tourfactory: WORST MLS PHOTOS!!!!!!! Start sending yours in here! - 06/10/08 09:14 AM
WARNING!!!!!  These are real MLS photos!!  I am always amazed at the idea that any picture is better than no picture.  I half-agree with it now since I have been seeing the stuff I am about to post here.  This should be fun to do---please send up in THIS blog any pics you think are the WORST of the is not a new idea however I think it is a great idea!!  So I will start off with these babies!  KUDOS to and for starting us off with a bang..SEND UP YOUR PHOTOS PEOPLE!!

House on legs available immediately!  … (14 comments)

tourfactory: Good grief MAYNARD!!!!!!! - 06/05/08 11:12 AM
You mean I have to WORK again? (edit/delete)
Anyone that's old enough ( I just know history well...chuckle) knows of Maynard G. Krebs from Dobie Gillis.  He had a knack of running around being cool and all until he needed money.  He then would go into convulsions and cry out .WWWWWWWWWWWWWORK!?!?!  Then Zelda or Dobie would feel sorry for him and somehow he would get the money and be cool again.
Real Estate does NOT work that way.
I heard a broker a few weeks ago say.... NOW people --we need to actually work for a living.  How condescending was … (1 comments)

tourfactory: DISCONNECTS ABOUND!!!! - 06/05/08 10:35 AM
So please people, tell me something.  Why is it that (now these are NAR numbers BTW) 86% of all consumers find their homes on the net ----66% of all consumers ONLY click on virtual media buttons like the spinning house.....BUT!  only 2.67% of all listings have virtual media? NATIONWIDE!
That's like me deciding to put my billboard out on a small rural road because there are a bunch of rich mucky-mucks that live off that road, as opposed to putting my billboard on the main freeway in Southern California???  It costs me a few bucks more but the exposure is staggeringly … (4 comments)

tourfactory: Is Change Necessary for Success? - 04/07/07 06:41 AM
RISMEDIA, April 6, 2007-It's hard to go anywhere or do anything without being exposed to marketing and the myriad of methods used to attract consumers.
Yet, despite all this, our desire to be bombarded with marketing and advertising has not increased; quite the contrary-we don't want it. Just think of the "Do Not Call" list and the legislation that has been enacted to reduce spamming. Even our new love for TIVO and DVRs is the result of a strong desire to zap out unwanted commercials.
According to the Swanepoel Trends Report for 2007, the Internet-while it continues to be a great … (2 comments)

tourfactory: Residential Real Estate Market Trends for 2007: How They Impact You and What to Do - 03/16/07 09:44 AM
by Debra Pestrak
Advertising, marketing, and the media's assault on the consumer has lead to a change in consumer's expectations and tolerance levels. Real estate media?exposure led to increased consumer activity.
Tivo, Moxi, DVRs, "Do Not Call" lists, iPods, and spam filters are sending a message to the advertisers that consumers want the option of not hearing from them, and they are becoming more discriminate about what they listen to and watch.
N.A.R. states that 50% of all listings failed to meet the consumer's expectations. With 77% of consumers on-line, they have a lot more knowledge and therefore are expecting more … (4 comments)

tourfactory: Real Estate Sales or Real Estate Marketers - 02/11/07 06:56 AM
So tell me this --listing agents.  Are we in sales or marketing of homes -- tell me what it is that would make one a sales professional as opposed to a marketing pro?
To me in my very long life so far.... a sales pro is one that represents a product that has features and benefits associated with it.  A car, a bicycle, a software program, etc.
But in those types of sales jobs the idea of selling ONE product is what happens...the idea of oh, say....If my prospect says to me and actually convinces me that the product I am … (8 comments)

tourfactory: Internet Buyer vs. Traditional Home Buyer - 02/10/07 06:17 AM
By Mike Parker
RISMEDIA, Feb. 8, 2007-If you are one of those many agents or brokers who don't really believe that the Internet is "the way" in real estate today, perhaps the following data compiled and presented by Leslie Appleton-Young, chief economist and vice president of the California Association of Realtors® (CAR®) in her analysis of the real estate market in California for 2006 will get your attention.
If you believe that the Internet is the single most important factor in your future success, here's your continuing proof that you are correct. Pages 62-82 of the Appleton-Young and CAR® ( study … (15 comments)

tourfactory: The news media has it out for ANYONE that succeeds other than them - 02/05/07 01:11 PM
I saw a new story on the ABC affiliate this evening from a few days ago.  It seems that it's not enough to have been chicken-littles about the "real estate bubble" and try to create more heat than existed for the last couple of years.  They decided it was a worthy story to posit a "scare argument" about virtual tours and how dangerous they MIGHT be on the net.  Since many many agents have "internet-ized" (new word LOL) their marketing plans and are now using a spectacular form of showing homes that is actually good for the SELLER!...the NEWSIES have to find … (24 comments)

tourfactory: "Every picture tells a story don't it".......Rod Stewart (1971) - 01/25/07 11:45 AM
What did Rod know that many of us don't know in 2007?
In Internet parlance............OMG means of course OH MY GOSH!  In Real Estate Internet parlance. OMG mean---OH you mean I need to take a picture of the HOUSE to sell it?  OMG!!  I QUIT!!!
Lemme give you a few examples of the horror without.  All 4 of these homes are priced at $599,000!!  Which one will you want to go see?
A -           B -
 C -           D -   
Now I don't know about you ---but what picture best represents the house YOU would want your seller to … (15 comments)


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