ready to be used immediatelly. The … (14 comments)

smartphone: QR stickers for your property websites are now available through RealBird - 10/22/10 07:45 PM
Following up on our previous post regarding the new QR code feature for RealBird listings, we are pleased to let you know that we have also added a utility that allows you to buy custom QR stickers directly from the RealBird listing management page.
You can buy 6 pcs of 3" stickers with your RealBird listing's QR code and the property address on it for only $4.95 (plus tax and S & H). The stickers are automatically created for your listing and fulfillment is via

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase we are paid an … (18 comments)

smartphone: QR code for your RealBird listings - 10/18/10 06:23 PM
We added QR code support to the RealBird single property websites over the weekend. QR codes are compact barcodes that can encode all different kinds of information. They can be read by scanners, mobile phones with camera and smartphones. In our implementation, the automatically generated QR codes encode your RealBird single property websites' Urls and after scanning them with an iPhone for example, consumers can get access to your listing information instantly.
So why is this useful? You may want to use the QR codes of your listing information at places where you have limited space for sharing text and links and/or entering long Urls … (17 comments)

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