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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



A lake is rapidly developing in the back yard.Nearly every every spring we get a lake in our back yard as it is a low spot for about 100 square feet. Although it's really nothing to worry about unless we go from the normal high of 40 degrees to 80 degrees I've got my "trash pump" ready to go just...
Lake Bob is growing in my back yard.   
 Here I am, doing another Arts interview. Why? Because I love the Arts. As I've said before: Artists have an eye for God's beautiful creation and each in their own individual way want to highlight or imitate Linda Olson has a GREAT eye for art and loves to teach art to students of all ages. She i...
Okay, I'm 20 years late considering the release date of this movie but I so rarely watch movies BUT when one of my favorite bloggers said this is a great movie I decided to buy it at the thrift store for $1.00.I didn't "get" it.One of the pastors at my church is a real movie freak and I asked him...
The signs of Spring excite everyone no matter where you live. When you live in a climate as harsh as North Dakota you almost hate to hear others talking about tulips and such blooming elsewhere in March so we take what we can get. Things like....You can determine the perimeters of a pond.Objects ...
It's been four years since I wrote a post titled "What a pretty girl will teach you" and it was about a Finnish history lesson taught to me by a very pretty girl.Saint Uhro's day is always the day before Saint Patric's Day.It's a fun story BUT like many stories a pretty girl will tell a guy it's ...
Over the last few days the snow has relinquished it's 6 month hold on Minot's Streets ( I wish I could say that was true for the rest of the landscape that is still buried at least two to six feet under) and revealed it's annual yield of pot holes.Some are quite sizable and I'm sure are keeping a...
Give me a map and I can get there.You and I both want our clients to "find us" in order to do business with us. Why not make it as simple as you can?I've found that even when I'm dealing with local people they want more then a street address from me so I often tell them it's right downtown, kitty...
 I can't say that I've figured out a magic date to start plants in the house to be transferred later into the garden here in North Dakota but I'm thinking now might be a good time. I've tried as early as the first day that the sun starts it's swing back towards longer days... that was a disaster....
I'm NOT talking about plumbing.I'm not really refering to the shoes either, I'm talking about dancing. Karen Hamilton and Jackie Harvey have teamed up to open "The Clogging Place" in Minot ND. Karen & Jackie were part of a performance team in Minot and when the leader of that team started talking...

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