city of minot: Meet Ron Merritt, Director of the Minot Park District - 06/17/17 12:48 PM
If you read my blog often you probably have been wondering when I would have Ron Merritt on my radio show Minot Real Estate Today. Ron is the Director of The Minot Park District and a good share of my blogs over the last 10 years have included photographs and stories about Minot's Parks, especially the park a block from my home... Roosevelt Park & Roosevelt Park Zoo. To listen to the Radio Broadcast click on the logo below.


city of minot: Minot RE Today Interviews Mitch Flanagan, Minot Building Inspections - 04/29/17 05:54 PM

Meet Mitch
City Of Minot Building Inspections
 Mitch Flanagan was an excellent interview as he explained his view of the building permit and inspection process.
It's a misconception that if you nail two boards together you need a building permit. Mitch explains that it's more his style to work with people than punish them.

city of minot: Minot ND Real Estate 101, Where To Vote - 03/27/15 11:16 AM

Minot ND Real Estate 101, Where To Vote

Minot ND has 4 polling (voting) places. Like my earliest map on lesson 1 of Minot ND Real Estate 101 the City is divided into fourths, NW, NE, SW and SE.

If you have any questions please call the City at 857-4784. Your place to vote may not be the most convenient but please vote, this is now YOUR City.


city of minot: I Can Zoom For $4,426 a Month - 02/01/15 02:38 AM

I Can Zoom For $4,426 a Month!
I love newspaper/print goofs. I know the late night talk show hosts used to show print errors on a regular basis but I don't stay up that late anymore. However, as much as I love our local newspaper, and I do, they often have errors that make me chuckle. The one below is from today's paper. Not a big error but it made me laugh plus I thought if I circulated on the web I may be helping the City find the person they are looking for.

Be sure to ZOOM in and apply today.

city of minot: NO SAND FOR YOU!!! (said like the Soup Nazi) - 03/10/11 03:34 AM
NO SAND FOR YOU!!! (said like the Soup Nazi)


In the 8 years I've lived in my home there has been a "rain event" every year that fills the street in front of our home, the neighboring Ball Park parking lot, and the main arterial just a half a block away. Several times the water had lapped right up to the house when freekin idiots non-concerned SUV drivers barreled down the street (evidently compensating for a lack of manhood).
This is a problem the City denies happens despite repeated news coverage and even slipped … (14 comments)

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