bob timm: North Dakota, the ONLY State to Grow Younger! - 06/21/19 07:05 AM
According to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau the only State in the USA to grow younger is North Dakota! Noth Dakota's Median Age dropped from 37 in 2010 to 35.2 in 2008.
North Dakota is number one in many good catagories but to be honest with you this number one surprises even me. North Dakota does have a lot to offer young families. We have a strong economy that usually bucks National trends. We have excellent schools, a GREAT work ethic, and much more.
If you have never visited North Dakota I'd like to invite you to come see … (6 comments)

bob timm: Umm, Umm, Umm. Three Strikes Against You. - 06/20/19 09:13 AM
My son Timmothy and I have been attending the Tuesday weekly meeting of Minot Toastmasters 636 for a couple of months now. I joined in hopes of improving my speaking on the air for my radio show. 
Timmothy joined to to be a better speaker as he gets out there to promote his books.
It's amazing to me how many professionals who rely on their  speaking abilities are poor or even horrible speakers. Here are a couple of examples I've experienced.
1) I meticulously edit my radio shows. We usually record for 18 minutes to produce a 15 minute interview. Typically it takes me 24 … (4 comments)

bob timm: FARM RESCUE, Another ND Born Program to be proud of. - 06/19/19 02:07 PM
I was first introduced to Farm Rescue several years ago by the then known as News Broadcaster Shaun Sipma (now know as Minot's Mayor, Shaun Sipma). KHRT and yours truly, Bob Timm, have had the pleasure of interviewing Mayor Sipma more times then any other news outlet. Shaun and I talk about Farm Rescues birth, mission, and current status as well as mentioning that the North Dakota State Fair Parade will be lead this year by the founder of Farm Rescue, Bill Gross. I hope you will take the time to listen in and learn about this GREAT North Dakotan born mission … (12 comments)

bob timm: Heather Leirer talks about supporting the Addicted & Incarcerated. - 06/13/19 05:53 AM

Embrace ND was started as a FaceBook group just 3 years ago but has grown to now include weekly meetings as well as weekly Ward County Jail visits. The meeting at Eagles Wings is every Monday at 7;00 pm. The location is 101 16th Street SW Minot ND 58701. You can also find them on FaceBook at
Founder Heather Leirer shares the full story and purpose of Embrace ND on this radio broadcast of Minot today.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and … (3 comments)

bob timm: What's a Sheriff do? - 06/07/19 11:30 AM
Just what does a Sheriff and the Sheriff's office do? My guest today is Ward County Sheriff Robert (Bob) Roed and he does a great job of filling us in. Had I heard this interview when I was a young man I just may have made being a Deputy or the Sheriff my career choice.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast … (15 comments)

bob timm: The Blue Bird on my Photo Walk - 06/03/19 07:26 PM
Last evening I was bummed that I forgot my camera on my walk but I did not turn back because I had my phone with me. Then I saw something that made me run home and get it. This Great Blue Heron was enjoying the day on a stump at the edge of  a river "dead loop". I got ten exceptional pictures. Here are three of my favorites.

and this shot too...

bob timm: Just WHAT does the Trinity Health Foundation do? - 05/30/19 07:55 AM
The TRINITY HEALTH FOUNDATION is an amazing organization that gives so much to the region surrounding the Greater Minot ND area.
Al Evon,foundation director, shares many of the aspects of the foundation with us in this brief 14 minute interview.
Last year the foundation approved 101 proposals for funding various projects in the area granting $523,285.81 to those projects.In addition to those various proposals funded through out the region expended $823,509.03 to improve health and wellness. Another $300,223.22 was used to directly fund other programs and services.
I learned so much from Al's visit and the Trinity Health Foundation Annual Report … (7 comments)

bob timm: Pieces & Stems - 05/26/19 10:49 AM
The past two weeks have been very busy and I've neglected blogging even though it's one of the things I enjoy most in life. In no particular order here is what has kept me to busy.
Spring weather. I've put a lot of hours into lawn care and gardening lately but both are looking great today so I should be able to slack off on that a little.
Outdoor fun. I'm back on the bike and taking daily walks again enjoying the park and neighborhood. Timmothy and I are improving at tennis and we bought a set of lawn darts that have already earned … (14 comments)

bob timm: You are NEVER to old or young to plan ahead. - 05/24/19 06:06 AM
Dean C. Rubbelke of Edward Jones is one of the many professionals who work in the same Professional Building as I and we visited today about retirement planning.
'm 65 years old so my first question to Dean was how old is to old to financially plan for retirement. Dean, a Financial Advisor, did a wonderful job of explaining why you are never to old to get your financial assets in order.
I believe you will find the next 14 minutes very valuable, I sure did.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it … (20 comments)

bob timm: My Little Choir, perfect for almost Wordless Wednesday - 05/22/19 11:03 AM
When I saw how this little group of blossoms stood so proud together all I could think about is that if they could sing they would really have a sweet song to share. Maybe they do sing, as they are in perfect harmony as it is, but someone must have told them that this is Wordless Wednesday. Thinking about it... I bet they do the blues real well.
Just for good measure I thought I'd throw in the Women's Choir too.

bob timm: Trees for Boulevards - 05/18/19 02:34 PM
Every city has different rules regarding what trees you can plant on your boulevard, after all it's technically it's "their" boulevard. Before you plant a tree you best check with the city forestry department to be sure you can plant a tree there at all. Usually the idea behind this is that they don't want you to plant trees that may interfere with overhead power lines years down the road.
The Minot Forestry Department (a department of Minot Parks) is now taking orders for boulevard trees to be planted this spring. Trees are $100.00 and they plant it for you. For an extra $25.00 … (20 comments)

bob timm: Shredfest! Saturday June 1st in Minot ND - 05/17/19 11:16 AM
Here is a GREAT idea and a GREAT opportunity, Shredfest!
I received the following postcard from AARP. The post card states that it is limited to two boxes but it doesn't say what size of boxes. I plan on bringing old banking records and if there is any room left I will bring some Real Estate records as well. It is my understanding they could use some help unloading boxes at the event if you would like to help.

bob timm: Val Stadick, Minot Entrepreneur, Main Street Books - 05/17/19 07:06 AM
If you were to ask me who is Minot's most enterprising woman it would be an impossible task but Val Stadick would be right at the top of the list. Val started Main Street Books with some used books,a loan from her husband, and a lot of determination. Today Main Street books is one of the most popular stores in the City of Minot and I dare say even a draw to Minot ND. Val is an inspiration to anyone who has nothing but a dream and the determination to make that dream come true.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air … (12 comments)

bob timm: An Active Day - 05/12/19 06:08 PM
I had a very active day and it was good so I thought I'd share it with you.
Of course it started with a dozen roses and a card for the mother of my children and then off to church from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
Tilled and planted the garden.
Washed Carols car.
Played lawn darts.
During a bike ride I discovered it was clean-up day. The fun thing about that is people were scouring the boulevards and picking up junk as fast as we could put it out. It was like a free rummage sale.
Along with everything else we also went out to eat for … (6 comments)

bob timm: Painting The Town Purple - 05/10/19 07:18 AM
I'm passing this important message on for folks in the Minot Area.
How wonderful would it be if we could defeat the hidous effects of Alzheimer's! I don't know anyone who hasn't been effected by Alzheimers striking a family member or friend. For me it was my Grandma Lydia.
Help Us Paint the Town Purple! Did you know that June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness
Month? To helpspread awareness of this disease, which is the 3rd leading cause of death in North
Dakota, the Walk to End Alzheimer's Volunteer Committee is askingfor you help! We want to
Paint the Town Purple the week … (8 comments)

bob timm: Watching Mom Make Dinner. - 05/09/19 07:35 PM
While doing some outdoor chores yesterday I noticed this doe rabbit gathering a meal for her (yet to be seen) babies. Once we see these newest babies we will know there are now 3 generations of rabbits in our yard. I love seeing the rabbits and in all the years they have been around they have never bothered our garden.


bob timm: Dr. Steven Shirley, MSU Commencement 2019 - 05/09/19 12:38 PM
Welcome to an interview recorded a couple of days before TODAY'S commencement with MSU President Dr. Steven Shirley Ph. D. Every interview I have had with Dr. Shirley has been fun, light, and lively so I have no doubt you will enjoy this one as well.
Welcome to Minot State University! Please explore our website and learn about all that MSU has to offer.
Minot State University remains as committed as ever to our core values devoted to teaching and learning with excellence, integrity, and engagement; serving students and others respectfully and responsibly; following high ethical and moral principles; and supporting the values … (1 comments)

bob timm: Go Fly A Kite! - 05/05/19 06:11 PM
Here is an event that you don't want to miss if you are a photographer, or kite enthusiast.
Fort Stevenson is a campground on the North Shore of Lake Sakakawea near Garrison North Dakota. It is always a spectackular event to watch all the colorful kites flying the weekend of the event. That weekend will me May 25th - 27th this year.
This event draws professional flyer/builders from all over the world. You will see kids and pros alike building kites and you will see kites litterally as big as spaceships in the sky. For a GREAT family time come to the event … (28 comments)

bob timm: A Small Window Of Opportunity - 05/04/19 12:36 PM
Thanks to a little article with no pictures in the AAA-Living magazine (May/June 2019) I've set a challenge for myself to photograph the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid this summer. I'm guessing that this may be a challenge even our resident plant photographer Roy Kelley may have not meet... yet.
There are two things that make photographing this plant a challenge. (1) It appears in a very limited area (as far as I know, only off the beaten trail in a remote part of ND. (2) It only blooms for a two to three week period around the 4th of July.
I had not heard of … (13 comments)

bob timm: I was a Real Estate Agent, Now I'm A Public Agent - 05/03/19 01:06 PM
Being an Agent of the Public carries many of the same fiduciary responsibilities as a Real estate Agent.
There is a vast body of law that gives definition and substance to the duties and roles of agents.
Every agent is a fiduciary for the principal. The notary public is in a position of public trust. As such, the notary is viewed by many as an agent of the state government by which he/she is commissioned.
The notary is under substantial fiduciary duties when performing official acts.
Richard B. Humphrey stated in The American Notary Manual(1948), “Public office is a public agency, or trust. One, … (12 comments)

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