homes for sale in boise: 118 Homes For Sale In Boise Under $100k: Take A Look - 07/14/09 11:00 AM
It wasn’t long ago that the only homes for sale in Boise for under $100,000 had wheels.  Today however, this isn’t the case.
After doing a very simple search for homes in Boise, I found that there are currently (as of 7/14/2009) 118 homes/condos/town homes available for $100k or less!
Full Detail MLS Listings of the 118 homes in Boise less than $100,000 Sure some of them may be trashed out, but the majority are solid, quality homes.  Better yet, at today’s FHA rate of somewhere at or around 5.5%, your payment is most likely lower than what you’re paying … (0 comments)

homes for sale in boise: 5 Pitfalls to avoid in 2009: Buyer Advice - 02/18/09 07:56 AM
If you haven’t heard, the government is handing out $8000 dollars to first time home buyers this year in the form of a tax credit.  In the past, this type of stimulus had a pretty immediate impact on the first time buyer market and I expect that this spring we are going to seem some long awaited activity in the market.  The timing couldn’t be better, spring usually offers a nice kick start to the market as buyers crawl out of winter hibernation and start shopping for homes.  With good incentives for buyers and a strong buyers market, don’t get … (0 comments)

homes for sale in boise: 12 Things that You aren’t Doing for Your Rental But Should - 01/19/09 08:29 AM
Being a landlord isn’t easy but given the Resale Real Estate Market, many homeowners are turning their home into rentals. It can be a great idea, but, few of the owners with for rent signs are actually operating their rental in professional manner and in some cases illegally. Managing your own rental can be done, but there are many pitfalls and dangers if its not taken seriously or with care. The consequences are great and it’s your home at the end of the day that you are putting out there to be treated either with care, or vandalism. Hiring a … (1 comments)

homes for sale in boise: ICY Roads can help you Sell: 4 Tips on Selling in the Winter - 01/12/09 02:25 PM
Most people (including some Realtors) think that the Real Estate market stops as soon as Thanksgiving comes and resumes again after the Christmas Tree comes down and we are well on our way into spring.  The market certainly takes a bit of a break from the usual tempo, but it doesn’t stop.  In fact, the week of Christmas this year I showed nearly 20 homes to a serious motivated buyer.  But, to underscore my point, only one listing agent called me to get some feedback!  Just one!
When I woke up the other morning, I was a bit surprised to … (0 comments)

homes for sale in boise: Doing a Boise Home Search? You NEED this Tool!!! - 12/26/08 04:14 AM
Thankfully I work for a company who was smart enough to see how the web was going to effect the way we do real estate and put together some of the industry’s best consumer tools!  As a home buyer, you are probably well aware of many websites that you can use to search for homes.  But, as technology rapidly evolves most companies are challenged to keep up.  Here is one tool that I know for certain most agents wish they could share with their clients.
(Please bear with me on the production of my very first YouTube video and Tutorial; If … (0 comments)

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