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My Orlando Real Estate Blog, www.RealEstateOptimist.com is the featured blog on Realtor.com for my post on October 8th about the Fed. You can check out what I said by by going to www.Talk.Realtor.com. Just look on the left side under October 8th, and click on the link to my post. This is the seco...
The official numbers came out yesterday, a day early, and I think there may be a mistake on the median price. I will be contacting the association as soon as I can to get some clarification on it. I have been reporting sales of 1,329, and the official number was 1,335. That is easily explained by...
I just blogged yesterday that I thought the Fed might drop the rate half a basis point, and I read in the paper (online of course) today they did just that. They may cut it again at their next scheduled meeting. Just in case you are a buyer and think that this means mortgage rate dropped half a p...
With the stock market meltdown yesterday, and the Fed meeting today, look for a rate cut. Other central banks around the world, I expect will also be cutting rates to stem the tide of sentiment that the economy is shrinking. I say a headline yesterday that said that a majority of people surveyed ...
The Dow is tanking today over global credit concerns. The EU failed to come up with their own financial bailout package, sending investors into a selling spree. If I read correctly, Asian markets were off 8.5% and the European markets were off about 8% in overnight trading. Keep in mind that if s...
As of this morning 1,322 closed sales were recorded for September, that is up from 1,225 in August. October is usually a better month, so hopefully buyers will not have trouble getting loans funded this month ahead of the effects of the bailout. I believe we could see over 1,400 closed sales in O...
Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Remember that song from Mary Poppins? Well, that is apparently what it took to get the Senate to take their medicine on the bailout bill. Hopefully, the house will take up the issue today, and agree to take their medicine as well. I do not li...

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