corbett field: The Boys of Summer. Go Sabre Dogs! - 07/31/19 06:53 PM
It wouldn't be summer with out The Boys of Summer. I've written several posts over the years about the historic base ball field across the street from my home, Corbett Field. The famous Satchel Page was a member of Minot's local team, The Mallards, back in the day.
Today Corbett Field is home to The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. The dogs are just wrapping up their 2nd year here in Minot and I couldn't be happier that this team plays right across the street from my home (also that my son Timmothy is an employee of The Sabre Dogs).
If you are … (8 comments)

corbett field: Meet Savanna Young, Sometimes known as Ace! - 04/04/19 12:52 PM
Talk about FUN! That's exactly what Savanna and I do (we talk about fun). Just talking to Savanna was a lot of fun. I think it's great that Collegiate Baseball is back in Minot for another year. As a neighbor to Corbett Field I can tell you that it used to be that I'd see about 20 people in the seats at Corbett field UNTIL The Sabre Dogs showed up. Now when the dogs play it's not unusual to see 1,000 people in the stands. What a thrill to see our Historic ball park come back to life! This is the … (7 comments)

corbett field: Meet the GM of the HUGELY Successful Sabre Dogs - 06/29/18 08:10 AM
The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs are a tremendous asset to Minot ND. I knew we were in for something good when it was announced that a new college league and team was coming to Minot but I had no idea it would be this big. I've seen it with every home game they play being I literally live across the street from the stadium (Corbett Field). Can you believe they are drawing up to 1,000 people a game now! If you listen to this interview with Darrell Handlesman's enthusiasm you won't be surprised at how well they are doing. Listen in … (8 comments)

corbett field: Ron Merritt, Minot's Director of Parks, Radio Interview - 05/04/18 07:58 AM

Minot Real Estate Today's radio interview is with Ron Merritt, Director of The Minot Park District.
Ron tells us what's in store for us as we  enjoy the beautiful Minot Park system.
Personally I'm most excited about a new wooden bat baseball league and team coming to Minot's Corbett Field BUT I also love all the Art's In The Park programs, especially the concerts in the park. There is a lot in store for us so there should be no whining that there is nothing to do in Minot!
Minot Real Estate Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot Radio stations: 106.9 … (0 comments)

corbett field: The Boys Of Summer Are Back At Corbett Field - 04/29/18 04:46 PM

This year there is something new at Historic Corbett Field in Minot. After a miserable year of dirt and dust (I live across the street) Corbett Field has a brand new surface and I have to admit, although I was very apprehensive, that it's beautiful!
My friend Mike who was the grounds keeper for years also made sure the surface that White Shoes Johnson once played on in the old negro league was also beautiful but I gotta admit this is even more beautiful and dust free.
Corbett Field has been busy all week with High School baseball but later this year the surface … (8 comments)

corbett field: I Wasn't Thinking Dirty, Really! - 10/23/17 06:32 AM

When the City announced that they were going to rebuild the main traffic artery 1/2 a block from my house I imagined the nice new pavement void of massive pot holes and vaulted pavement... I wasn't thinking of the dirty mess we would have all summer long.
Add to that this Fall work began on replacing the grass surface of Corbett Field (a historic ball park) immediately across the street from my home with artificial turf. I had no idea what a huge and dirty job that was going to be.
This has all added up to a whole year of not being able … (19 comments)

corbett field: Rippin Up Corbett Field - 08/26/17 12:47 PM
Historic Corbett Field in Minot ND is getting a "Make-Over". They have been busy today removing the grass which in turn will soon lead to a new artificial surface.
I can't say that I'm a sports or baseball "geek" but I have to say I'm sorry to see the sod go... for several reasons. 
1) Baseball should not have a perfect surface, I remember balls taking funny hops many times when I was a boy.
2) I'm going to miss seeing the sprinklers do their work (I live across the street).
3) I'm going to miss Mike, the grounds keeper and all the good visits … (10 comments)

corbett field: Yes... That Is A Real Lion You Hear In My Yard - 04/05/17 07:43 PM

Yesterday I greeted a guest as she pulled up to the house to visit. As we started to visit in the front yard a lion started his wind-up into his roar.
I don't know if you have ever heard a real lion roar before but they build up to it by kinda panting (loudly) and then build up to a roar.
My guest was a bit startled and worried as she was looking to see where the lion was.
While this is all true I better clarify... the lion was in his cage at the zoo about a block away. He sounds like he is … (30 comments)

corbett field: Opening Weekend At Corbett Field In Minot ND - 04/10/16 07:39 AM

Yesterday was the opening day of Historic Corbett Field in Minot with Minot State University's 1st Home Game. They played Nebraska's Wayne State Wildcats who licked their butts. Yesterday was a great day to play ball with temps in the 70's. Not so much today as it's about 40 degrees with 40 mile per hour winds. I'm glad I'm in my house across the street watching and not in the grand stands.

Corbett Field is about a zillion years old and the old Negro Leauge played here.

corbett field: Minot High School Baseball Affects My Real Estate - 03/26/15 10:15 AM

Minot High School Baseball Affects My Real Estate

Directly across the street from my home is the beautiful little historic Corbett Field baseball stadium. This old stadium goes back to the old Negro Leagues and White Shoes Jackson even played here.
I have been looking forward to hearing "The Crack Of The Bat" for a couple of months now and TOMORROW is the day. Minot High School has their first game of the season and will be hosting Fargo South at 4:00Pm for the first game of a double header.
I will be following this one. My home town (Moorhead … (7 comments)

corbett field: Adios Amigo Tio Lalos - 05/03/11 09:50 AM
Adios Amigo Tio Lalos

Across from my home and across the parking lot of the Ball Park from my home is the old Picnic Basket. I guess it was the old "Keg" and quite a few other restaurants in it's day. In the eight years I've lived across the street from it I think it was vacant for about 4 years and then it had been two different Mexican resturants three times. Last time, and two times ago, it was Tio Lalos. The owner's name was Edwardo and he says Tio Lalo's means Uncle Eddies. Edwardo found it didn't work … (11 comments)

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