bob timm realtor: CLOWN DOWN! - 12/16/14 10:59 PM


Cloudy the Clown (R) and Timmothy N. Timm (L)
This picture, taken about 6 years ago, is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken at a church function and two of the entertainers who volunteered were Cloudy & her husband Dizzy. Dizzy, Cloudy, and their daughter Sparkly have won many awards for their acts and Dizzy has been honored nationally for his balloon tieing skills.
Cloudy's real name is Claudia Gillespie, her husband Ken, and daughter Janet. This time of year Cloudy and Dizzy are often seen is Santa & Mrs. Claus.
This family has done … (4 comments)

bob timm realtor: NOW is The Time To Buy In Minot ND. - 12/08/14 04:08 AM

NOW is The Time To Buy In Minot ND.

Property values in Minot ND had steadily increased over the last two decades until about 2011 when they shot through the roof. The spring of 2011 brought the "perfect storm" for what many would call a financial housing disaster and what many others would call a financial bonanza in housing sales.
2011 was when the ND oil BOOM became obvious and little dying towns of 10 to 20 residents became Boom towns of thousands. 2011 was also the year that the Souris River flooded far above all previous records … (2 comments)

bob timm realtor: 2.5 acres Great home, Endless Possibilities. - 10/09/12 01:12 AM

Single family, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, RV parking,New kithcen floor, Linoleum flooring, New carpet in living room. full/unfinished Basement, 1980 double wide set on a full wood basement. upgraded kitchen. fireplace. Comes with Refrigerator and Range/Oven. RV parking. A/C and Heated garage. 4 car garage capacity. portch and deck. 1456 sqft on main floor. 2704 sqft total. 2.5 acres. plenty of room for horses, a shop, or children and pets. Nedrose school district.

 MLS# 20121598  $289,000

bob timm realtor: SO WHAT If I Don't Mow! - 07/19/12 12:25 AM
SO WHAT If I Don't Mow!

The home behind my kids is one of about a dozen nice homes that were built about 4 years ago. They have the river in their backyard. With the flood last year they had the river runnibg through the house, about 6 feet deep in the living room. All of these homes are in the mandatory buy-out plan thus they have all been abandoned. Tina and Timmothy are about 5 feet tall so the tallest weeds are about 7 feet tall.
Regretfully about 20% of the homes that were lost to the flood … (7 comments)

bob timm realtor: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? - 05/23/12 12:58 AM
Prairie Dogs That Is!

When this spring arrived, my first spring in this office location, I thought it was cool to see a gopher/prairie dog. It was a sure sign of spring. They are so cute and they just play so much it's got to make you happy. They also whistle. Problem is... they dig, and dig, and dig. They also breed faster then rabbits. The office yard now has a zillion holes in it, makes mowing a bumby ride.
What to do? The neighboring office (people I like) have a Scottie named Lilly and … (10 comments)

bob timm realtor: Hey Man, You Got Any Grass! - 05/22/12 03:49 AM
Hey Man, You Got Any Grass!
After the flood much of the vegetation was killed off, everything from grass to trees. After all they were underwater for more then a month.
Many folks, like myself, were thrilled to be able to get back in our homes once they were re-constructed. Our yards did not hold nearly the importance that re-building our dwellings held. Very few of the thousands of homes that had to deal with the disaster had time to put seed down last fall. Still today, nearly a year later, less then 50% of the homes in the valley are … (4 comments)

bob timm realtor: The Landscape Changes When You Are The Land Of Opportunity! - 02/22/12 11:42 PM
The Landscape Changes When You Are The Land Of Opportunity!

North Dakota, particularly Western North Dakota, had seen slow but steady growth for the last decade or two. Minot North Dakota had seen “better then” slow and steady but only by a thin margin. That was until The Minot Air Force Base added another bomber wing and at just about the same time the US Geological Team announced the largest oil find ever (and anywhere) was under Western North Dakota.
Rumors abounded about how Minot North Dakota may grow as large as Houston Texas over night. I think everyone … (9 comments)

bob timm realtor: SUN DOGS, You Really Don't Want To See Them. - 01/18/12 03:31 AM
SUN DOGS, You Really Don't Want To See Them.
These are "Sun Dogs" and you really don't want to see them (in person). What you have here is two pictures with a "sun Dog" on each side of the sun. If I had a panoramic camera we could eliminate one of the suns in the middle. The Sun Dogs almost form a rainbow around the sun.
The key to Sun Dogs is that it needs to be below 0 degrees outside or colder. The colder it is outside the more spectacular the Sun Dogs. When I woke up today … (12 comments)

bob timm realtor: OFFICE SWEET OFFICE... There is no place like office. - 01/03/12 12:49 PM

Office Sweet Office. It's small, it's ugly, but it's mine.
After a summer of conducting business out of my mother-in-laws basement, Starbucks, and the public library, I finally have an office to call home office.
With all the positives it's easy for me to overlook the ugly color of the building (which I will repaint this spring) and the fact that the interior needs a little spritzing up.
The next big step is to get that secretary I've talked about for 2 or 3 years. I hired one and she quit … (22 comments)

bob timm realtor: A FLOOD OF BUSINESS DURING THE FLOOD BUSINESS - 06/19/11 03:54 PM
I have been so fortunate to be handling a flood of business during this flood business that it just seems funny to have such a blessing at the same time that I am facing the ominous presence of a situation that could wipe out a third of Minots' homes, including mine, and about a third of it's businesses, again including mine. The scene below is a block from my house. The water is usually about 50' from these homes and about 30 ' lower then the homes (these homes have full, finished, wood … (9 comments)

bob timm realtor: CUCKOO COUNCILMAN! - 06/13/11 04:17 PM

After my last post, Bob vs the Sewer #3, I received some interesting emails as well as phone calls from Minot locals who had some pretty interesting stories. The most interesting one I found went like this (to my best recollection):
An influential fellow and his influential wife living in NW Minot were having a seepage problem in their basement. Approximately a block away from this couple is a tiny little lake with some very nice homes built around it. The little lake is GREAT for the property values of the nice … (11 comments)

bob timm realtor: 200,000 Points The Hard Way! - 06/08/11 07:00 AM
200,000 Points The Hard Way!
Happy 200,000 points to me!
Unfortunately for me I did not "Do It My Way" as the famous Frank Sinatra song goes. My way would have been a lot easier then the way it happened.
I made 200,000 points the hard way but it has been well worth it as I am number ONE in the State I live in and only 50 people can make that claim.
200,000 points and not one single feature, that is the only thing I'm not to happy about but then again that can be another goal for this year … (24 comments)

bob timm realtor: VBS (Vacation Bible School) in Minot North Dakota - 06/06/11 12:52 PM
VBS (Vacation Bible School) in Minot North Dakota
Are your kids "BORED" already now that school is out? Getting on your nerves? Don't forget about Vacation Bible School! It's free, every church has it, you don't need to belong to the church, and kids LOVE it! While our kids only go to the one held at our church many kids will go to as many as a dozen different Vacation Bible Schools in a summer. Here are some pictures from this years VBS at Our Savior's LC-MS that is now in progress. The theme this year is Gold Rush. Our very … (9 comments)

bob timm realtor: THE USUAL PLEASE! - 06/05/11 03:45 PM
Most of us get pretty "set" in our ways. Things become routine, usual. On rare occasions we try to mix it up a bit and sometimes times by no choice of our own things get mixed up a bit.
In our personal lives we do things that become habit, some times good and some times bad. The times we eat, how much we eat, the times we go to bed (where we go to bed), and how long we sleep. All habit, all routine, the usual.
Rarely, probably never, have I met someone who changes it up at … (8 comments)

bob timm realtor: BOBBY T. (RealMan) IS BACK! - 06/05/11 01:56 AM
Bobby T is back in his home and is so grateful to be back. After the worst Mouse River flooding since the 1500's (how the heck do they know that???) the powers that be of Minot have allowed about 5,000 of the 10,000 mandatory evacuees to move back into their homes and businesses.
This flood and the threat of major destruction has certainly given me plenty of material to blog about. From the feeling of dread when the Mayor came on the news, as somber as I have ever seen any man, telling us that the … (8 comments)

bob timm realtor: Build It And They Will Come. - 05/30/11 08:50 AM
Build It And They Will Come.
Build It And They Will Come. OK, I didn't build it but Construct it and they will come or put it together and they will come just doesn't have the same ring to it.
One of those thing I bought at a rummage sale years ago and never put to use (until this year) was a pole designed to hold a bird feeder. I never put it to use because I never built the feeder.
This winter I decided I was going to go ahead and purchase a bird feeder (because I had a $10.00 coupon … (5 comments)

bob timm realtor: What About Yard Signs??? - 05/27/11 09:25 AM
What About Yard Signs???

The Minot community has no restrictions on yard signs. Some Home Owners Associations do have limits on signs. Those limits range from NO signs to signs for only the first two weeks of the listing. I do not believe there is a size restriction as I have even seen 4' X 8' For Sale signs in front of homes with-in the City limits.
The two signs above indicate the two sizes that I use. The big one (being readied to be repainted (no longer to look like the balloon sign) measures 36" X 22". The little … (21 comments)

bob timm realtor: CONTINGENT! - 05/26/11 10:59 AM

Contingent! As well informed as today's First Time Home Buyer is I still seem to be asked on a daily basis, "What does Contingent mean" or Contingent - HI or Contingent - HS.
What does it mean when a home is marked Contingent on the MLS or on any Real Estate web site that allows for the current status of a home? It means that the Seller has excepted an offer on the home but certain requirements need to be met before the sale can go to closing. That "requirement" could be just about anything. The most common Contingency is … (6 comments)

bob timm realtor: What Zone Am I In and Does It Really Matter? - 05/25/11 11:49 AM
What Zone Am I In and Does It Really Matter?

What Zone Am I In and Does It Really Matter? Yes! it matters.
As a potential Home Owner or a builder of any kind it is important to know what zone you are in. As a Home Buyer it's nice to know if the serene little street you looking at could soon be a busy thoroughfarethat might be a danger to your children. It's something you need to check if you are thinking about renting out that old apartment in the basement. You may even find that you may not … (9 comments)

bob timm realtor: Sorry, Family 1st! - 05/24/11 03:27 PM
Sorry, Family 1st!

It's taken me 5 years to figure it out but I have finally figured out how to turn my phone off.
No I don't have a smart phone that is so full of gadgets that I couldn't find the power button.
I just found the power to say enough is enough.
At times I felt guilty because I've said no to texting. I have been accessible to anybody at any time and if the only way you communicate is by texting then I hope you feel guilty that you can not actually talk to someone. I finally … (12 comments)

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