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Owning your own business definitely has it’s ups and downs. But overall, I feel the positives outweigh the negatives. One of the positives is having great clients all over the county. This allows me to travel to some really amazing places. This week is one of those times. I’m in Maui doing some c...
I have to admit, I can sometimes be a numbers geek. I’m one of the few people who actually enjoy looking at Google Analytics. There’s one graph in particular that always seems to stay constant no matter what real estate website I review. It’s the graph that compares Organic Traffic (the traffic t...
I'm number #1 - well, after the first 10 results! That's a statement that plagues many agents who appear at the "top" of the search engines. That's because for so many local based searches, Google first shows the local "7-pack." Suddenly, being "#1" organically means your site doesn't show up unt...
Unlike some bloggers I know, it takes me quite a bit of time to write a blog post. I tend to slave over my blog post with research, creation of graphics, and gathering links. I was often frustrated when I saw other bloggers be able to churn out multiple blog posts a week with little effort. But t...
I have to be honest, I haven’t really been following ActiveRain’s Outside blog service. Mainly because we have been so busy refining our own real estate blogging product called the SwiftBlog (based on WordPress). But a few of my real estate clients kept asking me to look into AR's outside blog so...
If you have read my Paperless Travels using an iPhone post, you know that I recently visited Miami. I typically don’t do much “on site” work, but EWM was in a pinch and Beth Butler asked me to come down and do some consulting. I have to say that it was great to finally get a chance to meet Beth ...
I admit it. I am an iPhone junkie. The iPhone makes mobile surfing a breeze and the interface is so intuitive, even a 3 year old can use it. Seriously, I saw my son hit the home button, slide his finger across the screen to unlock, hit the photos button, then start thumbing through the photos. Of...
Like so many of you. I was Meme'ed. So here goes... Who is your favorite musical artist? I am a pretty avid music fan. I studied music in college (I know, what the heck was I thinking?) But, in all fairness, it was actually Music Recording Technology. As far as favorite musical artist, I would ha...
Typically, I try to avoid heated discussions about Search Engine Optimization - especially if it involves my competition. Most of the time, chiming in just adds fuel to the fire. But a number of people have asked for my take about the recent advice given by Mary McKnight concerning the number of ...
One of our clients ran into a sticky situation the other day. They recently left a large franchise brokerage company and ventured out to start their own real estate company. Everything was going well until they received a letter from their former companies' lawyer stating that the real estate age...

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Discussing the latest trends in Real Estate Web Design and Marketing

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