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While responding to comments on the blog I wrote entitled Go To School For New Prospects, I was reminded of a phone-in conference call Brad and I led for the ePower Group of students this past Wednesday evening. During the call we were talking about how websites should offer original, valuable co...
Ok, I know summer has just begun and the last thing on your mind is school. Of course, it goes without saying as the neighborhood expert, you possess a wealth of knowledge about the local elementary, middle and high schools in your service area - right? Have you met the principal or any of the te...
When it comes to purchasing pets, feeding our pets and caring for our pets, these numbers should get your attention real quick. In 2006, it is estimated we spent $38.4 billion on our pets.Breakdown: Food $15.2billionVet Care $9.4 billionSupplies/OTC Medicine $9.3 billionLive animal purchases $1.8...
No doubt writing keyword rich copy for your website, blog and other on-line marketing links is an art. Back in December of last year, Justin Smith wrote an AR Blog on a resource called Quintura. I noted the post didn't really grab the attention it deserved. One item to note, Justin pointed out th...
If you read my last Tip of The Week, you already know how much emphasis I recommend you place on growing your website with low-cost, high-touch marketing strategies. In that same vain, I offer this week's marketing Tip of The Week.Summer is here and families love opportunities to participate in k...
Create a page on your website dedicated to the buyer who just closed on that wonderful home you helped them purchase. Tell them to email you their pictures they take documenting their move-in day and post them to their dedicated page so all their friends and family can see the pictures.B-T-W, be ...
Just curious? How does your website capture most of your leads? Do you have a mandatory sign-up to search your MLS? Is it that wiz-bang great compelling offer? You know the one - Use My FREE Handyman Services For a Day or maybe Your Free Moving Van Sign-up offer? Do you get leads from your Relo G...
As I mentioned in my last blog on WOW content for your website, you have a choice how you "position" your brand - your identity in your marketplace. What is your brand? Brand is defined: A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer.Personal Brand - Service Brand - Or - ...
Start the clock. The site visitor has just landed on your website. You have less than 3 seconds (give or take a second or two) to WOW your site visitor. If they read...."Welcome to my website!" Do you think that introductory sentence is your hook? Is it really compelling "original" copy? Will it ...
Your website has been "out there" for a while and you sit in your office longing for the day a lead will magically appear in your in-box. You even splurged and tried a pay-per-click campaign to get a bump in traffic and still you wait! You paid attention to the "talk-in heads" on AR for the lates...

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