bob timm: Congratulations to Timmothy Timm, Graduate! - 06/01/20 11:04 AM
I'm a bit slow in getting this post up but there was no way I was going to let this achievement go by without the proper accolades to Timmothy Timm.
Timmothy is an amazing young man who despite being autistic archived a 4.0 grade average, has written and illustrated two books (currently in circulation), and is an excellent musician.
Making me even prouder is that Timmothy is very respectful, extremely helpful, and is even becoming involved in the leadership activities of our faith.
Congratulations once again to Timmothy for graduating at the top of his class of 500 and for his acceptance into Minot State University Arts Program … (12 comments)

bob timm: The Minot Farmers Market will Return! - 04/30/20 07:08 AM
Seeing pictures of farmers markets opening up all around the USA I'm getting eager for the Minot Farmers Market to get going.
Today's visit is with Brian Byrne (pronounced burn)a vendor at Minot Farmers Market.
Brian shares with us what he brings to the market and when we can expect to see the market, held in Oak Park, open for business.
I apologise that this interview has an abrupt ending as I just plain old ran out of recording time.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 … (30 comments)

bob timm: John Klug, Chief Of Police, "Stop the Death" - 04/26/20 05:59 AM
Minot's Chief of Police says let's "Stop the Death" from drug overdoses. There has been a rise in overdose deaths in our area and we need to take action now! In this 15 minute radio interview we cover a variety of subjects but none more important then the Chiefs plea to help save lives. I learned a lot, hope you do as well.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as … (24 comments)

bob timm: A Pleasant Little Surprise - 04/25/20 09:09 AM
Although we are sure to receive another snow or two here in the next two weeks nature is trying to burst forth into Spring.
This little violet is only 2" tall but it has a huge presence in a nearly bare garden. This brings so many quips and quotes of wisdom to mind such as "Bloom where you are planted" and "Be a beacon of light to others". Do you want to add another quote that this little violet makes you think of?

bob timm: Stamp Your John Hancock Here - 04/24/20 07:33 PM
Speaking as a Notary Public, did you know that when you are signing legal documents you can stamp your name on that document instead of actually signing it?
You may have noticed when working with title documents that often after or next to the signature line of the document it may say "seal". Seal is just a confusing way of saying your stamp or "your mark". 
Why do I bring this up?
In the last month I conducted three signing where I wished the signer had a name stamp. Most of the closings I conduct involve 100 to 250 pages. Imagine these:
#1) A closing … (23 comments)

bob timm: Facing... age - 04/21/20 08:42 AM
Unless you have ever grown a beard you would have no idea how a beard makes your face impenetrable to cold.
However there comes a time to shave. It's always spring time for me.
Well... it's kinda, sorta spring time in North Dakota. What that really means is it seems the sub-zero temps have passed and the highs are now reaching 50 degrees. So I did it. I couldn't show you Saturday when I did it as I blead for a day or two and I had to let the red irritated skin pale a bit BUT the worst part of that … (30 comments)

bob timm: Reacting to a "Scare" - 04/15/20 12:51 PM
In reacting to a question about our current situation part of my answer was "I refuse to participate in this whole scare". To which another person responded with "Sorry you don't believe in the reality of the "scare"."
It's obvious that many people are scared of the Corona virus... I am not!
We all have our fears whether real or perceived.
I don't fear a nuclear attach... I do fear spiders. I don't fear personal economic ruin (been there, lived through it) but I fear for my children's future should liberalism lead to communism. We all have our fears.
When foreign extremists attached and killed thousands of … (19 comments)

bob timm: Oh Deer! Off to Lunch. - 04/13/20 01:21 PM
You know the deer are hungry when they are moving around in the daylight hours looking for food. I spotted this pair of does when I went to lunch today. It's always fun to see them in town... as long as they are not jumping through your window to get away from an unleashed dog or some other menace.

This was a pretty average winter as far as snowfall so it should not have been to bad for deer to find food. As you can see from this pair the one in the front fared a little better then the one in back. … (21 comments)

bob timm: One Minot Brokerage's Unique Way to Handle Showings Today - 04/10/20 12:57 PM
Today' radio interview for Minot Today was with Blake Krebseth, Broker/Owner at Watne Realtors in Minot.
Blake Krebseth, Broker/Owner of Watne Realtors in Minot ND gives us the beat on Minot Real Estate market during this current health crises. Watne Realtors holds brokers license #4 in the State of North Dakota and licenses 1 - 3 are long gone. Blake tells us about a procedure they are using at Watne during this crises that I had not heard of any other Realtors using to protect Buyers and Sellers alike.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 … (10 comments)

bob timm: A FUN Surprise at Tractor Supply, Chicks - 04/08/20 04:58 PM
I always look forward to the time of year that Tractor Supply, a regional chain of hardware and farm supply stores, comes out with their "chicks" days. They often include some other babies too like bunnys.
Lucky me! I stopped in out of boredom today and it just happen to be the 1st day of "chick days". Here is the fun for you to enjoy as well.
1st were the Bantams
Next were the  Golden Comet & Astralorp
and last of all the Leghorn Chicks
I wish I could have purchased a few but Minot doesn't allow back yard livestock yet.

bob timm: Sing A Song - 04/08/20 08:07 AM
At Grace Lutheran (WELS) in Minot North Dakota our Men's Bible study is still meeting because we are a small group usually numbering less then six men attending in person and the rest of the group attend by Skype. 
I've noticed over the years that throughout various books within the Bible that there are references to "sing the psalms".
I had never thought about it much but I do often break into song when I'm full of joy and even when I'm down. Heck! when I get scared I still sing "Jesus Loves Me".
While working our way through Ecclesiastes we again ran into a reference to … (12 comments)

bob timm: Minot Daily News... Keep On Printing! - 04/08/20 06:49 AM
DON'T Hold the Presses!
It was just announced that the two largest newspapers in North Dakota are going to cut back on the number of days they issue a printed publication. Gone are Monday and Friday's additions due to lack of revenue caused by advertisers withdrawing during the Corona virus pandemic.
I love the newspaper, it has been part of my life since I was about 10 years old and delivered "The Midweek" (an advertising rag in Fargo/Moorhead) and Grit Newspaper. The Minot Daily news is not joining in on this cutback... yet. However we did recently lose our Sunday edition (not related to the virus).
If you … (6 comments)

bob timm: Good Morning... Ohhhh - 04/05/20 12:20 PM
Oh dear... will Spring EVER come?
Even though this is not an unusual scene in North Dakota on this date it's always disappointing.
Typically we have a string of nice weather to get us all in the mood for an early summer and then... BAM! Reality hits and we are reminded that we are North Dakotians.
This picture of my new fire pit was taken a week ago today when I could construct it right on that very deck behind it with no jacket, no hat, and no gloves. I believe it was about 30 degrees warmer out a week ago today.
Spring, just … (14 comments)

bob timm: Holy Normal... - 04/03/20 01:06 PM
I miss church more than anything in this crazy time we are going through. Not because I'm a Saint, just the opposite, I need it to keep me sane and not think about doing bad or naughty things. 
With the current regulations our churches men's Bible study group can still meet as we are less then 10 at any one meeting (and that even includes the two who join via skype).
Our Pastor is still at the church every day and meeting individual needs.
One of the services he offers is Holy Communion for families or individuals that ask.
Yesterday we asked. It was really nice to … (10 comments)

bob timm: Why Not Minot? - 03/31/20 08:18 AM
Why Not Minot is a saying that's original intent was to guide people as to how to pronounce the name of our fair City. The number of ways people come up with to mispronounce those five letters that spell our name is amazing. No, we don't live in Minoooow.
Let me be up front, most residents didn't set out to move here from distant lands because it was their hearts desire to do so.
Over the years thousands have moved here because the United States Air Force gave them orders to do so. Over the past decade thousands moved here because of the booming economy … (18 comments)

bob timm: The State Fair is ON! - 03/28/20 06:58 PM
Good News! The North Dakota State Fair is on for 2020.
I am really happy that the North Dakota State Fair is on for 2020, especially being the second largest event in Minot (the Norsk Hostfest) has already been cancelled (for August).
I LOVE the Fair, the Fair is summer to me so at least something is (going to be) normal in the world today.

bob timm: Financing Buggy Whips - 03/26/20 07:54 AM
Regardless of which side of the isle you identify with you must certainly agree that the other side received it's share of "pork" to make it's constituents happy.
The one that has me shaking my head is the $75 million for Public Television.
Why not throw a billion to the buggy whip industry?
I'm 65, almost 66, and I remember them rolling out public television when I was in grade school. If I remember correctly Riverside Grade School made use of it once a week for that school year and then that was the end of it.
Frankly I've never liked their programing and I'm … (19 comments)

bob timm: The Mayor goes on the AIR with Me about Covid 19 - 03/18/20 11:36 AM
Just this afternoon Shaun Sipma, the Mayor of Minot ND, joined me in a conversation of what's new on the Covid 19 situation in Minot. I am so thankful that the Mayor made time for me just minutes after I called him and asked if he wanted to go on air about this situation.
The Mayor had a lot to say and a lot was shocking. #1 to me is that the Norsk Hostfest is cancelled this year. The Norsk Hostfest is an international celebration that brings millions of dollars into our community. My biggest personal concern is "will Minot have a … (14 comments)

bob timm: SPRING IS ON HOLD... In North Dakota - 03/15/20 04:46 PM
Whoops! What happened to Spring in North Dakota. All of a sudden we are back into the teens for temperatures and we are getting covered with snow... again. Actually this is pretty much the norm for North Dakota at this time of year. You just never know if the temps are going to be in the 50's, as we were a few days ago, or if we are going to have a Spring blizzard. About the only "for sure" I can give you is that it won't be in the 80's and folks won't be out with the lawn mowers (not until … (16 comments)

bob timm: Russ Taft is coming to town! Thanks to CRU - 03/13/20 07:31 AM
Jason and Cassidy Skjervem (pronounced Sure-vom) are the Area Directors of CRU and CRU is the force that is bringing Russ Taft to Minot for a concert Monday May 11th.
CRU is an interdenominational Christian parachurch organization for college and university students. It was founded in 1951 at the University of California, Los Angeles by Bill Bright and Vonette Zachary Bright. Since then, Cru has expanded its focus to include adult professionals, athletes, and high school students. Founded: 1951 Headquarters: Orlando, FL Formerly called: Campus Crusade for Christ International President: Steve Douglass Founders: Bill Bright, Vonette Bright Type of business: Nonprofit organization.
Minot … (6 comments)

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