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Burlington, Massachusetts is a great place to live, not only for the excellent school systems and fine dining options, but also for its prime location. When living in Burlington, you are conveniently located along route 128 and route 3.  You are also just a few minutes from route 95.  With these ...
Things were right in the universe. I continued training and the donation forms continued to trickle in on a daily basis. My mileage was growing and with just nine weeks left until the marathon, I had completed an eight mile run.  It wasn't easy, completing all eight miles.  At the two mile mark m...
I put a post up the other day of a real estate walk-through video done by a local real estate agent.  I felt that the agent did a good job getting across the basic feel and major features of the house and wanted to show you that you too can create a walk-through video.   The post generated some c...
Pepperell, Massachusetts - Pepperell, MA was established in 1775.  The town is located about 35 miles north west of Boston on the New Hampshire border.  Neighboring Massachusetts towns include Dunstable, Groton and Townsend.  The major routes passing through Pepperell are route 113 and route 111....
I went to a workshop this morning with my youngest daughter.  The main idea behind this workshop was that it's okay to want stuff..... as long as you want for others as well.  There was also a theme of doing the right thing and to fight temptations that could potentially mentally hurt others.One ...
Here is a sample of a real estate agent taking the initiative to make a real estate video to help promote the property.  This particular home is located in Springfield, MA. The agent was able to show the major selling points of the home and will give any potential buyer a good idea of the inside ...
This post is two fold:First... I would like to recommend a book to all of those 7-10 year olds reading this post..... you know who you are!  The book is called Frindle and is about a boy that decides he is going to make up his own word.  Both of my kids loved this book.... and both my wife and I ...
I've put up over 140 posts on my blog.  As you can see from some of my past writing.... humor plays a big role in my life.  I feel that there is something funny in almost everything in life. When it comes to my kids, I am extra silly.  From dancing with the toaster to one liners, my kids realize ...
I never know when a spur of inspiration will hit me to write a post.  (Yes Dan.... I'm writing a post.... not a blog!)  This morning, while giving my kids breakfast, I was hit.... right there in front of the kids.As is typical in our household, I wake up and feed the kids. (It amazes me sometimes...
Arlington, Massachusetts - Arlington, MA was first settled in 1635 as a village names Menotomy.  The center of town is located about 8 miles from downtown Boston.  Neighboring towns include Winchester, Medford, Somerville, Cambridge, Belmont and Lexington.  The major routes passing through Arling...


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