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Once upon a time in Real Estate you were able to contact your fellow Realtor and start negotiating on a home that maybe of interest to your buyer. Normally, the other Realtor would gladly assist you, after all you had two things in common. 1- To help your buyer or seller. 2- To collect a commissi...
My partner and I are making sure all the equipment is wrapped up. The computers and phone system is all under tarps. It`s early in the morning and almost everyone is home. In walks a young couple who have been living in a hotel for days. They need a rental now,before the storm arrives. We have a ...
I just received two telephone  calls from our agents in Ocala. Seems that the Phones have been ringing off the hook, with inquiries about relocating from South Florida to the Ocala area. So many people are looking to leave South Florida because they find it harder and harder to get used to the Hu...
If you live in South Florida you have to love this town! One year ago, many people were effected by the Hurricane and today, as i`m watching TV, the CountyOfficals are finally giving out warnings to those residents who still have those "Blue Tarps" on their roofs! What took them so long?!!They ar...
I`ve been a member of Active Rain for only 3 weeks or so. Since then, I have received two inquiries  from agents who are interested in joining our organization. They felt after reading some of our Realtors blogs that we must know what we`re doing as far as Real Estate is concerned.  It never occu...
I`m wondering what this actually means. Looking at Teri`s comments she does an average of 10-12 per day. Are the rest of the membrs prevented from posting?Can someone explain.. TIA
For three days in a row I keep receiving calls from a Buyer who I don`t represent in a sale! her contention is her Realtor who is supposedly her best friend won`t return her call or ours!   The Loan Commitment was due Monday and the Mortgage Broker has made himself invisible. I had to notify the ...
I`m on the phone all morning with a seller who refuses to believe that her home won`t receive an offer of $575,000 as she`s requesting. Yesterday we received what I considered the best of the best in offers that came in at $558,000, closing in 35 days. The seller keeps insisting that her home is ...
Just finished a closing in Pembroke Pines. The other Realtor had been attempting to break the transaction since day one with insane requests that had nothing to do with the transaction. He continued to demand repairs that were never stated,claimed that our seller made no repairs when receipts fro...
I was in BROOKSVILLE  the other day and spoke to a developer  who believes he has hit on a winning combination to sell homes in a tight market: The parcel of land he was looking at and wanted us to market had an amazing location. The  proximity to the elementary school and a Christian Academy was...

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