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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Our Uninvited Guest Pink, our uninvited guest. Yesterday my daughter Tina discovered this little girl hiding in our lilac bushes. We went door to door around our block and also asked the mail carrier if they could identify her and lead us to her owner. I also called the Police Department and the...
I've Got Windows.... and Walls Too!!! Most people don't go around bragging that their house has walls and windows but I'm going to. Every step of rebuilding after a disaster seems so painfully slow. Even the smallest step forward seems like a huge victory. The replacing of damaged wall boards, t...
The Little Things That Make A House A Home. When a person or a family move into a new house it immediately becomes their home. From your first piece of furniture or a picture on the wall this house takes on a character that makes it your home. It doesn't matter if that dwelling is a mansion, a s...
Not All Celebs Are "All Talk & No Action" Often when celebrities open their mouths off stage they prove "even a monkey could do this job". This often holds true when they campaign their "special cause" like saving the planet earth by purchasing a CFL bulb for their 4 million dollar tour bus. I'm...
Get To Know Your Minot Public School Board Members I think it's wise to know who your local School Board Members are, after all, they have a lot of say in YOU child's education. When I read the paper I am often surprised at what some school boards around the nation feel is "right" for a child's ...
School Supply List for Sunnyside Elementry in Minot ND Hopefully you did NOT miss orientation day yesterday at Sunnyside School but if you did and if you missed the supply lists posted at Kmart and Walmart here it is. Please pardon the highlighted items as those were what we needed personally for...
FEMA, Just Hang Up and Dial Again! Having been, and currently am, a flood victim one piece of advice I'd like to pass on to help others keep their sanity is that when you are visiting with FEMA via the telephone it is OK to hang up and dial again. If at all possible I encourage you to go to a FE...
What I learned In School Today by Bobby T This post was inspired by Myrl Jeffcoat who commented on my last post, asking how Broker School is going. Today was a definite school day for me. While I only spent 2 hours in the classroom today (virtual classroom) I also spent an hour with my represent...

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