westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Sights of the Season - Winter tree in a winter sky... - 12/17/13 03:24 AM
Sometimes the sights of the season reflect the cold of winter.  We are now near the solstice so the trees are all bare  and the sun sets early. I took this photo today just as the sun was starting to set.  The cloud cover over the horizon was thick and the cause of the darkness.  It just looked so dramatic against the bare tree, that I had to shoot it.  Yesterday we had a rather large snowstorm, but the temperature increase had melted the snow off the tree tops and all that was left were the bare branches.
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westchester photography: My Photography on Display at Vintology in Scarsdale NY - 11/03/13 03:44 PM

Photography shows are fun for the photographer as well as the public.  It allows people to enjoy actual prints of the work rather than viewing them on a computer screen.  Since I started with digital photography online, it has always surprised me how images seem a bit more "alive" in print.  So I am happy to report that samples of my photography will be on display and for sale at Vintology of Scarsdale  from now until Nov. 17.
Below is a short video of the photos that are currently on display.  Fair warning: they do have a different feel in print.  The … (12 comments)

westchester photography: Stormy Weather...The Hudson River during a tornado watch... - 10/17/13 04:50 PM

A little over a week ago Westchester was having one of its "climate change moments.  I was on the road playing fast and loose with a tornado watch as a line of storms approached  from the west.   I kept an eye on the weather but thought I had a bit of time before the worst of the front moved through.  So I decided to go down to the RiverWalk in Tarrytown and see the progress on the new Tappan Zee Bridge.
That was all well and good,  but perhaps not the smartest move in the world for someone who … (2 comments)

westchester photography: THe view from the front porch..... - 10/04/13 06:10 PM
Porches can help sell homes.  This year I had several homes with impressive porches to photograph.  I see a lot of agents attempting to photograph porches and they almost always try to capture the porch from the street level as part of the money shot of the house, with perhaps a close-up closer to the front door.  And that's great as far as it goes.  And its very important to photograph that porch so that buyers can see the full potential of this amenity.
However, beyond the porch itself, is the view from the porch.  If the view is a good … (7 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Making A Grand Entrance - Part 2 - 09/21/13 03:12 AM

One of the best ways to photograph an entry way is portrait style through the front door. Of course this will only work if the entry is in the proper configuration to stand out from in its best light from the entry. But it is generally one of the first shots that I try.
The primary difficulty with shooting through a front door is that it requires facing your subject straight on. This can often create a "flat feeling" that needs to be avoided. In this elegant entry, shooting straight through the front door was not the answer. That shot, … (10 comments)

westchester photography: The Hudson River & the Hudson Line.... - 08/27/13 07:15 PM
You can't think about the Hudson River without thinking about trains and train lines.  Trains and the lower Hudson Valley go hand in hand because the area is just a few miles from  the financial capital of the world.   For Westchester residents, trains are a way of life, and that makes good sense since many residents make the daily trek from their Westchester homes to Manhattan.   Thanks to Metro-North, the trip is quite painless and efficient.
The Hudson Line - (or the green line) that runs along the river has the added bonus of providing its riders excellent views … (3 comments)

westchester photography: Lighthouse Landing - Some things just look better in black and white.. - 08/24/13 07:44 PM
Almost every shutterbug in Westchester NY takes photos of Lighthouse Landing in Sleepy Hollow at some point in their lives.  One can't argue that there is a dearth of photos on this particular subject.  I guess I'm no exception to the rule because I have quite a few photos of the Lighthouse Landing from various perspectives at different times of the day.   Since it is so overdone,  I did make an attempt to come up with a unique perspective on it.   In my latest effort I shot many photos from many different angles.  The shot above stood out as … (20 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Happy 4th of July - Fireworks from Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow NY - 07/05/13 07:47 AM
Fireworks are really fun to photograph, if you know what you are doing.  Personally, I love taking photos of fireworks on the water because you get the added benefit of the water reflection which seems to make them extra special.  Sister villages Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow joined forces once again to create a wonderful display on the Hudson River right next door to Lighthouse Landing.

I managed to get there about 2 hours ahead of the main event.  I decided to work from the vantage point of the River Walk  on the Tarrytown just south of Sleepy Hollow.  I  was … (15 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - For holiday lights - sometimes less is more.... - 12/24/12 03:26 AM
Christmas lights are everywhere in Westchester this time of year - from the spectacular to the gaudy to the very simple.   So I'm putting up a very simple display today to show how simple sometimes is better than over-the-top. This is a balcony from a pre-war building in downtown White Plains NY.  So I used HDR to bring out the texture of the brick and wrought iron railings. The simple lights let the texture and pre-war character of the building shine and still provided holiday cheer.   Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season.
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westchester photography: Holiday lights dressed up in basic black... - 12/20/12 03:43 AM
About a week ago I was kindly invited by a resident to take some photos at a coop complex in downtown White Plains called the Broadlawn.   The pre-war complex is know for its subtle use of white lights in its courtyard during the holiday season.     At first I thought this would be 100% color photos.  But  a couple of the pictures really underwhelmed me in color and I just had a gut instinct that black and white would work better.  So I converted this photo and VOILA!  It had a much better effect.
People often say that "the camera never … (12 comments)

westchester photography: Harbor Island Park – Sunset meets dusk…. - 08/08/12 04:02 PM
One of the interesting things about living in Westchester NY is that you are surrounded by water views.  But when I think about vivid sunsets, I tend to think of the River Towns such as Dobbs Ferry, Irvington or Tarrytown for  a spectacular show.  On the eastern Sound Shore side of the county I expect to see mellow display when the sun sets.  The other night I was walking around Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck NY and happened to face south with the water and the east to my left and the sunset in the west to my right.  It was … (2 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Irvington in the Evening... - 07/27/12 07:33 PM
I took this shot just outside the Red Hat last night.  You can see the NYC skyline in the distance.  THe clouds were hanging around ominously, but they didn't get too up close and personal...which after the crazy storms we have had was a GOOD thing.  
I tried to take this picture using HDR, but it didn't work that well in the dark.  So this was a simple photo done under a long exposure. 
The Red Hat is a famous restaurant in Irvington that is often patronized by the Rockefeller family. 
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westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Village Views...Scarsdale NY - 07/23/12 03:43 PM
This is the "new suburbia".  Buyers are shunning the enclaves of the exurbs and outer suburbs in favor of town life.  They now want to walk to the train, stop by the dry cleaner, and pick up an evening meal or enjoy dinner out - all without using their car to get there.  
I took this photo in 2008 on a hot summer day.  I decided to spruce it up with a painted effect on photoshop. It shows off the charm of the village of Scarsdale and is right at the center of everything. 
Views from the Village - … (4 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly – Sunset on the Hudson from Tarrytown - 07/15/12 05:53 PM
s: Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Things to do and see in Westchester The following is an early experiment in HDR photography to take advantage of the clouds and the color that you see at sunset.  Since HDR and cloud cover, go together like ham and eggs, I decided to  give it a try.  The photo is taken at three exposures and then layerd through an algorithm.  The boats were lined up in the water for the fireworks on the 4th of July.   They were situated to take advantage of the shows that were happening on BOTH sides of the river.  Irvington and Tarrytown on … (6 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly - Old Glory - Mamaroneck NY - 07/12/12 04:24 PM
For several years I have been trying to get a good picture of the flag  waving over Mamaroneck Ave in the town of Mamaroneck NY.   And every year, I try to take a picture that never seems to work out.  Sometimes its just too late to take a picture of a flag.  Flags stubbornly refuse to be like fireworks.  They don’t like to be photographed in the dark.  Another problem of course is the wind.  Flags are prone to w blowing in the breeze.  Its just their nature.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be very flag-like.   Well, I decided … (10 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On The Fly – Tarrytown – Sleepy Hollow Fireworks… - 07/06/12 06:37 PM
Here’s hoping that everyone had a wonderful Independence Day.  I had a great time with my camera this year.  In the end, I ended up taking photos at two fireworks events.  The first was at the Kensico Dam in Valhalla.  This was a free event that boasted some 20,000 guests.  The place was packed, but I got there early enough to get a reasonably good spot for me and my camera…
More on that later.  The photo above was taken on July 4 2012 in Tarrytown.  The display took place in Tarrytown’s “sister village”  Sleepy Hollow.  Planting … (6 comments)

westchester photography: The Watercooler of Tarrytown is one year young – and celebrated with a speakeasy party… - 06/10/12 04:53 PM
Last night I went to a speakeasy.  I had never really been to one before.   Jenifer Ross threw a real rag-time flapper party in celebration of the first anniversary of the Watercooler.  The Watercooler is a chic, hip office space for those who work independently but want an office to go to.   Its been quite a success and has caused quite a  stir in the river town area.
The speakeasy was terrific.  Many came in costume and from the Mary Pickford punch (spiked with rum) to the piano music, the Marx Brothers movies and the poker game that went on … (2 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos On the Fly – Have a peaceful weekend… - 06/08/12 03:12 PM
Nothing expresses the serenity of the weekend like a picture of the sunset on a lovely night on the Hudson River.   This photo was taken fairly near Lighthouse Landing near the Sleepy Hollow border.  I just think this photo says long balmy  summer days and  some opportunity to dial down the tension of our everyday lives.   These days  everyone is under so much stress that I think we all desperately need to step off the treadmill from time to time and take a deep breath.

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westchester photography: Fotos On the Fly – The White Plains NY Business District - 06/07/12 04:51 PM
Many people think of White Plains mostly as a either a place to live or a place to go for fine dining and first-class shopping.  However, White Plains has  two populations.  A live-in population that is a bit less than 60,000 and  a much larger commuter population in the downtown area.  In truth the business district is somewhat scattered with a portion of it being along the eastern edge of  town hugging the access road to I-287.   But the center  of the White Plains business district is in the western portion of the downtown area sandwiched between  the train station … (5 comments)

westchester photography: Fotos on the fly: Tarrytown NY spring blossoms - 04/23/12 07:33 AM
As the soaking rains of Sunday showed us – spring blossoms can be here today, gone tomorrow.  So I was out taking a lot of photos last week.  So bring on the backlog!   I haven’t even been able to sort through them all. While shopping in Tarrytown, NY I took a shortcut.  When I saw this Wisteria trained to grow around a wraparound porch – I stopped my car and grabbed the camera.
It really looked like something from a bygone era where people sat outside on the porch at night and enjoyed a glass of lemonade.  Here are two … (10 comments)

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