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People often ask me about fine dining in Westchester NY.  The New York City dining experience has been finding its way northward to Westchester County.  This might be news to Manhattanites – for whom Westchester has always seemed  to be some sort of backwater destination.    White Plains restaur...
  For many on the East coast Friday was a snow day.  White Plains NY was no exception.  Let’s put it this way – people were not exactly calling me  for showings on Friday.  It took several hours for me to dig out – my walkways were covered with the white stuff.  I actually spent about an hour cut...
OK, so crazy snow is now a part of our lives.  I mean seriously, I have seen enough of the white stuff for the next five years.  I usually like snow.  But I think that there can be too much of a good thing. Certainly the East Coast has had more than their fair share this year. New York had avoide...
This is naturally something that I would never condone.  I do not know all the details of the situation nor am I taking sides.  But this seems so sad.  The fact is that after what has happened over the past couple of years with financial markets  - I can truly understand the anger and dispair  th...
Scarsdale Cooperatives: Scarsdale coops are very popular for commuters and long-time residents alike.  When people think of coops in Scarsdale, they are often thinking of the famous Garth Road.  Unfortunately, there are no longer any dog-friendly cooperative complexes on Garth.  However, nearby ...
One of the things that always gets to me is when agents talk about cold-calling as if it is some sort of test of "character."  Really?  When did being what the vast majority of the public considers an irritant become a test of character?   Seriously, the public has made itself abundantly clear on...
The river towns comprise the towns/villages in Westchester that are located along the Hudson River.  This blog covers the lower Westchester region primarily in the town of Greenburgh.  Sleepy Hollow is included since it shares a school district with Tarrytown.   Initially I ran these statistics ...
January was a quiet month for snow.  Westchester NY weather  was cold, but after months when I thought it would never stop raining – we had a reprieve on the amount precipitation.  The result was a calm January.  A lot of residents had their fingers crossed for February – but it was not to be.  ...
This is excellent advise for buyers and put better than I could have myself.  So I'm posting this as great advice for buyers in a buyers market....    It used to be that internet savvy buyers would spend a few weeks looking and learning, and then once they targeted their desired area/price/style,...
Another Larchmont restaurant that is a real hot spot among the locals is the famous Larchmont Tavern.  The LT dates back to the Great Depression.  It opened in 1933 – at the height of the depression.  Today it is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Located at 104 Chatsworth Ave., its centra...

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