boise real estate: Think Before You Buy: The Homebuyer Tax Credit is a Bonus, not a Reason - 12/27/09 03:16 AM
Some Home Buyers are making a purchase just because they can get $8000.  Is this a good enough reason to buy a home?  There are many benefits of home ownership and last time I checked a one-time $8000 bribe was not one of them. A while back I posted a video about the first time home buyer tax credit, and at the time I was concerned that nobody was taking advantage of the opportunity.  It now seems as though  many buyers are taking advantage of the extended version of the tax credit.  Perhaps the original deadline of November 30th created some … (1 comments)

boise real estate: Bown Crossing for Less Than $250,000 - 12/27/09 03:11 AM
I’m happy to announce a new project that I am very fortunate to be a part of:  The Riverwalk Collection at Bown Crossing.  If you’re not familiar with Bown Crossing,  click to see the video.

What is Bown Crossing? Bown Crossing is a mixed-use development in South East Boise built around the way neighborhoods used to be:  friendly to foot traffic, close to retail stores and professional services that are locally owned.  Bown Crossing is not just another subdivision accessorized with chain store strip malls and corporate retail vendors.  It is a well thought out and planned community with a … (0 comments)

boise real estate: Boise Real Estate Prediction: July Sales - 07/16/09 09:24 AM
If you read my last article about making predictions for Boise Real Estate, you’ll remember that making predictions in real estate is risky business but I’ve gone ahead and decided to do it anyhow.
My first prediction is going to be pretty conservative.   Rather than having you wait until the middle of August to know how many homes sold in July, I am going to tell you today!
This prediction is going to be tough because we currently have nearly double the pending contracts last month than there were the year before.  So, the actual sales could be higher than … (4 comments)

boise real estate: Predicting The Boise Real Estate Market - 07/15/09 09:53 AM

"When will the market turn around?"  A common question these days about the current climate of real estate in Boise and, f I got paid a dime for every time I was asked that, I'd be paying cash for my $99,000 listing!
The fact is, I can't predict the market, no one can.  Agents pride themselves on being the one who provides you market stats that show how many homes sold last month and for what price.  Bravo! Get over it, knowing the market is a function of your job, just like showing up to work on time.
Making Predictions … (0 comments)

boise real estate: Real World Question: How Much Have Home Prices Dropped In Boise? - 07/07/09 06:24 AM
Just last week, someone asked the question, “How much have housing prices dropped in the [Boise] area?”  The context of the question was mostly with regard to the housing boom time frame which began in or around 2004.
I thought I would share my answer since it took me some time to dig up the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  Data.
Annual Boise, ID Median Housing Prices Since 2005 2005: Median Home Price in Boise–$226,820 2006: Median Home Price in Boise–$226,986 2007: Median Home Price in Boise–$230,290 2008: Median Home Price in Boise–$215,495 2009: YTD –$215,499
Basically, I took the yearly … (0 comments)

boise real estate: Will Boise’s Real Estate Market, Job Market, Economy Recover First? - 06/16/09 04:29 PM
A report came out very recently that predicts that Idaho, among a few other states will be the first to see economic recovery. The report was created by Moody’s and it predicts that 5 States including Idaho will see job growth starting in the 4th quarter of this year.
If the report is accurate, job growth will be a step in the right direction toward a housing recovery.  Don’t get overexcited though, I believe the news, if correct, will have more of an impact on stabilizing cash strapped and credit crunched households allowing them to keep their homes rather … (0 comments)

boise real estate: First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit: Take One - 05/21/09 07:45 AM
In an attempt to promote the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $8000, I thought I would share with you the opportunity that many people are going to miss. As you watch the video, I want you to think about a couple of things: Am I a First Time Homebuyer? Do I know a First Time Homebuyer who could use $8000? What questions can I ask Aaron about this program? Please leave your comments or questions below! Related Links First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Update To read this article and others from their source : First … (0 comments)

boise real estate: 12 Things that You aren’t Doing for Your Rental But Should - 01/19/09 08:29 AM
Being a landlord isn’t easy but given the Resale Real Estate Market, many homeowners are turning their home into rentals. It can be a great idea, but, few of the owners with for rent signs are actually operating their rental in professional manner and in some cases illegally. Managing your own rental can be done, but there are many pitfalls and dangers if its not taken seriously or with care. The consequences are great and it’s your home at the end of the day that you are putting out there to be treated either with care, or vandalism. Hiring a … (1 comments)

boise real estate: ICY Roads can help you Sell: 4 Tips on Selling in the Winter - 01/12/09 02:25 PM
Most people (including some Realtors) think that the Real Estate market stops as soon as Thanksgiving comes and resumes again after the Christmas Tree comes down and we are well on our way into spring.  The market certainly takes a bit of a break from the usual tempo, but it doesn’t stop.  In fact, the week of Christmas this year I showed nearly 20 homes to a serious motivated buyer.  But, to underscore my point, only one listing agent called me to get some feedback!  Just one!
When I woke up the other morning, I was a bit surprised to … (0 comments)

boise real estate: Doing a Boise Home Search? You NEED this Tool!!! - 12/26/08 04:14 AM
Thankfully I work for a company who was smart enough to see how the web was going to effect the way we do real estate and put together some of the industry’s best consumer tools!  As a home buyer, you are probably well aware of many websites that you can use to search for homes.  But, as technology rapidly evolves most companies are challenged to keep up.  Here is one tool that I know for certain most agents wish they could share with their clients.
(Please bear with me on the production of my very first YouTube video and Tutorial; If … (0 comments)

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