clearwater housing market short sales foreclosures: Clearwater real Estate: Buying & selling Pre-foreclosures? - 09/30/09 08:37 AM


clearwater housing market short sales foreclosures: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? - 05/29/08 01:54 PM
With all the media discussion about predator lending, bent mortgage brokers and greedy sales agents, while half of the country are losing their homes in foreclosure - many of you might have gotten the impression that real estate is not totally, sparkling clean.   
The truth is, this housing crisis occurred because in the last few years many people who couldn't really afford houses bought them anyway. Using very creative mortgages, and very creative loan applications, these buyers thought they could afford these home for some inexplicable reason and did not question their good luck. Subject I touched on HERE not long … (3 comments)

clearwater housing market short sales foreclosures: Why I am still selling Real estate and not waiting tables. - 03/21/08 04:30 AM
All that noise in the housing market?It's opportunity knocking for us in Clearwater!
While the mass media are busy discussing how come so many real estate agents like me are still working as real estate agents and not as waiters; I started wondering if it was now the time for the intelligent Buyers to finally take over the shuddering remains of the housing market - I mean they would not be getting actual remains, they are still getting some great homes, gorgeous waterfront condos and beautiful new construction town homes, but at the prices of actual "remains".
Yes, I know. The media … (0 comments)


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