twitter: You Should Set Up Five Twitter Accounts - Real Estate Social Media Power Tips - 12/06/09 12:44 PM
Here's how to be a power real estate social media marketer using Twitter.
Unlike Facebook or Linked In, Twitter allows you to set up multiple accounts. I'm not absolutely sure as to the number of accounts you can have but I know people with 50 plus accounts. You certainly don't need that many but I encourage you to set up at least five accounts. 
To set up an account you simply go to and sign up for an account. 
Naming your Accounts 
You should name your first account after your own name - if it's available. 
As an example, my … (9 comments)

twitter: Twitter Quitter - 09/30/09 06:33 AM
If you're thinking about using Twitter to grow your real estate business, you may want to think about the following stat:
60% of new Twitter users quit using Twitter after one month. There's even a name for them - Twitter Quitters.
Here's a copy of the results from a study by Nielsen:
"About 60 percent of people on Twitter end up abandoning the service after a month".

So what does this mean for your real estate business? 
First, don't discount Twitter because it is growing at an astonishing rate. It has grown 1,444% in the last year to almost … (7 comments)

twitter: TweetJacked! - 09/23/09 11:14 AM
Spam and Scam are on the rise on Twitter.
The latest technique used by spammers is called TweetJacking.
TweetJackers take advantage of the popular practices of replying or retweeeting other people's tweets. 
Here's how it works:
The spammer takes advantage of the practice of @replies.
An @reply is when someone replies using the original tweeter's @username, which then causes the Tweets to show up in your timeline. This is an effective way to get someone to read your tweets and be picked up by a number of Twitter automation tools.
The way the spam works is the spammer replies to (or … (3 comments)

twitter: Twitter is Designed to be Viral! - 09/08/09 06:21 AM
Twitter is designed to be viral. 
Every time you send out a message it appears on what's called the public timeline. This means that every time you send out a message Twitter publishes it and makes it searchable to every Twitter member. 
You can add keywords to your message and make them searchable by adding a hash tag before the keyword. One of my keywords is "real estate" so when I publish a tweet I would write something like this: 
"Noticed a sharp drop in Denver REO listings. Has the #realestate market bottomed out?" 
It's hardly rocket science but the use … (3 comments)

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