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On a cold winter day in Feb on the 19th in the year, well that doesn't matter so much, its more what happened on that day. A young lady and her husband became parents of a bouncing little blond haired baby. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a stay at home mother who later went back to te...
In every bodies life there seems to be a person or persons that have a good influence on them. In my life one of these people is very close to me an quite a bit younger than I am. I got to know this person in about 1977 and developed relationship that was unique in its own way. As I watched this ...
About 15 years ago we were still living on the farm and my two daughters were just into their teens. We had a old farm home that my grandfather had built in 1933 and we were the third and fourth generation to live in that home. My father had 6 brothers and sisters all in a house with one bathroom...
I thought about an old friend of mine yesterday and it brought back some fond memories of when we were young. living on a farm we didn't take vacations much but we did one weekend of the summer, after the oats was harvested, go to a lake cabin that a friend of ours owned. My friend an I were alwa...
My youngest daughter was dating her boss's son which was a nice setup, at least I thought so. As the relationship progressed, it turned out he wasn't so bad and we got along pretty good. He was in college and decided to join the National Guard to help with the expenses. I mentioned that if the co...
The year was "94" I believe, or as far as I can recall, the time of the year was the end of winter and the starting of spring. Grass was turning green, leaves were budding on the trees, everything had a new and fresh smell to it. I was staring out the window watching this cloud of dust get bigger...
Here I sit just got done with two open houses an thought I would check my AR. Quite surprising we had a good turn out at the open houses, which I think is a good sign that things are starting to break loose. With the weather being as cold as it is in God's country, this time of the year isn't alw...
In the news today it was announced that one company that had laid off a few workers a short time ago was now closing the doors and 300 people were without jobs. Its not the first layoff in our city the numbers seem to grow each and every day.  The governor in giving his speech to the legislature ...
Both of my parents were active on the farm, an in a host of social activities. Things were going along as good as could be expected, they had everything they needed and probably a little more. In the mid 90's my father developed cancer of the prostrate, it was caught in the early stages so the ou...
It sounds like we should be in church receiving a moving message from one of the elders of the congregation. Deacon is my third grandchild just a year and a half old, how did he get that name, his father and mother thought he should be named after a great football player I think. For the first pa...


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