collin county: Mortgage loans for McKinney rural development. - 03/14/09 03:46 PM
Everyone who is bemoaning the fact that 100% financing has vanished will be glad to hear about this. There is 100%government financing available. It just depends on where you want to live. In an effort to spur rural development the federal government is making loans available in selected communities. Several of these communities are the suburbs of McKinney like Melissa and Anna to name just a couple. The property can be in small developments in rural areas. Several areas near McKinney are eligible for these loans. Visit this US Department of Agriculture web site for all the details or contact us. … (1 comments)

collin county: How's the market in McKinney, Texas? - 03/02/09 12:20 PM
A lot of people are not doing well around the country. I feel for them. Our problems in McKinney, Texas are far smaller that those being experienced by most of you. Business, however, is beginning to pick up. Buyers are getting the word that they may not ever see interest rates or prices lower than they are today. My little three person group contracted on 4 properties last week. Two buyers bought and two listings sold. We even sold one only seven days after it came on the market. Our seller in one case turned around and made the purchase of … (1 comments)

collin county: Inflation may be our economic savior. - 02/12/09 07:14 AM
Inflation may be our economic savior.
Inflation is coming. After years of the FED fighting it we may fall into its arms and welcome it. Everything being done to save us from economic collapse is pointing in that direction. All the bailout money, bank purchases, tax rebates, second half of the TARP money and the $900 billion economic stimulus package being debated and voted upon in congress are or soon will be pumping funds into the economy. This is happening in countries across the globe not just in the U.S. Governments everywhere are printing money and throwing it at the problem.

collin county: Interactive online real estate charts - 01/29/09 12:25 AM
The chart at the link below is extremely interesting. It illustrates how localized real estate markets are. It is interactive and demonstrates how prices vary across this region. I live in Collin County which is at about 1:00 o'clock on the chart. Right at the center of the chart is some of the highest priced real estate in the area. This is a great way to present data. Tell me what you think. Is this kind of tool available in your area?

collin county: December Home Sales Improve in Collin County and Surrounding areas - 01/26/09 05:20 AM
Home sales in Collin County and the surrounding area improved in December over November which proved to be the lowest month of the year surpassing what has been the low month of each of the past three years --  January. The median sales price also rose 3% when compared to 2006, but it was $176,000 which was down $1000 when compared to 2007. Sales slowed dramatically, but sales prices showed only a 1% decline. We continue to "hang in there."

collin county: The Only Real Estate Market is Your Local Market. - 11/29/08 09:22 AM
I keep trying to convince people in Collin County of this fact. We still have a good market. This fact struck home this week as I spent the week in Lee(Ft. Myers) and Collier(Naples) counties in Florida. Everyone wanted to talk about real estate when they found out that I am in the business in Texas. Those of us in North Texas still have a predominantly positive story to tell. True we have our share of foreclosures, but the bubble that burst in Florida never happened in our part of the country. We haven't had the drop in prices that have  happened … (1 comments)

collin county: McKinney, TX "Unique by Nature" - 11/20/08 09:10 AM
The city of McKinney has adopted "Unique by Nature" as its marketing slogan. More than a slogan this is a true expression of McKinney's place in Collin County and North Texas. The town has a distinct position as the county seat for Collin County. Its long standing position as a hub  of economic activity in the area gives it the distinction of having a significant collection of historic homes, suburban subdivisions built by large builders, planned developments and several unique communities.  Some emulate the historic areas of North Texas in design and appearance and there is even one development that is modeled after a quaint Eastern … (1 comments)

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