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The aftermath of the tax credit had varying effects on Larchmont homes for sale. In many ways – it was a story of two completely separate markets.  Single family homes for sale in Larchmont were strong with prices heading upwards and sales volume virtually unchanged from 2009. But the cooperativ...
Hopefully, most of you have seen  Bob Stewarts Post on "Surviving Your Serengeti"   In case you haven't,   Stefan Swanepoel  has written a new book "Surviving Your Serengeti" which will be released on March 1. Stefan uses the characteristics of several species of animals as metaphors for the surv...
When searching for Westchester NY homes for sale, it can be difficult to sort out the individual municipalities, their characteristics and even their location within the county.  For many buyers they seem to meld into one large mass of confusion.  This series of posts are designed to  alleviate ...
Many sellers who are barely breaking even or are under water are desperate for every penny they can get out of their  home.  For many their home was their nest egg and now rising taxes and financial hardship are forcing them to sell at the depths of the biggest housing recession since the Great ...
First - this post is dedicated to Jennifer Allen and Mollie Wasserman  who conducted an outstanding seminar yesterday.  They were addressing an issue that I have been meaning to discuss for some time.. But I just hadn't gotten around to putting it in writing.  This is an issue that is brought up...
When buyers first come to me they have a lot of criteria on their wish list.  Very often the hype in the market about homes being available for pennies on the dollar sets them up for disappointment.  It is not unusual for me to hear the following… We love this house!  It has all the amenities we...
This is a question that was put to me recently in an email.  In fact I get variations on this question often on my web site “just ask me” area. Why do I need a buyers agent when I can run around to open houses and find the property myself? Implicit in this question is the thought that they will ...
Those of you who read me regularly know that I generally post something about weekend events….This week didn’t blog much and there was  a reason. I happen to live in a home that has a “challenging” driveway.  It’s a long winding gravel driveway.  This driveway became the bane of my existence dur...
With all the shoveling and salting -   this crazy winter has managed to load me with so  much extra work that I didn’t get the chance to show just how much my huskies are enjoying the weather.  To be honest, I’ve been too busy grumbling about  how much shoveling I have to do and whining about my ...

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