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You can now easily embed your YouTube and Vimeo property videos on your RealBird property websites by simple adding the video Url in the editor, under the Media section. RealBird then automatically creates the embed code for both your mobile and desktop single property websites. You can of cours...
The branded photos look great in your post. Thanks Barbara.    For those of you who use Realbird, there’s another new offering from that platform. This feature actually came online in June of this year.  It’s “photo branding” and I love it.  I spent a couple of hours this morning using that great...
See below an example of using the RealBird branded listing photo and the RealBird SMS platform in a Craigslist ad.The link of the Craigslist ad will expire eventually, but until then, you can view it online as well.Do you have an example of your usage of these RealBird services that we could shar...
Just a day after we launched the popular RealBird photo branding tool, we have a new update and with it, you can now brand all of your listing photos not just the primary one. You'll find the branded photo download link on the photo management page of every listings published on RealBird.See a fe...
We just launched a new feature for the RealBird Listing Publisher. RealBird PRO members can now easily create a private labeled property photo for active, pending and also sold properties.See an example below, courtesy of RealBird PRO member Rona Arjomand of Coldwell Banker San Carlos What is it ...
Our services at RealBird have been used for marketing some 400,000 listings in recent years via the RealBird Listing Publisher service. Over and over however, the question came up from new and also from successful members about how to use RealBird to win more listings at listing interviews as wel...
You may have heard of Google's upcoming update to its search algorithm which will affect ranking of sites based on their mobile-friendliness. Some even refer to it as "Mobilegeddon" based on how much it will change ranking for some sitesHere is the good news for RealBird users: Your RealBird sing...
The winner of the latest RealBird sweepstake that ended January 30 is Dennis DaPrile Congratulation Dennis and many thanks for everybody who participated and for referring new members to RealBird !  The new RealBird sweepstake is already running. All your previous referral points will be an entry...
The RealBird MiniSite and TinySite widgets have been used for years on thousands of real estate websites and blogs. The updated widgets are now called the "RealBird Property Cards" because of the responsive, mobile friendly and modern "card" layout. This update is backward compatible: all the pre...
Detailed, but easy-to-follow and actionable post by Katerina on best practices with RealBird. Thank you very much for the article Katerina !!! Realbird: Using Realbird To Get More Listings!      When was the last time you were in your Realbird account?    What all do you do with your Realbird acc...

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