bob timm: The Downstream Campsite (video) - 09/07/22 11:32 AM
The video is 4 minutes long
This video was shot from The Downstream Campsite below the Garrison Dam on the Missouri River. The Garrison Dam is located near the center of North Dakota on Highway 200 (which runs right over the top of the Garrison Dam) between Riverdale ND and Pick City ND. The trail from which I filmed this is at the very end of Hatchery Road.
The Downstream Campground is strewn along Hatchery Road. The Downstream Campground is broken up into three sites. I believe that the first and second sites have power available to most, if not all, of … (10 comments)

bob timm: Foggy Ole.... Minot? - 07/15/22 08:48 AM
It has been a while since I've woke up to a foggy Summer morning but that was the case this morning. It was beautiful to see from the porch but not so wonderful to drive to work in.
Funny how some things are so ingrained into us that we assume we know exactly what we are talking about. As soon as I saw this I thought "just like London" yet I've never been to London and only rely on stories and Hollywood to believe it to be true... as if everything out of Hollywood is accurate.
I think I could take that thought … (7 comments)

bob timm: Fellowship at the Church of Weltanschauung. - 04/14/22 02:09 PM
What does Active Rain mean to me?
Both my role and purpose of being here in the Rain has changed over the past 14 years. Even though I am now retired Active Rain is still a big, and important, part of my life.
It's all about Education and Fellowship
My educational and fellowship goals both changed when I retired as a Real Estate Broker Owner but both are still my top goals here in/on Active Rain. 
Now instead of a Real Estate education that was far better than that mandated by the State of North Dakota and mandatory continuing education classes, I am being educated … (14 comments)

bob timm: My New (Colorful) Signature - 03/24/22 06:30 AM
I appreciate (and am thankful for) the suggestion to keep our on line signature fresh. It makes sense. My "re-fresh" appears above.
My old signature (below) was informative and straight to the point BUT it lacked any color at all. Not that anyone wants to see my picture but at least they know what to expect when they come in and won't scream the first time they meet me. The added map of the downtown business area lets them know exactly where to find me in relationship to familiar landmarks. I am hoping the added color draws them to the signature. Below is … (30 comments)

bob timm: Tie_ing One On - 02/03/22 11:53 AM
As silly as it may sound I just remembered I have several Valentines Day ties. So I picked one out for today.
I am curious if my AR Sweetheart (you know who you are) approves.
I had a huge collection of "Holiday" ties when I was an active Realtor. They were always a good ice breaker and often conversation starters.
If you are new to sales you should know how important ice breakers/conversation starters are. Holiday wear is always fun because you can tailor it to your own taste.

bob timm: Hey You! - 10/31/21 05:39 PM

Honestly, I didn't know where I would go with this post but after receiving this "heart felt" solicitation I knew I had to post something about it.
Don't such greetings just warm your heart? Dear Resident... ranks right up there with Occupant, Box Holder, Hey You, and Butt Head doesn't it.
I thought about this taking the route of: If you are a new RE Agent don't do this...
After just a little more pondering I thought I'd take it the route of the importance of a name. Here are a few good quotes out of hundreds of good quotes:
"A name pronounced is the recognition of the … (13 comments)

bob timm: Something I've Never Said Before - 10/28/21 08:56 AM
I Love you... FALL
In six plus decades I've never said I love you Fall. That is until this week as I've been contemplating the challenge put forth by Kathy Streib . As a matter of fact I'm well known to have said I hate fall because it means that winter is just around the corner.
Yesterday I had an epiphany on the subject after replying to a comment by Ed Silva on an earlier post of mine. I told Ed "every once in a while we go straight from summer to winter. The worst I remember was September of 2006 we had … (23 comments)

bob timm: The BEST Place to See Fall Colors in Minot - 10/27/21 11:33 AM
I'm afraid that the BEST show of Fall colors in Minot may be past already, or at least near it's end by now, but I'm sure can still find some remnants if you "get on it" right away. The shot below was taken at the Game and Fish pond a couple of weeks ago in the middle of The ND State Fairgrounds. It's a small spot but if you get out of your car and walk around you will be sure to enjoy it.
This next shot was taken a month ago in the center of Oak Park. The bridge in the … (16 comments)

bob timm: My Future In-Laws Bought My Love - 07/14/21 01:38 PM

Very early into our courtship my future Fianc'e and later Bride, invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. The meal reminded me of the best meals our family had on holidays but this was somehow even better. I'm thinking it was great dishes like this Reunion Bean Pot dish.
In contemplation of the Active Rain Challenge put forth by Rocky Dickerson for July, July Active Rain Challenge - Savory Stories I asked Carol about this receipe. Here it is:
I can tell you it was a hit at our Toastmasters picnic last night... no left-overs for me to enjoy today. 😥

bob timm: Rain Jewels - 06/26/21 07:00 PM
Every drop of rain is a jewel this year in the State of North Dakota as much of the State is in the highest drought catagory given by the National Weather Service. However these drops actually looked like jewels after a recent sprinkle. You may recognize the plant that used to be in my office.

bob timm: Busy as a Bee - 05/21/21 11:30 AM
During the Fall of 2019 I harvested a few scraggly plants that the City gardeners left to die in front of my Ward County Notary office downtown Minot. I nurtured them along and now two years later I have two pots brimming full that I am taking home to hang in planters off my deck.
Shortly after hanging the plant it had a visiter that hung around for hours.... just walking around, covering the same ground over and over underneith the plant.
Of course I could go off on a hundred tangents here but sticking to this topic the bee was busy doing … (15 comments)

bob timm: The Story of T. Lee - 05/19/21 06:41 AM
Theodore Lee Roberts
Just like the rest of us T. Lee Roberts had his dreams and his passions as a child. Some of us boys wanted to be Firemen, Policemen, or another form of Super Hero. Many young girls dreamed of being Princesses, Queens, Doctors, Nurses, and other virtuous Super Hero’s.
Theodore Lee Roberts was born to Katherine and Harold Roberts. Katherine was of Hungarian descent and gypsy blood ran through her veins.  She loved many of the gypsy ways. Travel, adventure, challenging the unknown. She loved telling people their fortune and her favorite form of fortunate telling was reading tea leaves… thus, … (22 comments)

bob timm: A Happy Life - 05/06/21 06:18 AM

Your eyes may see a hash climate that gives you shivers over your entire body but if you could see this picture through my eyes you would see nothing but a safe haven that brings about a flush of warmth and love.
When we moved to Minot North Dakota in 2003 my daughter was three years old and my son was one. I was a little uncertain about the neighborhood  being I was totally unfamiliar with the community. Housing was limited in our price range so we couldn't be too choosy but I wanted to be sure it was safe for my … (34 comments)

bob timm: Oak Park, Minot ND - 04/26/21 06:41 AM
Minot ND is a city of constant change. While our population has remained faily stable by the numbers (aside from the oil boom and the flood of 2011) we do see a larger than average number of people come and go every year due to our association with the Minot Air Force Base.
The population of the MAFB varies from 5,500 to over 7,000 and when you consider troops (men and women) often get reassigned every 3 years that is a lot of people coming and going.
It may seem silly to locals that I am going to tell you about Oak Park, … (18 comments)

bob timm: Signs Of Spring In North Dakota - 03/05/21 11:17 AM
When it comes to signs of Spring on the North Coast you take what you can get. Here are three signs I saw this week.
Carol received this buld for Christmas. We followed directions and nothing appeared to be happening for about 6 weeks. Then BOOM! It grow at a rate of about 2 inches a day until it reached 24". This week it fully bloomed.
Cattle on the road means that they are not cooped up in the barn or in a feed area. It also means they are going to find a path to the "greener grass" on the other side … (20 comments)

bob timm: Hanging Over My Head - 02/23/21 07:49 AM
When you work in a multi-level office building you may have no idea what may be hanging over your head. On Friday I learned what was hanging over my head. Old Rusty!
It's an old toilet/sewer pipe that decided IT had to "go". Of course, with my 600 sq' office space , my 2' sq computer had to be directly underneath it. How lucky for me! On the positive side at least it wasn't in my son's Ary Gallery.
Here is the not so beautiful site above my desk as they had to tare through the 100 year old ceiling to get to the … (28 comments)

bob timm: A Piece Of Minot OVER the Super Bowl - 02/07/21 06:27 PM
If you saw the bombers fly over the Super Bowl then you saw a piece of Minot North Dakota fly overhead. The B52 you saw came from Minot, one of two of the nations B52 bases. Minot hosts two of the nuclear triad legs with the B52's and a nuclear missle base.
We are very proud of our base and personel here in Minot. These are some of the finest young men and women you can possibily meet. One of the B52 pilots is a personal friend and because of that friendship I've meet several of the B52 pilots (there are … (11 comments)

bob timm: Babies For Christmas - 12/31/20 06:52 AM
Nothing makes for a merrier Christmas than a baby!
The years 2000 and 2001 were the "baby years" in the Robert & Carol Timm household. I don't think anything can top the Merry Christmas list more than sharing it with your first offspring and any/all babies following. The year 2000 brought us Tina Natalie Timm. Looking through my old pictures this morning reminded me of what a happy baby Tina was.
2001 brought us Timmothy. Timmothy was "content" as a baby but it was obvious from the get go he was going to take life a bit more seriously than his sister.
This was … (34 comments)

bob timm: Holiday Decorating Yesterday & Today - 12/30/20 12:04 PM
The one thing that is constant during our mortal lives is change. I want to thank Anna Banana Kruchten CRS CRB, Phoenix Broker and Carol Williams for helping to jog my mind into just how much change I've seen in 60 some years.
My earliest memories of Christmas, like most children I know, was all about the presents, what am I going to get. Give me, give me, give me. I was never disapointed as it seemed like us kids were always smothered in gifts. Looking back at my earliest years they may have been pretty lean for our family but we … (25 comments)

bob timm: It Made Me Cry - 12/15/20 12:55 PM
The computer I've been working on for two weeks didn't make me cry but when I tested out the sound card with a certain YouTube video it made me cry.
I thought I'd look for Rock-N-Roll Christmas songs and pull up something familiar like last years surprise (to me) by Si Cranstoun.
I decided to skip by "the usual" when I saw Metal Christmas 2020. I clicked on it and most of it I could do without even though I am a Heavy Metal Fan all the back to the Country Joe & the Fish days of the 60's.
I don't keep up with Rock … (24 comments)

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