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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
You will never hear me complain about "good" weather. I would agree that I don't want to see the yard go brown and I'm no longer comfortable with blistering heat.I do like a good Thunder Boomer during the day as long as it's a fast moving one. Other wise I'd prefer it rain at night as that always...
Titus has a point. If Joe put his socks into the laundry basket then Titus wouldn't have the access to chew on them. As Realtors I'm sure we have all seen our share of messy homes.It can be any room in a house or even the entire home.I don't remember seeing a home as messy as either of the two ab...
Like Philemon I too like many of the smells of summer. Although my kids never met my parents they knew that my Mom was a huge fan of lilacs because I told them about all the times we spent running around town to gather lilacs to fill our home when I was a kid.My own personal favorites are fresh m...
I know that from time to time it's difficult to show enthusiasm. New agents note: Don't be apologizing by saying "I was out all night", that's not going to fly.Of course there are all kinds of energy drinks out there and maybe one works for you. Sleep and coffee works best for me. Sometimes a col...
Few people would agree with Philemon but most would likely agree with a different cartoon character.I am a little more aligned with Philemon then I am with Scrooge McDuck but for sure I like nice "things" as well. Like most people my attitude towards wealth was formed through my childhood. Our fa...
My daughter, Tina, has a book out on Amazon, "The Deal With Daffodil". Having graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design this spring she set her sights on being a book illustrator. Like her brother, Timmothy Timm, she likes to tell stories through cartooning.Yesterday dinosaurs roam...
I'm not exactly sure where Timmothy was coming from when he wrote this strip aside from how one bedroom can have a strong "personality" from other rooms in the home.As a first time home Buyer one should consider the heating and cooling system of homes built back in the "old" days and make themsel...
If Joe's lawn is only two square feet two guinea pigs might be able to mow it in a day... if they are really hungry.New Real Estate agents may bite off more than they can chew when an opportunity pops up and they may even stand up to the task if they have enough sense to ask their Broker for a li...
I just noticed yesterday that the yard is browning up. So now the big decision... do I let it go dormant/brown or do I quadruple our water bill and start the sprinklers up? Water is not cheap in Minot ND.I see advantages to both. If I let it go dormant I save a bundle on my water bill and it woul...
There are not to many people out there splitting logs manually these days but Timmothy's inspiration for this cartoon is from he and I splitting a few logs recently for camping.Depending on the outside temp splitting wood can create quite a thirst. What ever causes a thirst on these hot summer da...

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