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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



06/17/2017 There were only 4 homes sold in this very narrow category of stick built, single family homes located in the City limits of Minot, compared to 8 last week. This is the 2nd week that the number of sales have dropped (at a time they should be booming). Of the homes that closed this week ...
With all the animation around us these days you would think peoples ability to imagination or envision things would be at an all time high. It seems like just the opposite is true.I've never been a fan of Sellers offering an "allowance" for just that reason... Buyers have a hard time imagining ne...
This is a GREAT 2 bedroom mobile home in an excellent setting by the river and a few blocks from Roosevelt Park Zoo and Roosevelt Park.This 2013 Champion (Dutch model) Home is in excellent shape and is set up perfectly for a Day Care or for any busy family with toddlers. This Mobile home is on a ...
I'm not a professional "tinkerer" but I would be if it paid enough to make a living so when our clothes washer "took a leak" on the floor I had to tinker with it to see if I could fix it.I concluded that the problem was that this clothes washer was made on a Friday (when the quality inspector was...
Maybe this picture should be titled "Never Maintained" or totally free of maintenance as opposed to maintenance free. It doesn't take a genius to see that this garage is close to useless due to extreme neglect. I'm sure that at one time this garage was the absolute pride of it's owner. Regretfull...
I never get tired of the view from the park bench in front of the pond across from the Roosevelt Park Zoo office, gift shop, and education center. This building was completed or nearly completed in June 2011 then the flood came and completely submerged it, destroying it. But like the phoenix risi...
Along my photo walk this evening I crossed paths with Aubrey and her dog Cinnamon. Aubrey was the smallest human on the walk and Cinnamon, a Great Pyrenees, was the smallest dog.Cinnamon is about 3 years old and is totally blind thus she totally obeys who ever is holding her leash. Here is a pict...
On last Friday's Radio Broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Steven Shirley, President of Minot State University.Dr. Shirley's enthusiasum was very inspiring and got me even more fired-up over over the University than I already was/am.If you have a university...
Today was Titus Timm's last day on earth. His mom knew something was wrong yesterday. She commented that he had no appatite and was getting so thin. Little did any of us expect that the next day, today, he would pass on.Titus, or Tidy as we call him, was an excellent pet.   
Last week I told you about Tina's (17) first political cartoon. I was hoping I could tell you that it got published in the Minot Daily News but to date it has not. It may not be a view they wish to share but I certainly do.First a little background. If you read my post last week you know that the...

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