loan modifications madison wi: Loan modification! Helping? Hurting? - 09/27/11 10:18 AM
The government, in its attempt to help distressed home owners has set up a program with funding, to encourage banks to modify home loans of people who are in distress.

Despite the government’s best intentions, the banks, are not helping.   Possibly because of  being overwhelmed or because of  poor  staff, training, they are taking way too long to process.   And then so often they are rejecting the application or offering a trial period, then rejecting the package. 

Real Estate Guy has hears many times of instances where a loan modification, has ended, and often resulting in a major penalty … (0 comments)

loan modifications madison wi: Short Sale Success Story by Real Estate Guy Madison Wi - 09/23/11 05:00 PM
Realestateguy is happy to announce approval of another short sale in Madison Wi.   This brings the total to over 30 successful short sales and amongst the best record in Dane County.  
Scenario.   What is a Short sale?

Offer for  $150,000, loans for $160,000 Monona State Bank, Fannie Mae and Mortgage Insurance and $80,000 with Guaranty Bank.  
BPO value $155,000.

Both loans short, negotiated $5,000 payoff to second.  Primary mortgage amount was sufficient to be automatically approved by Fannie mae (85% of BPO).
Time frame 6 weeks.  Offer to approval.  3 weeks to close. 
Congratulations to our sellers Reid and Cara for being able get … (1 comments)

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