minot nd real estate: Minot Condo & Townhouse Report 01/23/2016 Minot Real Estate 101 - 01/24/16 09:45 AM

Condominiums and Townhouses for sale, Minot ND, 01/23/2016 Report
85 Units for sale as of 01/23/2016
Price Range $89,900. to $365,000.
Average $203,511.
Average days on market 110.
Condo fees range from $50.00 month to $402.50
While Condos and Townhouses look the same there are basic differences in ownership and maybe in infrastructure. Both may have fees for maintenance of the structure, yard care, and snow removal. On a condo you also share the water, sewer and garbage bill (at least here in Minot ND). In Minot a townhouse must have it's own individual water and sewer to each unit thus you will have your own billing for … (6 comments)

minot nd real estate: I LOVE FLYING... WITHOUT A PLANE! - 12/13/14 12:34 AM


I don't know if it has something to do with my upcoming vacation or my brain just needed a little mental vacation but last night I had one of those fabulous dreams of flying.
This wasn't one of those fearful dreams one has as a child but the glorious kind where you have complete control and like an angel you can fly from one beautiful scene to another or from one loved one to another.
I love that dream. I wake up refreshed and eager to have a GREAT day.
Here's hoping the next rest … (4 comments)

minot nd real estate: IT'S GOOD TO BE THE BOSS.... - 12/02/14 08:27 AM

....Once In A While.
There are a whole lot of little things about being the Boss that helps even out the BIG pain in the behind stuff that goes with being the Boss. While I don't actually have any "employees" in my office I do supervise other agents and contracted helpers. I get to pick the radio station (always KFYR Christian Radio) and I get to decorate the office to my liking. I like Christmas, and my office screams Christmas this time of year. Happy Holidays may be fine but as a Christian I … (4 comments)

minot nd real estate: Sorry, Family 1st! - 05/24/11 03:27 PM
Sorry, Family 1st!

It's taken me 5 years to figure it out but I have finally figured out how to turn my phone off.
No I don't have a smart phone that is so full of gadgets that I couldn't find the power button.
I just found the power to say enough is enough.
At times I felt guilty because I've said no to texting. I have been accessible to anybody at any time and if the only way you communicate is by texting then I hope you feel guilty that you can not actually talk to someone. I finally … (12 comments)

minot nd real estate: A New Affordable Listing In Minot ND - 05/18/11 07:47 AM
A New Affordable Listing In Minot ND
It's refreshing to find a new listing in Minot North Dakota that is under $150,000 and is not a "Fixer-Upper".
Minot ND is in the 3rd year of a sever housing shortage. Minot is a City of 40,000 people with the next largest City being over 100 miles away.
The housing shortage is due to an oil boom as well as a large Air Force Base expansion. Yesterday there was only one single family home for sale in Minot under $125,000. and only 52 single family homes total.
This new listing, Minot Multiple Listing … (6 comments)

minot nd real estate: Feeling A Little Dizzy and Cloudy? - 05/12/11 10:02 AM
Feeling A Little Dizzy and Cloudy?
I'd like you to meet a couple of friends of mine, Dizzy and Cloudy. Yes, they are a couple of clowns.
I have had a bad case of the Blues today and I really did not feel like blogging but I dug deep, went to the photo album, found Dizzy and Cloudy and I knew I had found the right post to lift my spirits a bit.
Dizzy is no ordinary clown. He has won more awards then one can imagine. You can check out some of his credits by clicking on his picture. For … (16 comments)

minot nd real estate: My Sons 1st Extracurricular Activity - 05/06/11 02:35 PM
My Sons 1st Extracurricular Activity
This week my son, Timmothy, had his first "concert" and the season finally of DRUMKidz.
Timmothy has really enjoyed this program and no doubt will be eager to pick it up again next year.
You will notice from the shirts the kids are wearing that DRUM is an acronym. It stands for Discipline, Respect, Unity, & Music. The teacher threw in a bunch of other virtues but they really don't make sense for the acronym.
I very vaguely remember music class in elementary school and in fact what I do remember was a teacher came in … (4 comments)

minot nd real estate: Full Corral, Wordless Wednesday - 05/04/11 04:53 AM
Full Corral, Wordless Wednesday
I had to stop and take this picture on Monday when I was out rural. It was such a beautiful corral and as you can see it was full. Not full of horses however. I have no doubt it may have had a few fish in it however. The farm/ranch is right next to the Mouse River which has been out of it's banks a good share of this spring.


minot nd real estate: Adios Amigo Tio Lalos - 05/03/11 09:50 AM
Adios Amigo Tio Lalos

Across from my home and across the parking lot of the Ball Park from my home is the old Picnic Basket. I guess it was the old "Keg" and quite a few other restaurants in it's day. In the eight years I've lived across the street from it I think it was vacant for about 4 years and then it had been two different Mexican resturants three times. Last time, and two times ago, it was Tio Lalos. The owner's name was Edwardo and he says Tio Lalo's means Uncle Eddies. Edwardo found it didn't work … (11 comments)

minot nd real estate: May 1st, enough said! - 05/01/11 02:01 AM
May 1st, enough said!


minot nd real estate: WHAT IS FOR SALE IN MINOT NORTH DAKOTA AS OF 4/26/2011 - 04/27/11 01:48 PM
Homes under $100,000   0
Homes between $100,000 and $125,000   4
Homes between $125,000 and $150,000   5
Homes between $150,000 and $175,000   3
Homes between $175,000 and $200,000   7
Homes between $200,000 and $250,000   13
Homes above $250,000.   20
Only 4 homes under $125,000.00.
There are 191 pending sales
*Single Family, active status 


minot nd real estate: Confession Of A Do-It-Yourselfer - 04/24/11 12:37 PM
Confession Of A Do-It-Yourselfer

I am not sure when the DIY (Do It Yourself) bug hit me but I know it was as early as the age 18 for me or even earlier. I'm guessing 18 because that is when I bought my first home and I found that hiring a contractor cut seriously into beer money (18 was the legal drinking age way back in 72). It may have been earlier because back then I thought it was pathetic that my father didn't seem to know the difference between a hammer and a wrench (that's another whole sad story … (25 comments)

minot nd real estate: MSU Business Department Has Expanded Its Opportunity - 04/23/11 02:29 PM
About 3 weeks ago I let you know that I hired a couple of students from the Minot State University Business College to help me get caught up and also to upgrade my technology. One lasted one day and the other, John, is still with me but struggling with all I've thrown at him from AR to entering listings, to upgrading part of my website. I asked John to give us the scoop on what was happing at school and he wrote the following. Now I'm not sure why some of the words below are high lighted unless he had links … (10 comments)

minot nd real estate: WHO STOLE THE COOKIES? - 04/19/11 04:14 PM

When I was told my daughter Tina was Alice from Alice in Wonderland in the 5th Grade school play I was really proud that my little girl was Staring in the play. Whoops, this play featured the star of about every children's book in the library (but I'm still proud). The play was adapted from something the teacher found on the Internet. It was a Who Done It. Someone stole the cookies collected for charity at the library. The culprit(s) could have been: Sherlock Holmes or any of his 3 investigators, Alice … (13 comments)

minot nd real estate: A Special Baseball Diamond, Paying It Forward - 04/19/11 09:35 AM
A Special Ball Diamond, Paying It Forward

I just wanted to share with you briefly about a special project underway in Minot ND to help the physically disadvantage enjoy the sport of Baseball. The "Dream Catchers" have sponsored baseball for the physically disadvantaged in Minot for some time but now they are fundraising for their own, handicap friendly field. They have been using the public field in South Minot but it isn't always so friendly. The picture above shows the special field that was installed in Fargo ND (300 miles away) for the same purpose.
The project is being spear … (12 comments)

minot nd real estate: I Miss You Dewey - 04/16/11 02:05 AM
I Miss You Dewy

When I was growing up, back in the 60's and 70's, in Fargo North Dakota we had a very lovable charictor named Dewey Berquist as our "Weather Man". Yup, Dewey was a Weather Man. Back then I had never heard of a Meteorologist. There were no Hotties in mini-skirts to keep your eyes glued on the TV screen either.
Dewey was the best. I don't know if he had a formal education in weather or an education beyond high school at all but Dewey had brilliant wit, fair art skills as you can see above, and my … (9 comments)

minot nd real estate: North Dakota's Tallest Building - 04/14/11 09:15 AM

For Many Years This Was North Dakota's Tallest Building.
It's Taller Then The State Capital.

The picture is a bit deceptive. This is the Garrison Dam intake structure and it is 249 feet tall (taller then the 18 story ND State Capital Building). Obviously the bulk of the structure is under water. I've taken several other pictures for you but you can see more by Googling Garrison Dam. Check out this link to their brochure as well: Garrison Dam
Before moving to this part of the State I'd seen some pityful little broken down water control projects by the … (9 comments)

minot nd real estate: Some Times You Have To Look For Beauty - 04/10/11 03:45 PM

Some Times You Have To Look For Beauty...
Some Times You Don't!

I've mentioned the beautiful quilts that have been auctioned off for charity the first week of April in Minot over the last 31 years but I want to point out that the beauty doesn't start or end there.

It starts when an artist is inspired by the beauty that they see which God has created. The beauty carries on from that vision and from the love with-in the artist who wishes to share both, the beauty and the love, with others.
Maybe that vision is something as simple as remembering … (17 comments)

minot nd real estate: I JUST BOUGHT MY 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER A NEW HOUSE! - 04/09/11 02:08 PM

For several years now I have intended to build a play house for my daughter. Last year I actually started on the project. I even got farther then nailing two boards together! Then the big rain came that ruined our basement (Courtesy of The City Of Minot's sewer system backing up) and that ruined a whole lot of plans plus kicked us in the financial ass-ets.
Three years ago I had built a tall platform with a sand box underneath, a climbing wall on one side and then I … (25 comments)

minot nd real estate: Oak Park Realty Supports The MSU Business Center. - 04/01/11 05:12 AM
Oak Park Realty Supports The MSU Business Center.

Those of you who stop by my blog on a regular basis know I have had horrible luck finding an assistant. Well I had one of those "Light Bulb" moments and thought why not contact the Minot State University Business Center and see if a student would be interested in some hands on experience. Well I put out an advertisement and 3 students responded. At this point I've hired two of them and I just might hire all three.
Now I want you to meet John.
Hi everyone. My name is John … (13 comments)

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