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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Biting Whit I was reading through our churches monthly news letter, The Sonshine (Our Savior Lutheran Church LC-MS), and I came across a quote I liked. It read "There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness". I don't read very much literature, I'm more of a current events man and the Bible so it...
Send Them A File They Can Open When Microsoft comes out with a new product I am seldom one to run out and purchase it. Same goes for upgrades, if the old one works I'm usually content with it. After all there is enough "code" running through my brain that I need to save space for what is really i...
Affordable Housing Near The Minot Air Force Base, Glenburn ND 58740 Located just 9.5 miles North East of the Minot Air Force Base this is a great place to live off base and still be in a good school system. Glenburn is also just 25 miles from Minot ND for those major shopping and night out on the...
Opportunity In North Dakota Anyone who reads my blog or keeps up with the nations financial news knows that North Dakota has been the land of opportunity for many years now. North Dakota has been the only State in the nation to be running a Billion dollar surplus in funds due to our booming econo...
HELP! Is it worth PURCHASING GOOGLE KEY PHRASES? I am asking you if you have ever purchased "Key Phrases" from Google. Yesterday I blogged about SEO and meta-tags which I have experience in but this is something I am not experienced in. A persistent and persuasive sales professional has been call...
Minot ND Thrift Stores, Post 4 of 6 The ReStore Thrift Store     The ReStore Thrift Store is located at 112 2nd Ave SW in Minot ND. Click on the link above for information on their programs including the thrift store. On each of my previous thrift store articles I've hit the high points of each s...
Only 67 Homes Available Today in Minot ND Oak Park Realty 1500 Oak Park Center Minot ND 58703 (also known as 1500 NW 4TH AVENUE) WHAT'S FOR SALE IN MINOT? Homes for sale under $100,000.00 as of 02/17/2010 =     4Homes for sale between $100,000.00 and $124,999.00 =   2 Homes for sale between $125,...
IT'S GOING TO BE A BRIGHT SUN-SHINNY DAY! Actually, as I write this, the sun has yet to break the horizon. I have yet to hear today's weather report. I have not called the psychic hot line (ever). God didn't tell me directly nor one of his angels, well maybe it was an angel :-). So how do I know ...
The Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch Thrift Store, #3 of 6 Minot Thrift Stores. Each Saturday for 6 weeks I am high lighting one of the 6 thrift stores in Minot North Dakota. Each one has good and poor points as does any store so I've been trying to do a brief summary of each one for you. This week I'm ...
Turn A Hundred Into Three!  Have you ever wondered how to turn $100.00 into $3.00? Got kids? Every heard of Chucky Cheese? Well even though we don't have one here in Minot North Dakota we have two knock-offs... Planet Pizza and Space Aliens. There is also Splash Down and another location or two s...

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