real estate online marketing: Paid Traffic (PPC) vs Organic Traffic (SEO) Which is Better? - 09/05/10 03:23 PM
I have to admit, I can sometimes be a numbers geek. I’m one of the few people who actually enjoy looking at Google Analytics.
There’s one graph in particular that always seems to stay constant no matter what real estate website I review. It’s the graph that compares Organic Traffic (the traffic that comes from natural search engine optimization) vs Paid Traffic (Google Pay Per Click advertising). It always shows the same thing. Organic Traffic yields far better visitors than Pay Per Click. But, don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at some numbers.
You can see that the particular … (32 comments)

real estate online marketing: Does Your AcitveRain Outside Blog Have Any Authority in Google? - 07/30/08 08:24 AM
I have to be honest, I haven’t really been following ActiveRain’s Outside blog service. Mainly because we have been so busy refining our own real estate blogging product called the SwiftBlog (based on WordPress). But a few of my real estate clients kept asking me to look into AR's outside blog so I took a few minutes to dig in a little more. Below is my initial assessment.
A Quick Message to the AR gods (a.k.a. Disclaimer) The information below is from my quick assessment of AR’s Outside Blog. If I have anything wrong or didn’t interpret something correctly, feel free … (58 comments)

real estate online marketing: Too Many Comments Killing Your SEO? I Don’t Think So! - 05/21/08 03:53 AM
Typically, I try to avoid heated discussions about Search Engine Optimization - especially if it involves my competition. Most of the time, chiming in just adds fuel to the fire. But a number of people have asked for my take about the recent advice given by Mary McKnight concerning the number of comments in a blog post having a negative effect on SEO. So with that in mind, I decided to write a quick post to give my take on things. If you are not privy to the discussion here is a quick recap…
Mary basically said (paraphrasing) that lots of … (52 comments)

real estate online marketing: Link Bait? What Was I Thinking! - 04/02/08 06:45 PM
A few months ago, I was working late at the office. Earlier that day, I was consulting with a client and brainstorming how to build natural links to their real estate Web site. Now I always try to practice what I preach, so I later started doing some brainstorming of my own. What could I do to create "linkbait" to my my company Web site?
Link Bait? You Evil Doer! Now, before everyone starts screaming about tricking people and "gaming the system" let’s accurately define what linkbait is. Some people think the term "Link Bait" means tricking people to click a … (58 comments)

real estate online marketing: Free Tools That Allow You To Spy On Your Competition - 08/31/07 04:48 AM
Before I jump into this post, let me first give you a little backstory of how this post came about…
It all started when I added a comment to a post about the amount of website traffic a site receives. The comment stream had a very good discussion on how to gage someone else’s website traffic. I threw out Alexa as one resource to compare websites. Admittedly, I have not done much reconnaissance on my competition but I have used Alexa in the past to compare sites. And while I would never trust the numbers (because even I know ways to … (103 comments)

real estate online marketing: See Your Site Through The Eyes of Google - 08/18/07 06:48 PM
When a web visitor views your site, they are immediately greeted with graphics, text, and possibly even videos or flash. Obviously, humans can quickly scan and read these elements and then determine what is important. Search Engines however see your site in a whole different light. While search engines are getting smarter and smarter, they ultimately rely on HTML code and content to determine what you page is all about.
Flash Killed the Search Engine Star Many Real Estate agents like to use flash because it offers so much eye candy. The only problem is that while your music filled flash … (119 comments)

real estate online marketing: Optimizing Your Active Rain blog for Visitors and Search Engines (Part 2) - 08/11/07 09:06 PM
After such a great response from my blog post about optimizing your Active Rain profile, I decided to write this follow up post about how to optimize your Active Rain Blog.
Your Blog Title It’s amazing how many people on Active Rain simply title their blog as “Bob’s Blog” or “Sue’s Blog.” The problem with this is that this is not very descriptive for Search Engines or Web Visitors. Instead, try to incorporate a keyword into your blog title. After all, this text will appear at the top of every post that you write. But don’t just take the simple way … (128 comments)

real estate online marketing: Optimizing Your Active Rain Profile for Search Engines and Visitors - 07/27/07 05:00 PM
I recently wrote an article that referenced Active Rain. Since then, I saw quite a few people join Active Rain. With so many of my clients and peers joining, I figured I should give a quick tutorial on how to make sure your Profile is optimized for Search Engines.
But, this post isn’t just for the newbies. Even if you are a veteran to ActiveRain, you may want to use this as a quick review to make sure you have covered all your bases.
Join Active Rain If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you join Active Rain. But, don’t … (200 comments)

real estate online marketing: FSBO or Real Estate Agent… The Conclusion - 07/10/07 02:08 PM
Note: You can read the first post by clicking here.
As many of you may know. I recently wrote a post about whether to sell my house FSBO or use an agent. I must confess, although my wife and I have tossed around the idea, we are not selling our home. More importantly, we are not going to sell it FSBO. So why did I write such a controversial post? Why did I risk getting the very people who subscribe to my blog mad at me? There are actually a few reasons…
But before I jump too far into this post, … (54 comments)

real estate online marketing: Sell my House FSBO? Convince Me to Use a Real Estate Agent! - 07/08/07 11:40 AM
My wife and I have casually tossed around the idea of selling our home and getting something with a little more space. Every time we begin the “should we move” talk, the same question always comes up. Do we use a Realtor? I have always been one to think “I can do anything if I set my mind to it.” But does it apply in this case? We didn’t use an agent when we purchased the house - but then again our purchase wasn’t the typical real estate transaction. I actually purchased our home on the courthouse steps. It was a … (82 comments)

real estate online marketing: How 30 Minutes Can Land You 300 Visitors in 30 days - 07/03/07 05:39 PM
There are so many great ideas on ActiveRain that it’s hard to find time to implement them all. Because of this, it’s important to always weigh the time commitment against the potential return. For me, this is one of those ideas that is a “No Brainer” on the “Should I Do It” scale. This is mostly because the total time investment is so small compared to the potential traffic boost both short term and long term.
Not Another Squidoo Post! I know people have covered Squidoo before. And I am sure your probably thinking. “No, I can’t commit to one … (95 comments)

real estate online marketing: Is This the Next Trend With Real Estate Photos? - 06/23/07 03:59 PM
After playing around with Microsoft’s Surface, I couldn’t get their photo viewing application out of my head. I love the fact that you can move photos around as if they were on a table top. It got me thinking if this same concept could be delivered online. So last night I started playing around with a way to do something similar online.
The Concept is Still in Diapers Before I give you the link, let me first give you a few disclaimers… The demo page is not the final result but only a proof of concept. Obviously, it’s not quite … (46 comments)

real estate online marketing: I Don’t Read Your Blogs! - 06/18/07 03:00 PM
At least, that’s what the statistics say. Studies show that only 16% of people actually read websites and blogs word-by-word. The rest of us simply “scan” websites. With this in mind, it’s important to do anything and everything to keep your reader engaged in your blog and/or website.
You’re only Reading This Because It’s A Headline. Headlines and sub-headlines are one of the most important ways to draw the scanning reader back into your article. Yet sub-headlines are rarely seen in blogs! Think about it for a moment. When you pick up the Sunday newspaper, what is the first thing … (64 comments)

real estate online marketing: A New Wave of Reciprocal Links that Actually Works! - 06/15/07 04:43 AM
We all know that link exchanges are a thing of the past. Google sees right though all the proverbial “back scratching” links. The fact that they were so exploited lost almost all of their value. But with today’s Real Estate Agent using many different websites in their online presence, it just may be a good time to take another look at reciprocal links. But this time, from a totally unique approach!
Disclaimer Before we jump too far into this, it’s important to understand the different types of Search Optimization techniques. Black Hat techniques try to exploit search engines and find loopholes. … (63 comments)

real estate online marketing: The Top Secret Project! …and other information you didn’t know about Google. - 06/11/07 06:41 PM
Think about this, Google accounts for over 1/2 of all searches conducted in the United States! Because of their huge market share, even small changes to Google’s ranking systems have put multi-million dollar companies, such as BMW, in Google's Blacklist (although to be fair, BMW was not playing by the rules) and have taken other companies from digital obscurity to overnight success stories. If most of your business comes from the web, it’s imperative to keep up with the latest changes with the World's Most Famous Brand.
I have talked in the past about Google’s willingness to give webmasters far more … (68 comments)

real estate online marketing: The Ultimate Website Checklist - 32 Things to Evaluate in Your Website - 06/06/07 04:42 PM
Every now and then, real estate agents need to take a step back and objectively look at their website. One of the biggest challenges in doing so is knowing exactly what to look for. With this in mind, I have created a checklist that breaks down important components of your website. I suggest you go though each section and write down your answers. Remember it's important to be objective! It just may reveal some interesting information. Below is an overview of the checklist. My other blog contains the full Real Estate Website Checklist that goes into more detail about each of … (33 comments)

real estate online marketing: Setting The Record Straight About Duplicate Content - 06/05/07 04:10 PM
It seems like every day you read a different opinion on Duplicate Content. "Don't do it! Your site will get banned!" some people say. I would always get hammered with criticism when I would chime in and tell them that it's simply not true and that most people don't need to worry about duplicate content penalties. After all, if this was Google's policy, then I could just make a copy of my competitor's site and watch them get kicked out of Google.
Syndicating Content Last week the Real Estate Institute of Queensland Australia contacted me asking permission to reprint one of … (50 comments)

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