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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



ALL REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL SO WHY NOT RELYLOCAL? A friend of mine who used to work for a local lender excitedly told me about a new venture he was off on. His enthusiasm certainly made me want to listen. Van has done his share of traveling as a professional drummer, playing with many big bands that...
Minot North Dakota is Blessed with 4 Christian Radio Stations. Minot ND is blessed with having 4 Christian Radio Stations broadcasting over the air. There are 3 FM and one AM stations to choose from. They are all good stations but my favorites are KHRT AM and KHRT FM . KHRT AM is your old fashion...
Sex Education In Our Schools I know that sex education in public schools is very controversial. We started our daughter out in a Christian school so she could learn everything, including sexual education, from a Christian view that matched our faith beliefs. When we found out our son has high fun...
Wouldn't You Know, I just Bought The House and the Furnace Died! As a Realtor I'm glad I've only received a phone call like this once in the last 5 years. My first thought was: Did we purchase the Home Warranty?. My second thought was did I remind the new home owner to call the gas company and ha...
Specials are not something SPECIAL, They Are Taxes!   Sometimes Realtors forget that not everyone knows our lingo. If you are shopping for your first home and your agent has never explained specials to you then take comfort that you are not alone. I work with a lot of First Time Home Buyers and i...
WHAT'S FOR SALE IN MINOT? Here is what is listed on the MLS Homes for sale under $100,000.00 as of 03/20/2010     = 5Homes for sale between $100,000.00 and $124,999.00   = 1 Homes for sale between $125,000.00 and $149,999.00   = 7 Homes for sale between $150,000.00 and $174,999.00   = 3 Homes fo...
OAK PARK REALTY, MINOT ND OFFERS NOTARY SERVICES Bob Timm, Office Manager of Oak Park Realty also owns Ward County Notary Services and Minot Notary Services. Documents may be brought to Oak Park Realty to be Notarized during office hours and appointments can be made for non-office hours. Minot No...
PARTY, PARTY, PARTY with Martina McBride, Trace Adkins, The Judds and more! What do you do if you are Scandinavian (Norwegians, Swede's, Danes, Ice Landers) living in Minot North Dakota? You throw the BIGGEST darn Party you can over 5 nights and 4 days by inviting about 75,000 of your bestest fri...
Tina's St. Patrick's Day Costume Contest From Left to Right: Feet is a March Flower, Boise is a Rainbow, Donald is a Shamrock, Cookie is a nugget, Eden is a pot of gold, Merryweather has on a green tie, Roscoe is a Leprechaun, Katie and Willie is the month of March, Sponge Bob is a March employee...
Insight into Relationships "The number one reason two people split up is that they refuse to accept the fact that they are married to a human being." - Les Parrot Obviously this was made in reference to marriage but it certainly applies to all relationships. Many Real Estate offices hammer a stro...

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