ebooks: You're a Content Marketer - Like It Or Not! - 04/25/12 12:07 AM
How many black hat SEOs does it take to change a light bulb?
None. Black hat SEOs don't change the light bulb. They just redirect people to a different room where there is no light.
Thanks to Hubspot.com for the joke.  

We spend a ton of time, effort and maybe money in marketing on the Internet.  But, when it comes to search engines, it's all about the content.  And, whether we like it or not, we're not Realtors® trying to generate leads, we're content marketers.  Our content is supposed to attract visitors, engage them, and then offer them an … (6 comments)

ebooks: Branding Strategy - Experts Get the Best Web Leads - 10/13/11 10:43 AM
What Kind of Leads Do You Get From Your Website?
I see it all around the Web, in comments on my articles at About.com, and hear it in discussions between real estate professionals ... "Web leads aren't that great."  Or maybe it's "I don't make much money from my website leads," or even "leads from my website are mostly tire-kickers and nut jobs."
First, congratulations to those agents, as at least they're getting people to their sites.  But, do you think that possibly the content of the site, their branding strategy, or how they present themselves has something to do with … (17 comments)

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