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Burlington, Massachusetts will give your children a quality public education.  Our school systemis comprised of four elementary schools (K-5), Marshall Simonds Middle School and Burlington High School.  The schools offer a wide curriculum coordinated through the new Assistant Superintendent for C...
I went skiing over this past weekend and once again was reminded about the beauty of the world we live in.  While riding up the sky lift on a very overcast day, the clouds suddenly parted and the sun came shining through.  It had rained the night before and all of the trees were covered with ice....
Burlington, MA is a diverse community and is the epitome of America.... truly a melting pot.  There is true tolerance of others here as there as so many different religious sects working together in harmony.  Here is a listing of the religious organizations that represent the many faces of Burlin...
I was ramping up nicely and starting to build some big mileage.  In week four, I completed a ten mile run and in week five, I headed into Boston to try the actual course.  My wife dropped me off in Wellesley at about mile twelve.  The run was tough as I ended up walking much of it, especially up ...
Here is the current featured real estate video at ZIPVO. This particular home is located in New Tampa, FL. You too can make real estate videos of your properties!! Try uploading your real-estate videos for free on For more information on this house, contact Julia Vakulenko,
If you're moving to Massachusetts and are looking for a location that has some good places to eat, then Burlington, MA is your town. Two restaurants in town that really stand out are..... L'Andana, the newest restaurant in Burlington is located just off of route 128 on Cambridge St.  It is a very...
After a few weeks, pledges seem to have slowed down.  I was no longer receiving daily pledge forms, rather it was one every few days.  We were somewhere around $400 which was good but I wasn't going to let this goal of $1000 come up that short.  Something had to be done to get things going again....


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