minot: The Minot Farmers Market will Return! - 04/30/20 07:08 AM
Seeing pictures of farmers markets opening up all around the USA I'm getting eager for the Minot Farmers Market to get going.
Today's visit is with Brian Byrne (pronounced burn)a vendor at Minot Farmers Market.
Brian shares with us what he brings to the market and when we can expect to see the market, held in Oak Park, open for business.
I apologise that this interview has an abrupt ending as I just plain old ran out of recording time.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 … (30 comments)

minot: One Minot Brokerage's Unique Way to Handle Showings Today - 04/10/20 12:57 PM
Today' radio interview for Minot Today was with Blake Krebseth, Broker/Owner at Watne Realtors in Minot.
Blake Krebseth, Broker/Owner of Watne Realtors in Minot ND gives us the beat on Minot Real Estate market during this current health crises. Watne Realtors holds brokers license #4 in the State of North Dakota and licenses 1 - 3 are long gone. Blake tells us about a procedure they are using at Watne during this crises that I had not heard of any other Realtors using to protect Buyers and Sellers alike.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 … (10 comments)

minot: Good Morning... Ohhhh - 04/05/20 12:20 PM
Oh dear... will Spring EVER come?
Even though this is not an unusual scene in North Dakota on this date it's always disappointing.
Typically we have a string of nice weather to get us all in the mood for an early summer and then... BAM! Reality hits and we are reminded that we are North Dakotians.
This picture of my new fire pit was taken a week ago today when I could construct it right on that very deck behind it with no jacket, no hat, and no gloves. I believe it was about 30 degrees warmer out a week ago today.
Spring, just … (14 comments)

minot: Realtor, Big Game Hunter. Meet Wayne Tuttle. - 02/14/20 06:25 AM
What a combination of interests, Big Game Hunting and Real Estate. The man who combines these interests (in the Minot ND area) is Wayne Tuttle.
The two actually go together well as every Realtor knows the thrill of House Hunting and helping the client pull the trigger.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast site at Pod-O-Matic.

minot: Minot State of the City Address with Mayor Shaun Sipma - 01/25/20 01:45 PM
In today's interview, 01/25/2020, Mayor Shaun Sipma and I visit about the upcoming State of the City address (Thursday February 7th) in the Arvel Graving Theater on the Magic City Campus (Minot High).
We also spend a bit of time discussing the new FEMA flood maps coming out in June and what those maps mean to those who live in the flood plain. If you live in Minot you do not want to miss the State of the City address and if you live in the flood plain you really do not want to miss this conversation with Mayor Shaun Sipma.
Minot … (2 comments)

minot: Time to Shovel - 12/08/19 04:25 PM
It's after Thanksgiving, now it's okay to snow. Snowfalls before Thanksgiving are just plain RUDE! That being said we have had several already this Fall and Halloween usually carries about a 50/50 chance of snow in any year in North Dakota.
Those early snowfalls rarely stick around but one like today's will most likely be on the ground until April. I can't say I'm every happy to see the snow/winter come even though I've lived up North all my life BUT I have learned to accept it.

minot: Flood Recovery Takes Time, a LOT of Time. - 12/06/19 11:26 AM
If your community were to suffer from a devastating flood how quick would you think it would take for full recovery and for future flood protection? If you are thinking a year or two you need some educating on the subject. The correct answer would more likely be TWO DECADES!
Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma and I visit about a couple of the components our City is currently dealing with in regards to the NDR (National Disaster Resilientsy)program. This program is very complicated and jumping through all the hoops HUD requires is a real eye opener.
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minot: Chad Vogel is the NEW Broker of PRMI - 11/29/19 06:59 AM
Chad Vogel is not a new name in mortgage lending in Minot ND, he's been one of the best for 17 years. He recently broke away from one of Minot's most well known banks in order to offer his clients more competitive rates and a more varied selection of lending tools. With interest rates as low as 3.65% today there is little doubt that Chad and PRMI can save you a bundle of money. Call Chad today at 701-721-5889 or stop by his office located just a block West of the Broadway and Burdick intersection.
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minot: I'm in a Happy Place - 11/12/19 06:13 PM
Going through my AARP magazine I came across something I found interesting (actually much to my surprise I find a lot of the AARP magazine interesting). Check out this map of Happy Places.
Frankly I don't know what to make of this map. I do know that "political view" seems to be all over the map so that's not the key. It is nice to see though that over all Dakotians, both North and South, are in a pretty happy place. How is your State doing? Could you use this map to draw people to your State to live?

minot: Wish You Were A Better Speaker? - 10/29/19 08:16 AM
Do members of a Toastmasters club sit around, drink champagne, and make toasts?
NO! However when I first heard of Toastmasters 35 years ago that is what I envisioned. It was not until I attended my 1st meet this year that I found out what really goes on at those Toastmaster meetings. I hope you will listen in and learn to today's Radio Broadcast and/or podcast and see if Toastmasters maybe something that interests you.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 … (12 comments)

minot: Home Wiring Doesn't Need To Be Scary (or Shocking) - 10/18/19 06:04 PM
Wiring is one of those things you want to "get right" in your home.Most people are wise enough to let the professionals do the electrical work but there are some do-it-yourselfers who are daring enough to do their own electrical work as well. That's fine... as long as you let the City Electrical Inspector take a look.
John O. French is an electrical inspector for the City of Minot and he wants to help you get it right as well. He would be happy to take a look at your plan and let you know what will and won't work. Everybody … (14 comments)

minot: Have Mercy - 10/12/19 09:07 AM
Nick Dryer and I talk about the Our Saviors Lutheran Church Mercy Care program and it's intent. Mercy Care and a program I developed called The Noodle Ministry have joined together to provide Ramon Noodles to indigent prisoners at the Ward County Correctional facility. Listen into the hows and whys of how we are showing mercy.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations. It can be heard on Fridays, 12:15am on 106.9FM radio or at 4:45pm on 1320AM radio or you can listen anytime by visiting my podcast site right HERE.

minot: (to) Late Harvest - 10/11/19 01:09 PM
North Dakota is known for huge temperature swings and this week did not disappoint. It's been a record setting cold summer and fall but early this week we had temps in the mid 70's which was GREAT. Then in typical North Dakota fashion, in a matter of less then 12 hours we went from the mid 70's to....
Needless to say we had a few tomatoes that did NOT get harvested. The worst thing is the trees still have their leaves and we are expecting up to two more feet of snow this weekend. I've got my generators ready as trees and power … (15 comments)

minot: I'm Going Remote - 09/29/19 05:03 PM
My Plan for 2020
Going Remote!
Part of my marketing plan as a Realtor was to get on the radio airwaves with a program about local real estate. 
With no real plan in mind I approached a local radio station manager and asked him if he would air my program. He said sure. It probably didn't hurt that I had been advertising on his station for the last 12 years or so.
Instead of me yammering away the entire time I decided my program "Minot Real Estate Today" (Now just "Minot Today") would be interviews with local, influential people. The interviews were a good choice … (12 comments)

minot: Get Your European Car Serviced at MBM Imports - 09/20/19 05:26 AM
Gene Miller has owned MBM Auto in Minot ND for over 40 years. He knows European cars! This small shop in Minot has a BIG reputation for quality work for those who drive European vehicles. I love visiting with Gene. When we do interviews I feel like I'm part of "Click & Clack", what a great show that was! Listen in. With only 15 minutes I had to cut out a lot of the joking but it's still a very fun interview.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 … (12 comments)

minot: Sloth-Alon.... it'ssss baaaack. - 08/14/19 08:21 AM
It's back & this year I'm In!
A sleepy, silly, spry, scintillating, sassy, stupendous, and slothy (late)morning of shenanigans. (Two) beers, coffee, doughnuts, games, swag and prizes brought to you by the fun-loving Minot Lions Club. Costumes and craziness provided by yourself and your friends!
Starting at Ben's Tavern and trekking ALL the way to Arny's 2.0 (it's about a half a kilometer and you walk, crawl or maybe a less-sloth-like friend would pull you in a wagon?) The best way to spend your morning before enjoying the Downtown Festival on Main!
If you are not up for an endurance race try the … (20 comments)

minot: 7 Deadly Sins of Speaking, Ted Talks - 08/08/19 07:48 AM
I've been learning a lot through my recent membership in Toastmasters International. I am really excited to be a new member even though my professional career days are now pretty much behind me. I figure it's never to late to learn to be a better communicator. I ran across this video in the online magazine today and found the 9 minutes spent were worth GOLD! Anyone who speaks to clients should make this a must listen!
You do not need to be a member of Toastmasters International to read the online magazine HERE is a link, check it out today.
If you live in … (21 comments)

minot: The Boys of Summer. Go Sabre Dogs! - 07/31/19 06:53 PM
It wouldn't be summer with out The Boys of Summer. I've written several posts over the years about the historic base ball field across the street from my home, Corbett Field. The famous Satchel Page was a member of Minot's local team, The Mallards, back in the day.
Today Corbett Field is home to The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. The dogs are just wrapping up their 2nd year here in Minot and I couldn't be happier that this team plays right across the street from my home (also that my son Timmothy is an employee of The Sabre Dogs).
If you are … (8 comments)

minot: A Picnic to Toast To - 06/26/19 07:12 AM
The Minot Toastmasters Club 636 has a tradition of holding a picnic in each of the summer months in place of one of the regular meetings. It's a great way to get to know each other better in a less formal way and also to meet our members spouses and families.
It was an absolute perfect day for a picnic with the temp being in the upper 70's, absolutely no bugs, and a wonderful sunny sky. I and Timmothy are really loving being attending the Minot Toastmasters 636. July is the official start of the clubs year and that is when we intend to … (13 comments)

minot: My Little Choir, perfect for almost Wordless Wednesday - 05/22/19 11:03 AM
When I saw how this little group of blossoms stood so proud together all I could think about is that if they could sing they would really have a sweet song to share. Maybe they do sing, as they are in perfect harmony as it is, but someone must have told them that this is Wordless Wednesday. Thinking about it... I bet they do the blues real well.
Just for good measure I thought I'd throw in the Women's Choir too.

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