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Looking at the numbers as they stand so far, the one that really stands out is the median price of the sold listings. As of this morning there have been 1,156 closed sales with a median price of $219,990. That is definitely on the higher end of what I have been seeing the last couple of weeks. Wh...
There are currently 26,853 active listings in the tri-county area. Contracts pending in the same area have risen over the 3,600 mark to 3,613 as of today. Roughly 36% of the contracts are on homes in some stage of foreclosure. Right now there are 4,917 homes active in a foreclosure status. This i...
This is not so much real estate news, but I think it does indicate that business people around the world recognize the strength of the Orlando economy. This project you can read about in this Orlando Sentinel article is estimated to cost $200 million. We will be the first site for one of these bi...
Yes, this is for real. I read this in the Orlando Sentinel today. A Tampa area condo is considering making the pool area clothing optional to help sell the units. The good news is that new and conversion condos have 15 day right of recision. That means you can check out who is actually using the ...
Gas prices are up, the Mississippi river is up, inflation is up, and the ante on presidential politics is up. If you remember the 70's, this probably seems a bit familiar. Gas prices were not skyrocketing, but you could not find gas to buy. Inflation and mortgage rate were running in the double d...
New contracts so far in June are continuing to outpace May with 1,063 new contracts written in the first half of the month. Closed sales stand at just over 500 with a median sales price of $219,000. The median fluctuates quite a bit on a daily basis, and this number is as of this morning. It has ...
You have got to read this article that was in the Orlando Sentinel earlier this week. Shaquille O'Neal is putting together a plan to buy mortgages going into foreclosure then selling the homes back to the owner with better financing terms. The idea is to help people that are losing their home bec...
The inventory of homes for sale in Orlando usually goes down at the end of the month as listings expire or are withdrawn. Usually they bounce back up within a couple of days, but they are staying lower so far this month. Total contracts continue to rise, and are approaching 3,500. There are 708 n...
You can tell the numbers look better, because they came out a day early. Check www.DavidWelch.com for a link to the Market Pulse for June 2008. Pay special attention to the graphs showing new contracts, total contracts and sales. They really illustrate turnaround we have seen since the first of t...
I am just sorting through what this could mean for real estate in Orlando. Generally speaking, the international community should respond, and has already, positively to this statement. Bernanke's statement about inflation is probably the clearest signal from the Fed that they will not cut rates ...

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