real estate social media: Your Client is Spending MORE Time on Social Networks - 01/24/10 10:05 AM
Take a look at how much more time your clients spent on social networks in 2009! That's right, your clients spent 82% more time on social networks compared to one year ago. 

The latest figures released by Nielsen show that members spend 82% more time on social networks than they did just one year ago.  That's an astonishing five and a half hours average per month and it confirms what everyone already suspects - that your customer is online and hangs out in social networks.
Facebook remains the leader of the pack and on Christmas day it finally unseated Google and … (1 comments)

real estate social media: You Should Set Up Five Twitter Accounts - Real Estate Social Media Power Tips - 12/06/09 12:44 PM
Here's how to be a power real estate social media marketer using Twitter.
Unlike Facebook or Linked In, Twitter allows you to set up multiple accounts. I'm not absolutely sure as to the number of accounts you can have but I know people with 50 plus accounts. You certainly don't need that many but I encourage you to set up at least five accounts. 
To set up an account you simply go to and sign up for an account. 
Naming your Accounts 
You should name your first account after your own name - if it's available. 
As an example, my … (9 comments)

real estate social media: Using Real Estate Social Media to Meet More Clients and Get More Closings - 12/06/09 12:09 PM
What's the point of real estate social media marketing if it doesn't lead you to the closing table and a commission check? 
Like Jerry Maguire said "Show me the money". 
The whole goal of social media marketing is to find new prospects online and convert them into real estate closings. 
Unfortunately it isn't as easy as just going online and chatting away on social networks. 
First you need to set up your social media profiles and systems, then find new prospects and finally convert your new "friends" into clients and closed deals.
The good news is that it can be done, … (0 comments)

real estate social media: Ashton Kutcher and Real Estate Social Media - 12/05/09 04:44 AM

(Picture by Jill Greenberg)
I wanna be like Tiger, I mean Aston!
Ok, I know what you're thinking - "What's Ashton Kutcher got to do with real estate social media marketing? What can I learn from that half wit from That 70's Show?"
The answer is ‘everything"!
In the space of less than two years, Ashton Kutcher created the ultimate online social brand that now allows his new media company, Katalyst, to leverage social media and print money.
Ashton is the most popular guy on the internet, with over 4 million followers on Twitter (where he famously beat out Oprah … (3 comments)

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