real estate agents: 3 Ways to Convert Open House Visitors to Clients - 06/15/17 08:31 AM
Where do you find new clients?  This is the one question I get from new real estate agents on a regular basis.  It's as if they think that new clients are all hanging out in one place or that they will magically appear.  However, the truth of the matter is that new clients are everywhere if you take advantage of the opportunities that are presented before you.  Having said that, I've found one of the best ways to find new clients is at an open house.  People who go to open houses are generally looking to buy or sell a house. … (0 comments)

real estate agents: 7 Things They Don't Tell You About Being a Real Estate Agent - 02/09/17 07:22 AM
When you take your real estate pre-licensing class you learn the real estate vocabulary, national and jurisdictional laws, the Code of Ethics...just to name a few.  But what they don't teach you in pre-licensing class is what it's actually like to BE a real estate agent.
#1 - It Costs MoneyYou always hear that becoming a real estate agent is one of the least expensive businesses you can start.  While that may be true, it's really not inexpensive to become an agent.  By the time you pay for the course, pay to sit for the state exam, join the local and national … (4 comments)

real estate agents: The Best Way to Minimize Buyer Freak Out - 02/01/17 05:50 PM
Buying a house is a big deal.  It's scary and it's a lot of money, so don't be surprised if your buyer starts to freak out at some point during the process.  As real estate professionals we deal with the process on a daily basis.  But for a first-time home buyer or even a second time home buyer, the process can be anxiety-ridden and stressful.  Although you may not be able to totally eliminate the buyers' anxiety and stress, you can certainly help minimize it by doing this one simple thing...communicate.
Communicate Early and Communicate OftenIn the absence of communication we all … (2 comments)

real estate agents: Real Estate Agents, How Do You Sound On The Phone? - 06/17/13 10:45 PM
Attention all listing agents...if the showing instructions state that real estate agents must call you to make an appointment to see the listing, please act like you are remotely interested in talking with me...because you certainly don't sound like it!
By Appointment Only Like most agents, I don't like listings that can only be shown by appointment.  It takes more coordination than using a simple lock box.  But there are reasons sellers require appointments and I can respect that.  But if you take an "By Appointment Only" listing, than at the very least, you should expect to receive more than a … (28 comments)

real estate agents: To iPad or Not? - 03/10/11 03:08 AM
With the release of the new iPad2 it renews the conversation I have going on in my head.  Should I get an iPad or not?  I think I should "want" one, but I know that I really don't "need" one.  I say I should "want" one because it's cute, current and pretty sexy.  When I speak to other real estate agents who have an iPad they can't imagine life without it.  My issue is this, I can imagine life without an iPad because that's my life right now, and do I really need one more thing to put in my already … (12 comments)

real estate agents: To Give Notice, Or Not...That is the Question - 03/03/11 03:01 AM
In this type of real estate market where properties are staying on the market a bit longer, sellers are a little more fragile and financing can be challenging, we are seeing all kinds of contingencies in the offers we receive.  Those contingencies include everything from home inspections, lead paint, sale of home to the typical appraisal and financing contingencies.
As the contingency periods expire, the question you have to ask your seller is whether or not to deliver notice to the buyer...which, depending on how your contract is worded, could void the contract.  There are definitely two schools of thought when … (0 comments)

real estate agents: Picture This... - 02/24/11 12:55 AM
Whenever I hear this phrase I think of Sophia from the Golden Girls!  But trust me, this post is about real estate.  I have two pet peeves.  The first... listing agents who don't feel the need to upload pictures of their listings.  Are you really that busy that you don't have the time to take some pictures of the house you are trying to get sold? Didn't you educate your seller so they know that most home searches begin on the Internet and buyers want to see pictures?  Weren't pictures part of your marketing plan?  I know this sounds pretty basic … (6 comments)

real estate agents: Is Email Dead? - 02/22/11 06:50 AM
I was at a dinner party this past weekend in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the same dinner party that our President attended, but there were several people from the IT world. It is important for me to note that the majority of the people at the party were younger than'll see why this is important a little later.
During the course of conversation we got on the topic of social media, email, texting, Twitter...just the many ways we can communicate with all the technology we have available.  Much to my surprise, this group didn't do much … (9 comments)

real estate agents: It's Never Been Cleaner! - 02/17/11 05:08 AM
The sales contract in my jurisdiction statesthat prior to settlement, the property must have all of the contents removed and it should be left in "broom clean" condition.  What's fascinating to me is how many times I have to define what "broom clean" means.
Yes, Mr. Seller you have to empty out that hard to reach storage space in the attic.
Yes, Ms. Seller you have to take those old bookcases out of the garage.  You can't leave them just because you don't want them any more.
Yes, please clean out ALL of the cabinets, no one wants any of your old spices.
So I explain … (3 comments)

real estate agents: Change is Good! - 02/15/11 01:01 AM
When my daughter was four years old, her beloved kindergarten teacher was reassigned to another school due to budget cutbacks.  That evening her teacher called to see how my daughter was doing.  I told the teacher that I thought she was doing fine because she hadn't mentioned it.  So after getting off the phone I asked my daughter how she felt about having to move to a new class.  Her response was short and sweet, and something I will never forget.  She looked up at me with a puzzled look and said, "Mom, change is good".  Wow, out the mouths of … (8 comments)

real estate agents: Can We Talk? - 02/11/11 03:36 AM
I know I sound like Joan Rivers, but seriously, can we talk?  Like the majority of us, I love technology. It makes us more efficient and enables us to document what is happening with a client or transaction. There's no question that both email and voice mail have made our lives easier.  But they have also allowed us to "hide". 
Have you ever placed a call at a timewhen you thought you would get the person's voice mail?  Or sent an email so you wouldn't have to hear the other person's reaction?  I know I have!  Did I feel guilty?  More relieved … (8 comments)

real estate agents: Are You Using Your Time Wisely - 12/16/10 02:18 AM
I have vowed to remove "I'm so busy"from my vocabulary.  Why?  Because EVERYONE is busy!  We all get the same 24 hours, it's just a matter of how we use our time.  As a Realtor we have the luxury of setting our own schedules. But this "luxury" can just as easily become a "curse" because we are not used to setting our own schedules.  In our pre-real estate lives, we more than likely had someone else dictate our comings and goings.
I conducted a little experiment with my class this past Monday.  I printed out a blank calendar for the week and asked … (8 comments)

real estate agents: Nothing is New - 12/07/10 11:59 PM
As a new agent I was fortunate to join an office where agents shared information.  When I was putting together my buyer and listing presentations I walked around the office and asked the experienced agents what they gave their clients.  Without hesitation, each agent showed me their presentations.  I then re-packaged that information to sound and look more like me.
As a trainer, I do the same thing.  But not simply for buyer and listing presentations, but for materials, prospecting tips, real estate name it.  The funny thing is, I never thought of it as a big deal. But when … (1 comments)

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