real estate guy: This Waunona way home for sale has amazing views! - 07/26/13 04:42 AM
When you're looking for a house, why not try to find a place that will be a getaway for you every time you are there? This great house can be that for you. Right on the bike trail that goes around Lake Monona, you have easy access to the entire city, while being able to view it from your own private pier in your back yard.

This house has it all. From the great layout "flow" of the house, the two decks for entertaining, including one that is a private deck just for the master bedroom, and the yard that … (1 comments)

real estate guy: Roxbury WI home for sale is your picture perfect castle awaits you. - 06/26/13 02:11 AM
Why settle for a hut when you can get into a castle? If you dream of a castle off in a rural land to call your own, this Roxbury WI home for sale might be the place you've been waiting for.  Located just minutes from Sauk City, and a short trip from Middleton, this property has features that will make you yearn for this beautiful home.

Originally Posted on
Update (6/17/2013): Our Open house this weekend went great! If you are interested in viewing this house, or are wondering when the next open house is, either view our websites listed … (0 comments)

real estate guy: 5 Unconventional things to look for when buying a home - 06/16/13 10:56 PM
Let's face it. Buying a house, whether it is a $100,000 home or a $1,000,000 dollar home, it is a significant investment for you, and will be a pivotal moment in your life. Your home will be your base of comfort for the many years that you are in it, so it is important that you are able to get as much information as possible before closing on your new "castle". Aside from working with Real Estate Guy to ensure an easy process through the home buying experience, here are five things you could look into before making your … (0 comments)

real estate guy: Home sale Statistics update, Verona Wisconsin - 11/18/11 07:12 AM
Real Estate Market review, Verona Wisconsin.
Real Estate Guy team likes to look at the Housing market in Verona Wisconsin.  This time we have looked at 2 separate time periods in 2011 to compare house sales and homes on the market and such sales stats as Days on Market, DOM and % list to sale price. 
All Verona single family homes - 2011
Real Estate Guy read on these stats :   The only significant change is in the average  price.  In these consecutive periods, the listed price dropped by 3.5%, the home sale price dropped just 2%.
The … (1 comments)

real estate guy: Madison Wi market, tough for for sale by owners, ie unrepresented home sellers.. - 09/04/11 05:06 PM
The stats are out supporting something we Real Estate Professionals have known all along.   That as a market gets tougher, as buyers are harder to find and motivate, and as financial qualification for a loan becomes more difficult, more owners turn away from self representation to hiring a professional: and generally not just a part timer either, the very best there is. 

I have blogged about the difficulties of self representation before,  but the point here is that despite recent years, one company FSBO Madison  had almost cornered the market on FSBO, and was admittedly doing well, at one time capturing 30% … (1 comments)

real estate guy: Real Estate Agent sees reward for helping others. - 12/16/10 05:42 PM
I run my life and business with integrity.   I do so not just to make a living, but to make a difference.   Sometimes it is the small things you do.  Sometimes it is not in your normal run of business.  
I was so excited to have a past client tell a story of how I helped start a chain of events, that made a difference in someone’s life.
I meet some great clients who are happy with me.  So when I commissioned a video for RealEstateGuy I asked a few clients to “Act”  and wonderful they were.  … (5 comments)

real estate guy: I always wanted to list a home on Hooker ave - 10/22/09 04:04 PM
There is a street on the north side of Madison called Hooker.   Not too outlandish?  no but i think it would be fun. 
View Hooker ave on 
not much of a listing, and this one isn't even mine (if it were the pics and entire presence would be better)
But i want to have the heading   "Live at the intersection where hooker meets pleasure"
It is true, Pleasure Drive intersects Hooker.  .............One of these days!!!

real estate guy: Lakefront home for sale, best value lake home in Madison - 07/15/09 04:17 PM
Welcome to Monona, Madison Wisconsin.  The Real Estate Guy team is very proud to present this fine 4 bedroom lake home. 
Yes you can enjoy sunset views from every living space in your home every night. 

This home is on the very popular and family orientated Belle Isle, (see the Belle Isle web site).  Belle Isle is known for flooding, but this home is high enough to be above all danger of flooding.
This home is a very practical home, although initially an unusual design, it works very well. From the entrance you walk up to the main living area … (3 comments)

real estate guy: I love my office. My top ten - 06/01/09 05:23 PM
There are really so many reasons, but i find it amazingly productive and supportive.  
1) Laura Hartman, our Director of first impressions
2) Brett Boettge our team leader.  dynamic, encouraging.  never lets us dampen his spirits.  Always getting us a new tool, for example texting sign riders.
3) support group: Bill Baker, Matt Costello, Judy Braund, Ken Kaiser, Amy Bresser, Judy Czys, Sona Olson to name a few, are always available to share ideas and successes.
4) biweekly team meetings.  full of energy, ideas and updates
5) great commission splits.  By month 5, I am on 100% for the … (7 comments)

real estate guy: More evidence the market is hopping!!! - 05/25/09 03:47 PM
A while ago I blogged about how the market was hotting up when i received an offer 4 hours from entry to MLS
The Memorial day weekend has been a very relaxing weekend, not too many calls.  Just time spent playing with my son and spending time in the yard. 
That is except for Realtors going frantic over a new listing which hit the MLS on Friday for showings starting Monday. 
It started with the usual, can i just get in early?  calls and went on to questions on age of furnace etc. 
By 1pm Monday, we had 2 offers, by … (9 comments)

real estate guy: Offer in 4 hours, accepted in 24. Back to the good old days? - 05/15/09 02:28 PM
I also had a swarm of showings today before the offer was accepted today. 

What does this mean?
In the past I wrote about the buyers market, and why buyers should act back then.  This is a fairly accurate reflection of what has happened so I won't repeat it.
Then I wrote about how the market was changing and deals were drying up and how as buyers realize this they will re-enter the market, encouraged/hopeful sellers would stop giving the shop away and markets would tighten up more.   
In the Madison Wi market, this has happened in some … (11 comments)

real estate guy: Town hall for hope, a success - 04/24/09 09:19 AM
Last night was my first live event for the Dave Ramsey Show. Thanks to the invite from Bethesda church in Madison WI.
I find him very refreshing and a great role model for all Americans, irrespective of religion, or earnings ability. 
Responsibility for your actions, Living with in your means and paying your dues. 
Here are a couple of notes I'd like to share.
the #1 quality of the most successful people - Perseverance    
take responsibility, "if you heep hanging on to lemons you'll never get lemonade." Be ok saying "No"  no to a new care, no … (2 comments)

real estate guy: Madison's best home deals, personally selected - 04/18/09 08:35 AM
Real estate Guy team, is pleased to announce a new Website dedicated to providing you the purchasing public what you want- what everybody asks for,   that is "A Steal"   "Foreclosure special" "A bargain" "A hot buy"
We take time on a regular basis, to scour the available listings from ALL companies and we select the best buys.   Selection is from our knowledge of neighborhoods, pictures and price and other relevant details. 
What is it again?
yes just try it!!!  in one click
Follow us on twitter to be notified when the … (3 comments)

real estate guy: Help for the Unrepresented Home Seller FSBO MADISON. - 04/15/09 02:33 PM
Real Estate Guy team ends up helping quite a few home owners who start off trying to go on their own, infact it is one of the learning curve for some home owners who see not using a professional as a a way to save money. 
Fact is it rarely works out that way.  Infact, 70% of people who initially start out on their own end up with a Realtor. 
But the fact is some people try.  So I thought i would write about how the Real Estate Guy team in Madison Wisconsin, offers help to this group of people.   We wish … (0 comments)

real estate guy: 2 web tools for clients - 04/08/09 03:59 PM
We are finding some very valuable tools to satisfy the consumer's ever increasing demand for info. 
1)    we are offering a Hot Buy List.  Real Estate Guy in MAdison looks through all the thousands of listings and selects those that represent the best value in the week. 
We do this so our clients don't have to. 
book mark this page and come back regularly. 
Real Estate Guy's hot buy list
2)  we are offering homeowners and buyers alike, the chance to get regular updates of their particular neighborhood or zip code.  This includes both homes on the … (3 comments)

real estate guy: Happy Clients - Make It all worth while - 04/05/09 03:56 PM
A couple of recently received Testimonials make it all worth while. 
"Warmth, caring, non-judgmental, negotiation with the credit union for the short sale, stellar professionalism, engendered great trust, not pushy at all, very respectful ~ I have never net or worked with a sales person with the level of integrity that Guy possesses.  His warmth, caring, non-judgmental & professionalism engendered the highest trust and confidence.  I give him the highest recommendation." Cecilia Pohs
"Thank you so much.  In the short time (what 2 - 3 weeks?) that you have had the house listed, you have shown it more times than … (0 comments)

real estate guy: March Market News - 03/20/09 04:21 PM
What Keller Williams and Real EstateGuy Team is doing to push the market.
This great video production from Keller Williams is short with concise info on the tax credit and other factors compelling a purchase now.
March Market Minute
Locally, in Madison Wi we are seeing a lot of activity.  There is a lot of competition in the competetively priced properties. This backs up the thought that now is a good time to buy a home.
TO get started, search for homes in Madison Wi

real estate guy: Top Testimonials for Real Estate Guy from sellers of Real Estate - 03/17/09 01:42 PM
Real Estate Guy is happy to show off a few recent testimonials from very happy clients.  If you are thinking of selling a home, don't hesitate to call us for the same satisfaction. read more about selling your home
"Warmth, caring, non-judgmental, negotiation with the credit union for the short sale, stellar professionalism, engendered great trust, not pushy at all, very respectful ~ I have never net or worked with a sales person with the level of integrity that Guy poses. His warmth, caring, non-judgmental & professionalism engendered the highest trust and confidence. I give him the highest recommendation."    Cecelia Pohs … (0 comments)

real estate guy: I am so happy with my company - 03/08/09 03:09 PM
I am truly blessed to be with a company so dedicated to helping me, and all associates with their business.  It is available if you just want to use it.   This is not a contest, but I would be interested to hear your reasons. 
This is a personal list.  I have tried to list from most important down.
Training and support for tough times.   Leadership is going all out to help us. creating new training, Including Gary Keller's vision The Shift book.  A specific example of how Gary Keller is leading and helping us Shift coaching to flesh out … (3 comments)

real estate guy: Quality Buyers Agent wanted Madison wi - 03/03/09 01:59 PM
Quality Buyers Agent Wanted!
Real estate Guy Team is looking for a professional buyers agent to help a growing number of leads.  We have the leads, can you convert them?
Our situation:
we have leads which are needing attention; I have been in the business long enough that showing homes does not have quite the excitement it used to. we have a system for educating buyers. all the coaching and education to turn a good agent into a great one, and opportunities beyond!  
Are good and have a passion with buyers. Don't have buyers to work with! Are … (10 comments)

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