real estate copywriter: What Does Google Do to Test Its Own Pages to Get Maximum Response? First ever videos of one of Google's top profitability experts showing exactly how they do it. Watch FREE... - 12/29/08 02:33 AM
You may have heard of Ken McCarthy's highly regarded System Seminar. If not, it's considered by many as the premiere Internet marketing event. Anyway, to promote the 2009 System Seminar, Ken has put a series of eight short videos online for anyone to watch FREE until January 3rd when they will go back into his "members only" archive. (UPDATE: you can still watch free, but you now have to register with name and email address.)In an email Ken said, "...this is the first time Google has shared info like this with entrepreneurial Internet marketers in seminar setting..."The Google staff member shows … (7 comments)

real estate copywriter: Your Web Site Copy May Be Good ... But Does It Get the Results You Want? - 12/11/08 01:59 AM

For a deeper understanding of what I mean in my headline question above and in the discussion below, watch the quick YouTube video, "The Story of a Sign," embedded below.
You won't be disappointed ... it's an entry in the Cannes 2008 Online Competition for short films and has received over 300,000 views.
I think you'll agree that the copywriting principles at play in the video apply especially well to Web site copy because of the mere seconds the sign's copy has to do its work. Enjoy:

(Click video start button or watch at … (9 comments)

real estate copywriter: Go Ahead and Shoot Me. But I have to say it: your Web site ... - 09/14/08 10:00 AM

You know that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know someone you care about is making a serious mistake?
Should you speak up? Will you make her mad? Will he resent you for butting into his business?
We've all been there ... between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Damned by the other if we do. Damned by our own conscience if we don't.
That's where I find myself today. But with this post, I've decided I'd rather live peacefully within the quiet of my own soul than to court the … (90 comments)

real estate copywriter: Alyce asks, "Do Personal (or Self-Promotion) Brochures Really Have the Power to Sway Buyers and Sellers?" - 09/02/08 06:14 AM
The other day I wrote a members-only post entitled "Want to Market to Expireds? Save Time and Effort by Using This Letter and Including Your Personal Brochure..."
One of the readers who commented is Alyce Martin (Keller Williams Realty). Alyce asked the thought-provoking question that led me to write this new post. The guide Alyce refers to in her question is my "Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals - How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure."
Here is Alyce's question followed by my answer ...
"Hello Kay - Thank you for generously sharing your letter. Your guide … (8 comments)

real estate copywriter: Obviously, making an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION is key to forming relationships with prospects ... but how to do it through the WRITTEN WORD is not so obvious. Here's some help ... - 06/26/08 08:41 AM
Making an emotional connection to begin a relationship with your prospects is necessary for getting new clients. It's what personal marketing is all about. If this were not true, those Sunday newspaper ads with your company name, photos of homes and agents' head shots would keep the phone ringing at least all day Monday, if not throughout the week.  By far, the best way to connect emotionally with prospects AND help them remember you is to use your personal brochure or Web site's "About" page to tell them a story. A story grabs attention and keeps prospects engaged. Plus, stories have … (14 comments)

real estate copywriter: What Good are Site Statistics for Helping You Connect with Prospects? - 04/09/08 08:25 AM
Did you know every time a prospect types in a keyword phrase at Google, Yahoo or MSN that results in a click-through to your site . . . it's like having a crystal ball reveal important information about that prospect?  The Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall said recently, “Anything anyone types into Google represents:
A Question A Desire A Pain Point A Market Someone's Story” Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that those search strings (keyword phrases) reported by your Web site statistics package are actual human events, very similar to a prospect’s dialing your telephone number and asking for your help … (8 comments)

real estate copywriter: Are You Being Suckered? Why Paying Someone to Submit Your Site to Search Engines Flushes Good Money Down the Drain… (Part 3 – Conclusion) - 09/27/07 02:36 AM
his is Part 3 of a three-part tutorial. Click here for Part 1   Click here for Part 2
“Okay, Kay. I’ve submitted my site to Dmoz, how long will it take to show up on the search engines that use Dmoz data?”
Dmoz says: “Once your site is listed in the ODP [Open Directory Project], it may take up to 2 weeks or more for your site to appear on any of the search engines that use ODP data. It is the responsibility of those search engines to pick up the latest version of our data."


real estate copywriter: Are You Being Suckered? Why Paying Someone to Submit Your Site to Search Engines Flushes Good Money Down the Drain… (Part 2) - 09/27/07 02:33 AM
This is Part 2 of a three-part tutorial. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.
Dmoz provides step-by-step directions on how to submit your site at Here are my summation and advice...
The first step is to find the category you want Dmoz to list you in. Keep drilling down into the categories by clicking the category links until you get to the one right for you. It’s like finding a certain kind of jelly at the grocery. Drilling down through the categories would be like GroceryStore>Isle 5>JellySection>ThirdShelfFromTop.On the Dmoz Help page it … (22 comments)

real estate copywriter: Are You Being Suckered? Why Paying Someone to Submit Your Site to Search Engines Flushes Good Money Down the Drain…(Part 1) - 09/27/07 02:32 AM
It's important to understand the two kinds of Internet search: Search engines – these send their robots to crawl the Web and gather data. Years ago, there was a need to submit sites to search engines, but that need has not existed for years now. After a search engine’s robot has been to your site once, it will keep coming back periodically, hungry for new content. (The only way to stop all robots or a particular robot from crawling your site is to tell them to stop in something called a robots.txt file.) But my point is that you do not … (20 comments)

real estate copywriter: How to Connect With Prospects Like Never Before ... while you boost credibility and build trust (Part 3 - Conclusion) - 09/03/07 09:46 AM
Yesterday, I posted Part 2 of “How to Connect with Prospects Like Never Before.” If you missed it, you can read it here. But first, if you missed Part 1, click here.
At the end of Part 2, I promised to show you why it’s a mistake to choose the typical “short and sweet” testimonial over longer copy that tells the story behind the testimonial. Let's do what all great marketers recommend and think about it from your prospect’s point of view:You’re about to go through one of life’s major traumas (selling/buying your home and moving), and now you must pick … (19 comments)

real estate copywriter: How to Connect With Prospects Like Never Before ... while you boost credibility and build trust (Part 2) - 09/02/07 04:47 PM
Last weekend, I wrote in Part 1 about a unique new marketing tool called Real Estate Selling Story. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. As promised, I’m going to explain how the process for creating a custom Real Estate Selling Story works. It’s a simple process and painless for everyone.
To make it quick and easy for your client who has agreed to give you a testimonial, ask if it’s okay for your copywriter (or some other third party) to interview her over the phone about her home selling/buying experience with you. The interview takes 20 to … (7 comments)

real estate copywriter: Everything You Need to Know About Personal Marketing You Can Learn From Mr. Rogers... - 08/28/07 07:36 AM
Last weekend, I posted "What is a Personal Brochure and Why Should You Care?" If you missed it, you can read it HERE.
Since then, I've had some interesting discussions with AR members about the necessity of making an emotional connection with your prospects ... and the power of talking heart-to-heart in your most important marketing brochure, your personal brochure.
The power comes from being authentic in an age of inauthentic marketing and sales messages.
Today, I received a link to a YouTube video that is the best example I've ever seen of making an emotional connection with someone you're seeking to … (4 comments)

real estate copywriter: How to Connect With Prospects Like Never Before ... while you boost credibility and build trust (Part 1) - 08/25/07 02:33 PM
Do not spend another dime on marketing copy or waste another thought on strategy until you read this post. If I’m wrong, you’ve lost five minutes ... but if I’m right, you've gaind access to a terrific new tool for marketing YOU.
Does your usual method of getting client testimonials leave you frustrated and often disappointed? Do clients say they’re happy to give you a testimonial but actually getting it is like pulling teeth?Would it help to know for sure testimonials are coming—and when?Would you like more input into what clients say and how they say it? Do you wish there were … (11 comments)

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