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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



NATIONAL MARKETING REALTORS is a big name for a local company. NMR was conceived in Minot in 1975 and has been in the same location on North Hill all along (longer in one spot than any other Minot Real Estate Brokerage). Locally owned, selling Local homes and Local commercial Real Estate. So how ...
REWARD!A dump trailer, similar to the one pictured to the left, was stolen last night from #9 NE 11th Ave in Minot ND. There is a reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved in stealing the trailer. The trailer was locked and full of trash at the time of the theft. A few power ...
It is a good thing I captured this photo yesterday. The winds were so strong today that there are few leaves left on these same trees (which made for a day of raking today after church. These trees are mostly Ash trees. The leaves go from green to yellow. After the Ash's leaves fall we usually ge...
My Bride left our carrot crop in the ground. I think I pulled one or two scrawny ones out of the ground over the summer. She said you are supposed to wait for the first freeze before pulling them. Had it been me I would have declared crop failure about two months ago. As it turns out I think the ...
We had only 16 closings this week, far better than the 9 of last week. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was 140 days (nothing to be alarmed about as this number is a bit skewed being one of the homes was on the market for about two years). The chart above is the total...
NOPE!Not even sure if I placed in the top 50%. But the chili cook-off was a great success as a fund raiser for my daughter, Tina Timm, to pay for her missionary trip to Chile this coming November.In addition to the chili a silent auction was also held. I want to say a big thank you to all who par...
I got her a long time ago and she was old then but the romantic in me could not turn down the offer of owning a bicycle built for two. I love taking her for a spin weather it be with my bride or with one of my kids. We always get a lot of looks and thumbs up when we are out. Oddley enough I've fo...
We had only 9 closings this week, same as last week. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was 120 days (moving the wrong direction from 110 days last week and yet slightly better than the 126 the week before that). The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. T...
DON'T BUY THE FARM!You don't have to buy a farm to enjoy living outside of Minot. Enjoy the tax benefits, avoid the "good old boys" political club, and even raise chickens if you want.With this home you don't even have to buy a tractor while living in the country. The lot is only slightly larger ...
Over the last 10 or so years there seems to be a real preoccupation with death and death symbols, I don't get it. Of course I remember some of the outlandish things Alice Cooper did 45 years ago and I thought it was cool but I was a teen then and most adults recognized that AC was in it for the s...

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